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She's With Them–But We've Got Us: A Movement Bigger Than Sanders


She's With Them–But We've Got Us: A Movement Bigger Than Sanders

Jon Queally, staff writer

The proper question of the week is not why Bernie Sanders supporters —delegates gathered in the Philadelphiaand his millions of supporters across the nation—are so angry with the Democratic National Committee this week.


Neo-Face Trump or Neo-Liberal Hillary? empirePie

July 26th, 2016

A bad cop worser cop twister
sucked up the juice of the non-entity led empire
with US as the host, hosing all for another false
democracy at it’s red white and blue best meet
a festive mess, a quartered tryst

Say perhaps Donald & Hillary could have a tryst
they could do it in a doomsday shelter
along with the ‘feel the bern’ prods of those horsemen
of the true profits too un mench to give up the proceeds of the bench at 28 minutes to midnight and the tryst goes on
for who have the goods

The bad cop good cop could roll a Stein away from the button that Hillary and Theresa may be too willing to push for the good of the rapture now; a moneyed inceptive that makes derivatives look like the glass behind Stegal or Steal

As the empire blunders along and democracy sings it’s last song


Great heartfelt piece, Jon Q. Thank you.




LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! Sanders delegates are locked out! http://therealnews.com/t2/

Update 6PM PST - This above link is very LIVE! “The Real News Network”, (Independent non-profit is live streaming & interviewing Bernie delegates at the DNC.

Update: 7PM PST That’s a wrap! 'lil tomorrow…


You think Dubyas election has stopped hurting this country and the world? I suspect president Trump will be of little consequence to you, as it appears Dubyas meant so little.


Bernie woke millions up to the Grand Two-Party Con, and they have grown beyond his control, something Bernie told us often we must do! He foresaw what was coming!

What really sticks in my craw is I expect to be screwed and lied to by R’Cons but somehow hoped Democrats still had just a bit of the progressive left spirit hidden somewhere - of the Wobblies, and labor unions, FDR and Eleanor, Adlai and Wellstone, Jack and Bobby, Martin and Malcolm - I was mistook…They did not, but millions did!

The first Clinton took what little spark was left, spit on it, and turned it to “triangulation” - corporate/banker big-money servitude. We survived Bush, then the “Great Progressive Fraud” Barack Obama, peddled starving people “hope” but sold us out big-time! We survived and now the torch of corrupt Dem establishment perfidy passed to Hillary Clinton to serve wealth and power

The Sandernistas, independent voters, and all people not in thrall to political slavery have had a belly-full of lies and deceit in service to wealth and power.

The rise of Trump and Sanders is the result - millions are Mad As Hell and Will Not Take It Anymore - or remain silent - the consequences are on the politicians heads that played us for fools, with fair sounding but false speeches designed to “unify” - or divide - but millions have grown beyond their control and will vote their conscience…to smash the Con…


“The real enemy, she clarifies, is international finance and the neoliberal order their influence controls. That greater and more powerful enemy, which has done such a superb job of managing electoral ambitions and diminishing what’s politically possible over the last four decades, is alive and well, says DeMoro. And because of that, the coalescing movement into which Sanders helped breathe life is already looking beyond what transpires in Philadelphia.”

Instead of trying to find another spotless, incorruptible savior, we will either have to take up arms as all revolutions have done before, or adopt voter initiatives and referendums aided by online voting with encryption. The first gets a down vote by liberals and the second invokes a fear of leaving representative government behind, the failed status quo most are scared of abandoning, and having to depend on ourselves direct democratically.


What we have is the Female face of Empire and a Male Face of Empire to choose from.
You could also say that we have two Neo-Fascists candidates as both are for the Corporoate-Government state.

Pick your poison: Which Road to Hell do you wish to travel?
I choose the 3rd Way, the SteinWay.


The only thing that both parties have left is fear. I refuse to be a part of that fear. Screw them both!

Jill Stein 2016!


In 2008, as we found out, Obama and Clinton were both corporate Dems with nearly the same positions. Neither challenged the Establishment. Sanders was a real threat and had to be quashed according to the DNC/Hillary campaign…


TPP is one thing. Fracking another. Then there’s endless war and austerity etc. Plan b is on.


You can bet the Hillary campaign was in collusion with the DNC on sabotaging the Sanders campaign.

