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"She's a Cop": Advocates Scoff at Former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings as Potential Biden Running Mate Amid Racial Injustice Uprising

Its interesting to read about Biden’s past as one of the principal authors of the War on Drugs and war on black people and their ability to vote.

No wonder he cares so much about them.

So as I cant make up my mind which is worse, and I would never vote for either a Republican or somebody with a really horrible spectrum of misdeeds like Biden, I am going to hope for some last minute reprieve in the form of a salvage candidacy by AOC or somebody else with the cahones to call these crooks out.

I cant afford another neoliberal and both are neoliberals.

My vote is not going to go to either of the preumptive crooks.

I think that the GOP is going to break out all of this stuff from Bidens record and I think Biden actually knows this and doesn’t even intend to win, his job was to push Bernie out and the balloting hijinks in many states was likely due to underlying honestly problems with those running them.

I suspect that we may be being defrauded by a scam of some kind that wants Trump to win.

Both parties are crooked as can be. I’m going to go with my gut feeling on this one.

No, it doesnt matter to me one bit who Biden picks as his running mate under these conditions. I’m done with him. What they did to game our political process should not be rewarded.

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I would vote for many other Dems for President but not for Biden. I would also like to see the DNC - the partys leadership and rules replaced.

This mess cant happen again.

Whatever the reason it can’t be good.

there is no perfect candidate and never will be. The opposition to Trump is a coalition and ALL its arats will have to learn to get along together if they are to succeed.

They are not Dems, they are neoliberals which is a right wing thing. They want to globalize all professions so no doubt that also means cops, since so much money could be saved all around the country by importing cops from the friendly dictatorial regimes in the developing world.

Right now police are likely exempt, unlike most other jobs.

This is about how they may plan to make all professional services global commodities. Wages will plummet but profits will rise.

Eventually they will privatize war. All of these changes are stepping stones to what they want, global corporate rule.


She is one of the most intelligent women in politics.

Thanks for joining the chorus of loyal d-party sheep beating to progressives:

“Welcome into our big tent, now STFU.”

And Stacey Abrams is a conservadem. Just your type.

…Your statement is absolutely useless…Who have you got in mind for the non-conservadem VP?..“Just your type”…Is that you way of saying I’m an idiot?..

…Wow, your outlook is even dimmer than mine, good job…

That’s my point. There is no progressive option for Sleep Joe. Hence, I’ll repeat:

That tells you everything you need to know about the d-party.

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…And was completely ripped off in her last election…oh, thanx for your statement…

Welll, they are not doing all this stuff for their good looks. They see democracy and the nation state as being obsolete, a threat to the changes they want to bring about, a global corporate state, where everything revolves around money.

Just reading about her now, thank you for bringing her up.

Voter suppression/disenfranchisement is an extremely important issue.

…So, now I’m curious, are you not voting, voting GOP, what?..

Yep, I am.

If you mean his handlers won’t let him pick someone progressive, that statement is true but if you mean are there any women (whether of color or not) that are actually progressive in the Democratic Party, have some federal government experience and are native born that he could pick, the answer is yes. Would he pick any of them? No.

He won’t pick her. They complain she’s too old or whatever but the real reason is she is too progressive for him. I’m not aware of another native born black woman with federal experience who has the progressive credentials of Lee. I’m not aware of many native born men or women who have her cred period, but that is more of a statement about Lee than my saying we don’t have anybody- we have a few but none I would pick over Lee. We should get rid of that native born requirement (and then I like Jayapal) and we need to get more progressives in office.


…“Yep, I am”…quite concise…

Baldwin has been an excellent senator. The one problem I have with her, but should not disqualify her, is her throwing the baby out with the bath water with her approach to the opiate crisis. No quarter given to the chronic pain community.


Imo, Demings would make a good Attorney General. She would be tainted in a bid for VP on a losing ticket.

Beyond Barbara Lee (who, as you note, he will not pick), can you give me other examples of eligible progressive women of color? I’ve got Ayana Pressley, Nina Turner, Rashida Tliab – none of whom he’d pick. Not exactly a long list. I specifically exclude Maxine Waters because she’s kind of an airhead. Who would you add?