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She's Baaack... To Confront Trumpcare Hyprocrisy, 'Granny Off the Cliff' Returns


She's Baaack... To Confront Trumpcare Hyprocrisy, 'Granny Off the Cliff' Returns

Common Dreams staff

With just days for Republicans in the U.S. Senate to pass their Trumpcare bill before a congressional recess begins at the end of this week, an updated version of an iconic ad is back on Monday featuring an elderly woman being foisted from her wheelchair over the edge of a cliff.


The article cites a figure of two thirds of all seniors living in nursing homes are covered under Medicare. One just has to wonder as to what all those seniors in nursing homes will do if they are summarily cut off by Republican budget cuts? What would these people do? The government would have to come up with a homeless program for nursing home/assisted living seniors kicked out into the streets by budget cuts.

Homeless nursing homes? Republicans are already planning possible budget cuts for the Homeless Nursing Homes program … should one be created!


Medicare does not cover longterm care or custodial care in nursing facilities. If you are considered custodial care they write you a letter and tell you that you have 30 days from that point you will have to pay for the services you are receiving.


The nursing homes are paid for under Medicaid, not Medicare. If they succeed here Medicare is next.


Hey, the halt, the lame, and the aged…are of no more use…they’re throwaways in the sick, deranged, demonic minds of the like of Ryan, McConnell, DJT, etc. who care only about shoring up their bottom lines and those of their big donors. Just dig a big pit, roll in the no-longer-usefuls after their “showers,” add some lye, bulldoze piles of dirt inside and call it a day. Then get in/on your private means of conveyance (corporate jet, Air Force One, Air Force Two, chauffeur-driven limo) to the nearest private club/resort and toast your success at solving the problem of all those lazy, old, useless humans. The Final Solution…Sieg Heil!

DJT and his pals in Congress are indeed creating the “American Carnage” he spoke to in his inaugural rant.


Right, that is why most nursing homes are dual facilities: Rehabilitation and long term care.


I know but I was speaking of Medicaid. Medicaid is the only source of healthcare for low income seniors which due to jobs going overseas, outsourcing factories and so forth, the days when people had pensions and unions to pay into Medicare are gone for most seniors. Medicaid is literally a lifesaver for them. I mean what does a senior living only a Soc Sec check do? What does a senior on Soc Sec disability do if suffering from dementia or is seriously disabled like those needing assisted care?

I am just stunned that these creeps are able to get away with this out and out robbery of tax payers! When there is a need as demonstrably there most obviously is, then you pay the bills. You don’t take away healthcare from some needy elder just to give unnecessary tax cuts to very wealthy people , all of whom get out of paying a good portion of their taxes anyway!


LBJ is spinning in his grave seeing what this craven creep in the WH with the blessings of Congress is destroying or attempting to destroy.


You are correct, Medicaid is pretty much the last line of self-defense. There are issues that affect these institutions and there has been a lot of fighting about who is going to pay… Like hospital acquired infections that are increasing and very expensive. Medicare will not reimburse those expenses.


Republicans act like only the rich contribute to the tax revenue kitty! They think nothing of budget cuts to give greater tax cuts to the wealthy. However I don’t hear any comments from them about how some senior who worked their whole lives - paid their taxes - to help pay to benefit others whether they needed healthcare or a new highway - who contributed to the strength of this country whether by holding a job and supporting our economy or carrying a gun as a veteran or whatever! The Repubs seem only to care about pleasing the wealthy and not paying back the debt this country owes working people who have earned their need for medical assistance.

Seniors paid taxes all their lives. What did that earn them if when they are in need of medical care that they are treated like those decades of paying taxes no longer matter?


I totally agree. This is part of the public contract and reversing it is a betrayal. Lying about the reasons why is deceit. Working until your 70 if you do physical labor is not a universal idea that is going to benefit anyone. Healthy seniors can and do contribute to the communities were they live. My grandmother use to volunteer at the elementary school and many other aspects of community life. The value of continuity.


Your grandmother had a heart but even just ordinary workers doing their everyday jobs driving trucks, selling shoes or whatever…all of them contributed to this economy and the country as a whole. Moreover Republicans seem to ignore the reality that working people are as much citizens as rich people are and deserve something for their proportionate taxes. Any worker who paid so high a percentage of their income over the years should be a reminder to Republicans that proportionately the wealthy have not paid as much in taxes.

I am just asking what will these 22 million seniors and disabled do without Medicaid? Republicans should be made to answer that question! Instead they just talk about budget cuts and deficits blah blah blah (read more tax cuts for the wealthy) but they should tell us just what will happen to these elders and disabled if the Repub heath bill is approved?

The Press is as usual falling down on the job because the Repubs have been allowed to skip over this question from the start!

What happens to the 22 million who lose medical coverage/Medicaid?

If your granny was living in a nursing home, it wouldn’t matter to Republicans that such a good soul who volunteered to help others is kicked out into the street when it is her turn to need help…


Well grandma was a teacher as a young woman and later a farmer too. I’m the old person now…or getting there. I understand everyone needs and should have care. Not just seniors that are institutionalized, prisoners in for profit incarceration are dying in detention where the prisoner to nurse ratio is one to 700, But, this signals a new level of inhumanity especially when other avenues are totally possible.

Correction: The nursing to prisoner staffing ratio may not be industry wide new rules are one to one hundred but with staff shortages can be much higher. My earlier figure was based on an interview with a prison nurse. To give you some idea skilled nursing facilities are four to one hundred albeit without the environmental factors created in prisons.


“Look my son in the eyes and tell him that he’s fought so hard to be here but sorry, you’re just not worth it anymore. I dare you.”


There is a point that the right-wing ruling elites and politicians usually bring up regarding the “grandma in the nursing home” narrative.

They love to throw up the point that grandma could have purchased nursing home insurance. They fail to acknowledge several points though:

  • Nursing home insurance is terribly expensive. Only the top 10% (or less) of all income earners can even come close to affording this coverage … even if a person obtains this type of insurance between the ages of 45 to 50.

  • Relatively few of the insurance companies that offered this type of insurance are even in business today. With a few exceptions, the insurance companies that offered this coverage had very low financial ratings. In other words, the paper the policy was printed on was worth more than policy itself.

Note: I was an insurance agent for 32 years. I sold nursing home insurance policies from three different insurers (rated by A.M. Best as A+ or higher) for about two years. I quit selling nursing home insurance when it became quite clear that there was no way in hell the product would ever be viable. The vast majority of people simply cannot afford the high premiums over a long period of time – especially once they retire.

Medicaid was/is the only way seniors needing long-term nursing home care (many due to dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease) can possibly live.

Cutting Medicaid (even marginally) amounts to systemic genocide of elderly adults.


Just stick them out on the curb for trash pickup. I imagine most of these GOPers consider themselves Christian, but they would murder Americans so that the filthy rich can have another tax break.


Right now I live my own home, but like many seniors I am a stroke, heart attack, etc away from a nursing home. With our years of no Social Security raises my savings have dwindled down. My father had dementia and I fear that eventually that might be my fate. If I needed nursing home care I could sell my home and possessions, but the money would not go far.
I realize the GOP does not give a damn about Americans such as I, but just what do they think that seniors are suppose to do?


There is some research that says there are better models than the skilled nursing one we use now and a transition would not be such a bad idea. This is really horrid, we are paying for this crap instead of using our time and resources to improve how we provide for end of life care or long term disability.


I don’t know where your head is, but flannigan seems to have his on straight.


You are really good when dish facts.