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Shell Knew, Too: Investigation Reveals Big Oil Co.'s Decades-Long Climate Lies

Shell Knew, Too: Investigation Reveals Big Oil Co.'s Decades-Long Climate Lies

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Oil giant Shell also knew of the dangers of climate change decades ago, while it continued to lobby against climate legislation and push for fossil fuel development, a joint investigation by the Guardian and the Dutch newspaper The Correspondent reve

From this moment forward: Boycott-ExxonMobil and Boycott-Shell.

If you need gasoline, there are others to choose from.


These fossil fuel companies, like HELL OIL, will never be stopped, it seems to me, until some world wide climate catastrophe, but unfortunately, by then it may be too late.

President Lyndon Johnson also knew, 56 years ago. He was a liberal democrat who chose war rather than dealing with impending climate collapse.

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I expanded my BP and Exon boycott to include Shell when it tried to drill in the arctic.

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Unless the Shell people were cut off from the outside world during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s how could they have not know known about climate change? James Hansen pretty much told Congress what was happening in the 1980s. The UN’s Rio conference took place a few years later and the IPCC was formed. The first IPCC report in the early 1990s shows that the facts haven’t changed much. All oil companies had to have known about global warming during that period. Shell appeared to be the one oil company that was going to pursue renewable energy in a serious way but then they backtracked. The whole industry apparently accepted lying about global warming as a strategy with Exxon leading the way funding a campaign to create doubt about the science.

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Bravo Garrett, In 1989 when the Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill occurred and polluted Alaskan waters, I never again purchased their fuel.

But you are still purchasing fossil fuel, though…

Don’t forget Chevron in California, and Valero owned by the Koch brothers. I always look for Citgo which is owned by Venezuela and Hugo Chavez (RIP).

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BP marketed themselves as “Beyond Petroleum” which was bullshit. All the oil companies knew what was going on, it was the spin.

Yes I am. For my car which I may drive at most 20 miles per week, and my wife’s car which we may drive 100 miles in a week.

Our house is all electric.

Oh, I also am an avid griller, so add a little propane to the list.