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'Shenanigans' on Progressive Kat Brezler in White Plains NY Democratic Primary Endemic of Interparty Struggle

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/10/shenanigans-progressive-kat-brezler-white-plains-ny-democratic-primary-endemic

"Imagine if Democrats fought against Republicans with this level of tenacity,"

Most Dems are quite eager to “work across the aisle”. Judging by this article, it’s so they can share new ways of cheating.


Metastatic Stage 4 Politics; ain’t that America.


"Go Kat Go!"

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The real estate crowd and developers are freaking out.
“White Plains is long overdue for a comprehensive plan. We need to take bold action to hold developers accountable for the resources they are using. White Plains should not shoulder the bill for large corporate developers and billionaires. In our comprehensive plan, we need to ensure park lands are preserved and built out so that we do not become a concrete jungle.” --Kat


Harmann is always barking about 'join the democratic party…take it over…"

uh huh


This kind of garbage happens across the nation. Local Democrats are just as entrenched establishmentarians who had to swear fealty to Hillary Goddamn Clinton in 2016 as are national ones.

It happened here in my county which went 3/4s for Bernie in the 2016 caucuses. But EVERY single one of the local elected Democrats and all the party officials all were for Hillary Goddamn Clinton. One of the most disgusting memories I’ll ever have is sitting at the county convention as a Bernie delegate surrounded by Bernie delegates who formed the overwhelming majority of the delegates and having Clinton supporters control the convention and the stage, putting Clinton surrogate after Clinton surrogate behind the microphone to make speeches as if we were all Clintonistas.

Among those were two county council members: Satpal Sidhu and Todd Donovan. Both I had thought of as progressives. It was quite wounding to me for these persons I had thought as on the side of progressivism to give these disgusting Clinton speeches.

A year later we had a new election for county council. Our Bernie campaign in the county had two main leaders and one of them was a wonderful, outgoing, articulate, social worker named Amy Glasser.

She decided to run for the council, taking seriously Bernie’s invitation to his supporters to get invovled at the local level. She decided to do that in 2016 before the general election, for I suggested she run then to replace the Clintonista offical heading the county party organization and she told me she had more ambitious plans.

In December of 2016 she began her campaign. Because of recent district changing and different length of terms, things were unusual and some incumbents now were in new districts. I’ll let Amy explain what happened:

I decided to run last December. In January I found out through the grapevine that Barry Buchanan was going to run for the At-Large position; that Ken Mann and Carl Weimer would not seek reelection; that Satpal Sidhu would run for District 3. He filed with the Public Disclosure Commission in January. The only person on the Council who lived in District 2, then, would be Todd Donovan.

He has two more years left in his term. Never said a word to me—and my feelers were out, and I wanted to talk to anyone who was considering—so he had two more years and an At-Large position to slide into as very popular guy, who could win an at-large seat a lot easier than me.

That was the plan back in December.

I travel along in my merry way. Middle of May, Todd notified me that I was jumping into a race in a district where he’s lived for 25 years and I was being very wrong.

Within a week, he filed and he is running in District 2.

I am so bummed.

When I heard carl was leaving, all I thought was that, with Carl leaving, I could get in there and work with Todd and the others on environmental issues. They’re going to be the leaders now. I was excited by that.

Evidently, I have offended Todd’s campaign a couple of times with my direct style of thinking things could take a different route, but I thought that was what our job was as seekers and leaders of public opinion.

Now the message is, “I’m taking his job away.” He’s not even done with his term!

(From the Cascadia Weekly article that was an interview with Amy in the primary.)

Donovan said at the time he did this foul and disgusting tactic not to keep a Berner off the council but because he might have to run against Sidhu if he didn’t do this. Sidhu had two more years on his term just like Donovan, but he chose not to run in his new district, District 3 despite indicating earlier he would, so a long time Clintonista new comer could run unopposed by a Democrat- meaning that at the end of his term Sidhu would have to run in the At-Large position.

Clearly shennigans took place to be sure that a Berner didn’t get on the council. The three Clintonistas conspired on how they’d deal with this. So even though Amy had filed early and tried to coordinate with the incumbent Democrats, they then used their clout to stop her dead in her tracks, putting on a new member instead who’d be fully committed to establishment politics in the district Sidhu original was going to run in, and it was clear they recruited this woman who ran in Sidu’s new district after they decided Donovan would, despite his having two more years on her term, run against Amy.

Since we have a top two primary, Donovan and Amy were the two candidates in the general as well as the primary.

The full party went after her, acting as if she was a bad person trying to remove an incumbent. But that was a load of nonsense because he had two more years on his term and the council undemocratically appointed someone to finish her term after he won his new seat, and they all new that would be the case.

Now Sidhu is running for the At-Large position, so even though I don’t live in his old district or his new one, I am able to vote for or against him. A lot of my cultural liberal friends who are subservient to establishment Democratic Party information in forming their own thinking, were totally shocked that I have a problem with Sidhu.

But I see his face on the election signs and all this comes flooding back to me.

Amy has devoted herself to being an advocate for our local homeless since then, making a big difference. The elected Democrats, though, seem to despise her for her work and for being a Berner in the past who tried to run for local office.


As the genius George Carlin once said, there’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.
And they don’t want you, or anybody else, in it.
The 2020 election cycle may just be the last time that progressives have a chance to reverse the course of the now corporate run Democratic Party. The DINOs will not give up without a fight either. They have the money and the organization in place. And of course, they have managed to convince enough of the democratic electorate that republican lite is better than nothing.


I"m still a Bernie supporter, and still sending him money, but he has really pissed me off by letting go the, once in a generation, opportunity to start a new Party, on the actual Left. He squandered it


I wish they didn’t time out the ability to edit posts. I didn’t notice the errors in the above, which I’ve made bold. Both those should have been his. I have no idea why I wrote ‘her’ instead of ‘him’ or why I didn’t notice it when I did my edit before posting. Oh well.

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“Imagine if Democrats fought against Republicans with this level of tenacity”

But then, wouldn’t these “Democrats” be fighting themselves? It’s gone well passed “working across the aisle” - they are firmly on the other side. The entire NY Dem establishment is as corrupt as Tammany Hall once was.


But isn’t that the general strategy for non partisan elections as well? Get in, take it over, and change the direction of things.
It’s usually easier to get things done from within than it is as a street person.

If those damned Republicans don’t stop their attempts at rigging elections…wait, what?

It’s a private Club and you ain’t in it. And they don’t want you in it -George Carlin

When its rigged, and locked down like this, the chances are very limited. Like the republicans,The “Democrat” Party ‘leadership’ doesnt seem to beleive in democracy. Just holding power and the bribes that come from that


Make donations and give support DIRECTLY and ONLY to the Individual Candidates whom you trust — NOT ONE DIME to the utterly corrupt DNC or its subordinate DCCC and DSCC!

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