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Shell Shocker?



Nothing of significance that takes place in life is the product of just one causative factor.

The Kayakivists are terrific as is Bill McKibben's group and its global efforts.

But there is something else operating, and to my way of thinking, it's quite suggestive of that more abstract item known as karma or in this case, karmic blowback. For it's very much on account of the merchants of war and their bankster partners in global crimes that the PRICE of oil has come down. So much over-building and too much profit heading into the limited hands of the 1% has compressed global markets. When The People have no money from "trickle down economics" or wages that vastly limit what they can purchase or enjoy. So there's a terrific irony in the way that Disaster Capitalism's exploits became its own goose laying the last golden egg.

In this economic downturn where commodities are not being purchased since few are buying new things... Earth Mother has a chance to catch her breath. And since the oil behemoths live on capital the way the vampire feeds on blood, the diminished price of oil per barrel is a major factor in why it is that Shell backed down.

The same is also holding true for Fracking. These costly operations draw in minimal (to no) profit when oil sells at such a low price on the global market.

It's amazing how things come full circle.


My guess is that almost all of these kayakers and bridge protesters were liberals and progressives. As James Haught's article on CD today shows, in the end, liberals always win.