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Sherrod Brown: Medicare for All Not "Practical." Progressives: "OK. Thank You, Next.""


The question is did I say something wrong, ahistorical? You know the answer: no. I prefer data to bandwagoneering. Not my problem if you don’t.


The “Lean Rep” is the status of Brown’s state, Ohio, it has nothing to do with his voting record in congress. He’s ranked above Sanders, slightly, on that. Maybe you should look at things more carefully next time.


Thank you for putting words in my mouth and answering for me.

thx again mr (phony) graduate “student”.

Ya know, we can go back an forth on this for as long as I live (I’m 72), assuming you are younger than I, you will “win” by default.


Just like trying to solve any murder: It’s always either money or sex.
In the case of healthcare, it’s both: The candidates get money and the rest of us get fucked while people are murdered by a bogus bloated system of big buildings, landscaped kingdoms and offshored drug money.
The problem with “Medicare for All” is that it doesn’t go far enough. It still leaves in place a thing called “Limited Liability Corporations” bidding on inflated contracts while villagers are prevented from using pitchforks and torches to proper effect.
I submit that we already have a proper medical system in effect.
It’s called the military.
Draft all medical personnel into the medical corps and be done with all of this bullshit.
Put both the food, education and the health systems under one administration department so that failures of one will be part and parcel of the other, and held accountable (the only thing worse than doing a gub’mint man’s job for him is to make him do it himself).
If socialized health is good enough for the troops, it’s good enough for everyone.
People don’t need insurance, payment systems, competition or money.
They need good health. It doesn’t come from a drug company, a committee or an insurance agent. Never has, never will.


There’s nothing sacrosanct about single-payer. Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands all have insurer-provided health care coverage, and they keep costs low, cover everyone, and it’s all high-quality. It’s the outcome, not the process, that matters.