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Shell’s Arctic Drilling Plan Just Got Presidential Approval


Shell’s Arctic Drilling Plan Just Got Presidential Approval

Rachael Prokop

This is outrageous. On Tuesday, the Obama administration announced a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and then followed that up by approving Shell’s climate-killing plan to drill in the Arctic.

This is a setback, but we’re not giving up. Right now, six volunteers aboard the Greenpeace ship Esperanza are tailing one of Shell’s drilling rigs across the Pacific, and across the city of Seattle, where Shell’s Arctic fleet is set to dock, concerned residents are mobilizing. And people all over the world are standing up against Shell.


The “Take action here” link takes you to the Greenpeace donation page. Greenpeace is certainly worthy of donations, but this is misleading. It should say “Donate to Greenpeace here.”

So, what actions can we take to stop Shell from drilling the Arctic? Hard to say from this article.


If you want more of the same just support Shillary for President. Run Bernie, run!


I can’t believe there are only these few responses… …I sent this and another article to a friend… think it was the California drought one…
So, I put many of these articles on my face book page…or just send them …but there are really no responses… from those that are my friends… many family… I will have to admit… I am really not very good at face book… still do not get how to work it very well… and I do not go on very often… it’s like a chore…