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'Shell Must Not Get Away With This': Niger Delta Still Waiting for Big Oil to Clean Up Devastating Pollution

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/shell-must-not-get-away-niger-delta-still-waiting-big-oil-clean-devastating

“Shell Oil has dumped 13 million gallons of oil into the Niger Delta since 1958.”— sigh.----

People of the Niger Delta, I am so sorry, but Exxon has still never finished cleaning up the mess of the Exxon Valdez either. America doesn’t clean up its own messes or anyone else’s either
Black Gold----another name for OIL. Try drinking that corporate honchos! ------NO WATER–NO LIFE, you incredibly stupid corporate assassins!


the lack of attention to the climate crisis --for over 50 years and counting–the continued support of the fossil fuel corporations–the votes to go to war to protect the oil–have all shown me the complete mendacity of the supposed --more progressive party–lies -lies and more lies -----the political establishments of our country have FAILED-repeatedly -for the money they get from the corporations destroying our world


Extreme profits for the very few, risks for everybody else. That’s the corporate model(and motto). This has been going on since the Age of Discovery, when corporations first reared their ugly heads.
Time for every wealthy family to have their assets frozen and be reset back to zero. Those funds will be used to clean up their messes(see, this is what happens when you have servants to clean up the messes of rich children. They think they’re entitled.) and give the remainder of the wealth to those who have suffered, toiled, and died so a very few can pretend to be the makers of wealth.


All businesses that harm natural persons ,the land ,water ,soil ,air and the speciesystem must be shut down in the next few years and let the repair of the Earth begin.

Shell and the rest of the fossils must be first.


I wonder which would be cheapest: continue energy part of American business as is, federal government buy out all our too big to fail fossil fuel firms in effort to actually enforce in our existing laws that apply to energy, or buy out our too big to fail fossil fuel firms to replace fossil fuel as soon as possible and as much as possible with electric power from renewable sources? That would leave fossil fuel as raw material for petrochemicals and coal tar chemicals.

Deplorable bastards.

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Since the power structure of the multinational corporations and the world governments refuse to take any responsibility for the inequality of the people of the earth, the massive pollution of all water, soil, food and air, the massive extinction event on earth occurring now, I believe the earth is fighting back with the current pandemic and with many more pandemics to come. This will rapidly reduce the population of humans by disease. She is also planning more frequent and severe natural disasters from which we will not be able to recover such as famine, fires, floods, and storms.
When our numbers have diminished enough to live within the bounds of nature without destroying everything around us and our civilization gone, we as a species or something related may survive as our early progenitors did but in a much more radioactive world!
Or perhaps all life on earth will cease!

Great article. I remember Amy Goodman reporting on this in her audio book, “The Exception to the Rulers” around 15-20 years ago.

The problem is that there is a huge disconnect between great articles like this (and hers), and what is demanded of progressive candidates. If the average voter demanded that this type of scandal be confronted by their candidates for office – and refused to back down or drop the subject – then knowledge like this might have some effect.

Until that happens, articles like this end up being mere historical curiosities, not the beginning of the end of corrupt corporate and government entities.

If that hellish existence is the alternative I think many of us would rather wish for death. “The living will envy the dead” and all that.

Maybe their governments are also at fault? Colonial powers helping colonial powers.