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Shell’s Arctic Drilling is the Real Threat to the World, Not Kayaktivists


Shell’s Arctic Drilling is the Real Threat to the World, Not Kayaktivists

Naomi Klein, Annie Leonard

Shell has one or two rivals for the title of Planet’s Most Irresponsible Company, but it’s definitely the most ironic.

The grand irony, of course, is that, having watched the Arctic melt as global temperatures rose, Shell was first in line to drill the newly melted waters for yet more oil which would raise the temperature some more.

But lately, the planetary-scale irony was compounded by one of a more local variety, contained in the phrase safety zone.


For they looked in and out to Venus and Mars, and were jealous. Extraction economics was their downfall.


This outfit publishes extreme weather events EVERY MONTH. Viewing the sheer volume of wild events is beyond what the typical imagination can conjure for sci-fi.

THIS is what the 1% and its energy barons are pushing onto planet Earth and its inhabitants.


The problems associated with today’s utter dependence upon long-distance driving are mirrored in runaway globalization to serve manufacturers shipping the longest distance. Just as absurd traffic undermines other ‘fundamental’ modes of urban/suburban travel, the global economy subtly undermines local, regional, state
and national economies.

Here then is a basic outline for reducing fuel/energy consumption: Drive less, fly less, truck and ship goods around the world less. No doubt, Big Oil, Auto and Boeing would rather cities remain places citizens seek vacations elsewhere, only to find more of the same demoralizing traffic and rural precious campgrounds overwhelmed with RV, jetski and snowmobiles a rumbling desacration of nature. Visit Central American
ancient pyramid Cholula, convenient Walmart parking only a block away!


Both nationally and world-wide, coal is even more of a threat to both climate and human health (mostly air and water pollution) than oil and gas combined. Nationally the Koch brothers and their Peabody Energy Enterprises are certainly the noisiest if not the biggest coal and gas firm. It would be cheaper to buy coal reserves as mineral rights for a slightly higher price than the going price for coal to burn in order to keep it in the ground than to tolerate the threat to climate and human health.
There is more money, but less greenhouse gas emissions and less damage to human health by air and water pollution, in oil than in the coal and gas used to make electricity, in normal operations.
When oil spills or gas leaks, it is a horrible mess to clean up after. Anybody for using a bottle of Dawn dish washing detergent to clean up an oiled pelican or Canada goose or fur seal?