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Shell Lobbied to Thwart EU Renewable Energy Targets: Guardian


Shell Lobbied to Thwart EU Renewable Energy Targets: Guardian

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A climate change pact reached by EU leaders last year followed several years of successful lobbying by oil giant Shell "to undermine European renewable energy targets," the Guardian has reported.


Wow, I did not have a chance to read this article and have been planning to check it out for days… now, I see that no one else has either…Well, all I have to say is… it is thoroughly understood now, that we actually have NO carbon budget… 0, zilch, nada… So, as one would guess… we are pretty much done… if we for some reason, loose industrial civilization today or tomorrow… maybe, some of us have a chance to continue to live on this planet, because that would possible allow the planet to still be habitable… but, by continuing to HANG ON TO INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY… we can kiss the planet good bye…


I read it. Surely you know by now if articles aren’t about the USA CD-ers are rarely interested in them? And even if they read them, they change all the comments from being about the issue to being about the USA. Here’s a test you can do, find an article about a foreign matter, count the number of comments from the first one to the one where they switch the topic to being about the USA. In my experience it’s usually rarely gets past the first 3 comments.

It’s a symptom of something or other.