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Sherrod Brown: Medicare for All Not "Practical." Progressives: "OK. Thank You, Next.""

Sherrod Brown: Medicare for All Not "Practical." Progressives: "OK. Thank You, Next.""

Jon Queally, staff writer

While not a 2020 presidential candidate yet, Sen.


These fucking Dems better re-read their Democratic history. FDR & LBJ both had policies that are more popular today even when first instituted. We are the richest country in the world (I’m tired of hearing it) why in the fucking world can’t we have a health system like practically every other country in the world?

Edit to add: I thought Brown was for the working person. I guess I thought wrong, fuck you Sherrod!




Right…well, he’s not the one! DINO corporate-whore policies and servitude will NOT do!

The DINO establishment thinks they can win without any real change/reform and shift to real progressive policies? I think not! Corrupt Idiots…
So far the one head & shoulders above the rest is Bernie Sanders…


Queally sez:
“Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) broke from the pack of announced and expected Democrats on Friday by coming out against Medicare for All …”

Paging Sergeant Schultz … I believe we’ve located your running mate, sir.


I did think he would be the most securely progressive of any dem field that will evolve. And that, possibly, depending on his platform I could see myself voting for him.
This of course rules that out entirely.
Not that I am in ANY way for the sham that is Medicare or super medicare or whatever private crap they propose but at least it gives a candidate a point or two for making a teensy step towards being for real healthcare for all rather than against.
Sigh. I would love to live in a functioning 21st century country governed by people with altruistic integrity and courage… and zi say what others have said… fuck you Sherrod Brown… for extinguishing a tiny point of hope…


Actually, looks more like Sherrod Brown isn’t “practical” –

This is absolute BS that US citizens are still without a Medicare4All –

Or that our lives and health are still in the hands of insurance companies!

OK – so Sherrod Brown is first on the list for targeting.

If the Congress won’t pass Medicare4All then let’s get rid of the Congress saying NO to it.


Another fraud reveals himself. Will the lemmings learn? Find out next week on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Democratic Kingdom.


Notice the banner behind Brown - The Dignity of Work.
Please be aware of this extreme right meme which blames the unemployed for not working, and, continues the sick American utilitarian rubbish that there is no dignity without work. Pretending that working for a poverty wage is dignity, and that this will resolve America’s problems is plainly insane. Perplexing how these same ideas, dominant for decades, are endlessly repeated and presented as solutions when they actually enshrine falsehood.
Isn’t there great dignity in activities that care for people and the planet whether there is work or not?
If America had spent more time, ‘wasting’ its time on reflection and contemplation of our humanity, society and politics, that ‘useless’ activity would have prevented the needless suffering of uncountable millions. But a robotic culture that refuses to look in the mirror marches on, oblivious to dignity. A culture that champions ignorance and power will fall.


Medicare for all only works if you include free vasectomies, planned parenthood, and education about the limits to growth during a time of habitat collapse.

You won’t need Medicare, if you and your kids are dead.


Heres a proposal: Hows about we provide medicare when youngsters reach majority at 18 and can be shoveled into the corporate war machine as cannon fodder ???


I’ve watched Brown slowly “assimilated” into the Dem establishment for years. Remember, he was “chosen” by party leaders to run in 2006. That’s the first step - he owes them for their support. That’s why they are so insistent on selecting “viable” candidates (even supposedly “Progressive” ones) instead of letting the electorate make up their own minds. The real enemy of Progressives is the Clinton-Obama-Pelosi-Schumer cabal. It’s like Whoopi Goldberg telling AOC to shut up and “learn” from her elders (her corrupt, corrupt elders).

So, no thanks, Sherrod. Go away.


Iĺl second that.


I never thought about it in this way. Thanks for this. I think you made some really important observations.


One of these days, the Disciples of the Duopoly will WTFU, and realize that the Green Party is where their allegiance must be.


Did Brown watch when Hillary vowed “single-payer will never, EVER come to pass”? Did he here the cheering crowd go quiet, watch as the youth exited the party, see independent voters become non-voters, watch the dream of New Deal healthcare policy die?

We can’t allow the DNC (and their quest for corporate money and control) snatch defeat from the mouth of victory once again. The neolibs are just the Republican-wing of the Democratic party. We need a smaller tent… one that doesn’t follow dysfunctional economic Republican policy. Soon the DNC will support endless war for-profit. Ooops… too late.


Even if Brown had endorsed Medicare for all, his voting record should have been a red flag to progressives, anyway. His current stance is consistent with his record. It should cone as a surprise to no one. The party establishment will likely groom him as a younger version of Joe Biden, in case Uncle Joe doesn’t run.


Sherrod doesn’t want to share. The wealth.


Let this moron spend all of his cash on his campaign When he has lost and has no money to buy healthcare he will kick himself in the ass.


Even the Koch bros. say we will save trillions.