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Sherrod Brown Demands Biden Immediately Remove Two 'Key Agents' of Trump Agenda to Destroy Social Security

Biden understands the difficulties of maintaining the corporatist unDemocreatic Party’s status quo when they have total control of Washington, as they do right now. It’s a heck of a lot easier to play off the other side when the other side has legitimate claim to at least some of the power in Washington rather than just the power afforded it by the unDems. Everything that comes out of Washington now is because the unDems have wanted it to be. That’s something Biden and his corrupt party would just as soon you didn’t think about. The light of day is no friend of the unDems.


Yes, and, Biden is still pretending, or delusional enough, or thinks we are stupid enough to believe him when he spews; ‘Unity’ and “Reach across the aisle”, “Bipartisanship”, and “for the good of the country”


ABC This Week had Steve Scalise on----second Republican behind Traitor Minority Leader McCarthy----This Traitor Scalise voted to take away the votes of the people of Penn and Ariz----he still implies the election was stolen but condemns those who stormed the Capitol??? Scalise ,Trump , McCarthy killed the Capitol Officer by their actions.

The media normalizing what these people did-----They didn’t ask Traitor Scalise-----why did YOU vote to subvert the WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE??

Scalise would talk about not spending so much----SHUT UP!----A House Republican lecturing people on saving money------how much did Republicans steal these past four years from hard working Americans—7 TRILLION!

Thank You Senator Brown-------Biden clean house----GET THESE TRAITORS OUT! SAME WITH THE POST OFFICE!


Or, keeping the post office public, either. He plans to keep Trump’s Postmaster in place - deJoy, what a crock!


Biden is like FDR in the sense that his job is to fix “capitalism” really a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE-----The question is can he make it thru 4 yrs without the whole thing coming apart----??-This whole economy is on life support-----and that support is failing. And Republicans will be doing everything to bring everything down.

And Warren wanted a $200. a month increase-----and the American Idoits said NO! GOOD SLAVES!

People in Calif are ten weeks past getting their UI payments—The machines are in charge-----people who work at EDD have no idea how to fix anything------This from the tech state??? This state could turn RED! NEWSOM IS A COMPLETE FAILURE-------ANOTHER STUPID BUSINESS MAN LIKE TRUMP-------Why can’t business people run a government???

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Because government is not a business.

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Good point. 470,000 dead Americans and counting, most of whom are over 65. That will reduce SS payments significantly. Sounds like good fiscal policy to the oligarchs and their tools in our government. Seems odd to me that if the Biden admin was intent on safeguarding SS, they would have replaced those Trump appointees who are against SS on day one. But they are still in their jobs and Biden has now appointed Neera Tanden, who has voiced her opposition to SS many times, to manage the budget. How revealing is that?! Gutting SS has plenty of advocates within the DP as well as the RP.


All one needs to do is ponder what Trump and the GOP was able to “accomplish” while only having the Presidency and the Senate and compare that to what the dems will get done while controlling all three branches. We are being played people.


I guess I am naive and have hope and will continue like all progressive to hold his feeet to the fire.

What holding feet to fire? I haven’t seen any yet.

The progressive keeps making demands and stating facts and asking/telling him he will get a shellacking if he does not work on the peoples needs and policies. I sign on, I email the administration and I call. Enough people and groups are doing that, let’s see what happens.

But the democrats WANT to lose at least one house during the midterms. Otherwise, they won’t have an excuse for not doing anything worthwhile.

Biden is going to be just fine and dandy no matter what the next election brings. He has no reason to care what you say, especially since you vote for him no matter what he does.

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–Why can’t business people run a government???

Because they are not trying to run anything but PROFIT for Elites –
that’s the primary goal – period.

As far as see he has been doing a good job after ONLY ONE MONTH. Why not give him a chance, I know we were disappointed by Obama and Clinton… Just maybe Joe and learned something after 47 years. Yes I am an optimistic person

Perhaps you should take your blinders off, and see the massive amount of bad that is overriding the token good.

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