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"She's a Cop": Advocates Scoff at Former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings as Potential Biden Running Mate Amid Racial Injustice Uprising

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/shes-cop-advocates-scoff-former-orlando-police-chief-val-demings-potential-biden

Never underestimate the ability of the dem party to choose the worse possible candidate in any given situation.
Many of Biden’s top candidates have come from the law enforcement arena, an accident? With Biden’s record on crime bills, not likely.


Not that I liked Val Demings but she was my prediction. Now it looks like she, Klobuchar, or Harris aren’t likely. My favorite person with federal government experience is still Tammy Baldwin though she is a big long shot and there may be better options I am unaware of.

This nation needs no more cops, past or present.

We must have more protectors of the people.


This is effin hilarious: There are only conservadems available among Biden’s pool of contenders, and that includes black women. That tells you everything you need to know about the d-party.


If true, this is dismaying. She was impressive during the House impeachment inquiry. Which of course doesn’t necessarily means she’s qualified or desirable.

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Gabbard attended the re-inauguration of far-right Modi in India.


Isn’t that funny, the cop cars in my city all have “to serve & protect” on them. I guess they ‘serve’ the 1% and ‘protect’ themselves because as everyone knows a wagging dog greeting them has to be shot since they “feared for their lives!”


Identity politics from someone whose fathomless faults should have been IDed long ago

What about Barbara Lee? She has the experience and is on the right side of almost all issues. She seems like a steady, proven person who is consistent and very much a leader. If not her - someone more like her.


Its because of the demographics, otherwise we would win.

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Two strikes against her.

1.) Too smart

2.) not a cop or ex DA.

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…So, I guess ConservaDem to you is no better than Fascist GOP, amirite?..This is the Queen Mary with a pair of six foot oars, everything takes half of a lifetime to enact, always has…

…Not one mention here of Stacy Abrams…WTF!..

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I’d bet my bank account, that this line is part of every cops training as to what to say after discharging their weapons in a fatal shooting.


Running out? Seriously? The list should include Nina Turner, Rashida Tlaib, Barbara Lee and Ayanna Pressley, just off the top of my head. Any of these would bring more support Biden’s way from the left.


This is why we will get ground down into greasy dust and pull ourselves up and get beat down and help our sisters and brothers pull ourselves back up and get shot in the face by our protectors and live through our painful scars that make us remember our loved ones that were tortured to death in front of all of our eyes (wiping my eyes) …that we never, ever, quit our task of making this the just world we could have so long as one of us draws breath.

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He has GWB’s vote, according to GWB.

Harris is also a cop

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I’d bank on that :sunglasses:

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