This is why Hillary leaves such a bad taste in people’s mouths. She can’t just leave well enough alone and win on her own credentials. She and her surrogates have to do these underhanded things to make sure she “wins.”


Since when are we all so shocked that our politics are corrupt and crooked? All this join hands and say fuck em and then everybody hug is real nice. All the outrage while sitting at home and not risking anything except a third party symbolic vote is typical. Did your outrage make you protest in all those primaries where dirty tricks went down? No, you complained and were outraged and did nothing else. No protest marches nor sit ins etc.

You chose not to fight for your democracy in real terms and NOW you want to thumb your nose and make voting for Stein out to be a big deal.

Well bullshit. Stein is a great person and four years from now if all you folks actually are motivated to create a viable third party (Perot did it) candidacy then she might deserve to get our votes BUT right now even as corrupt as Clinton is and underhanded and all the rest a vote for Stein is actually a vote for a fascistic Supreme Court which will destroy the free country that we all wanted for our children. You folks play with fire here and write nonsense like that it’ll be bad for four years but then we will see in 2020. BULLSHIT.

How about three more Scalia and Rhenquist during those four years who stay on the bench for forty years? How about four more justices even? What would America look like then? Trump could win and America lose really badly. Holy Shit people the Supreme Court with three or four young hard rightist neofascists cannot be overcome. Are you folks progressives or throwing tantrums?

Yeah we got cheated and you saw it happening so get off your self righteous tushes (which you should have done during the primaries and protested if you really had principles) and realize this game is no fucking game. The prize is multiple appointments to the supreme Court and the lives we will all have to live for decades under their domination.

A vote for Stein is a vote for Trump’s fascistic Supreme Court. You can vote for Stein in four years because she has no chance of winning now anyway. But Trump could and that is so fucking grim actually.

Fascism is not just a word.


Which Repub would you have preferred to Trump? Because unless you are saying that he is radically worse than Cruz or Bush, etc, then what you are simply saying is “we always need to vote for the lesser of 2 evils”.

I reject that.

Of all the crazy people on those republican debate stages, Trump scared me the least. He is incompetent and a blowhard, but he also is more sane than most any other of them. And, he seems far less likely to provoke Russia/Iran/China into another war than our NeoCon darling, Hillary.

So, take your lesser evil analysis and stow it until the democrats nominate someone who actually IS a lesser evil.


There is no domestic or international criminal court that would indict and convict Hillary Clinton as a war criminal. Your slanderous divisiveness is uninformed and adolescent. You don’t advance progressivism by such childish and ridiculous divisiveness. Neither does John Queally.

What a shame. I used to like Common Dreams.


He’s stated publicly that he wants others to do the heavy lifting . He says his job is to make Amer’ka great again…a deliberately vague declaration fir a man who has never grown up and intends to keep it that way.
The trouble with accepting this as a fallback Democratic or Progressive’s position is god-only-knows who he’ll appoint to
govern in his lazy-ass-absence. His surrogates are most likely worse than he is in every aspect…BEWARE WHAT YOU WISH FOR!


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Give me a break okay. Enough with the emotional feel good /feel bad/feel a little bit better baloney! Read what I wrote which is a direct reference to a hard right Supreme Court which likely will be a young court which means DECADES of hard right if not fascistic decisions. Trump has already talked about how much he wants to appoint another Scalia. He may very likely get the chance to appoint three justices. Three!!! Think in terms of the effects over decades of decisions not four years. Decades!

The lesser of two evils is a bumper sticker formula. Your children and their children in fact will have to endure the shift to the right that a unbalanced Supreme Court would create.

Voting for Stein is still symbolic this election. She cannot win. Next election she actually could but not now. You cannot undo new appointments to the Supreme Court. This is the crossroads of America’s future history. The irrevocable choice of hard right or liberal moderate.

Hillary will not overturn abortion rights or civil rights or so many other things Americans take for granted.


So the fuck what? Sanders didn’t fight the dirty tricks and you kind of saw the writing on the wall right there. He accomplished a lot just not the prize. So we end up with the same old same old corrupt and crooked oligarchy backed frauds that characterize America’s permanent governing elites.

The seriously worrisome problem is Trump and the Supreme Court. He would get to appoint multiple justices and that is how fascism emerges over the decades. Trump isn’t scary.

Trump’s Supreme Court is fucking scary big time. Decades of hard right decisions would forever alter this country. This a critical shift court where more than one appointment is likely. That is big trouble.