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#ShitHoleDon Rises After "Shithole Countries" Remarks Take Trump's Racism to New Level


Having found out how profitable owning US politicians has become, corporations have been buying EU politicians, thereby turning Brussels into a one stop bribe shop just like DC has been for decades. Trump’s inequality exacerbation act disguised as tax reform gives corporations more money to use buying politicians in Europe and beyond.

Trump will continue shock and awe remarks as long as they continue to distract us from the GOP looting the US through the back door.


Considering his diet I think he very well might die soon himself.


He seems to like Oprah though, Because she’s a billionaire?

Its not racism as much as it is economic disparity.

Direct Democracy


Based on the way that Puerto Rico was treated after the hurricane it looks like Donald Trump does not think very much of American territories either and likely is annoyed that some Puerto Ricans would move to the continent afterwards.


It should be Uncle Sam who does the deed.


Funny thing I think, Norway has plenty of recent immigrants too. Didn’t seem to hurt them…

And of course, Haiti has gold and a lot of potential if the international companies there didn’t take it all.


Perhaps it’s better to have them expose their racism openly. Then we can stop hiding our politics behind platitudes and posturing.

In particular, I want millenials and even younger people to understand what they’re up against in no uncertain terms. Racism isn’t some new phenomenon–it’s systematic, and a defining feature of the divide and conquer strategies deployed by both major parties.


Or like Julius Caesar on 15th March. (Beware the ides of March)


His uk trip in February has been cancelled. They don’t want him there either.


ShitholeDon, 45th Resident of the White Supremacist House.

Beyond Sad.


yeah, we were taught in school that uncle sam is that kind and indulgent uncle who comes to visit. turns out he’s the other kind. :hushed:

amazing it hasn’t happened already. it could be like on the orient express orcaesar’s murder. everyone plunges in the knife… who knows who killed him--hefalumpe
it's the hateful ideology we must take down. trump is just one racist among many. anyway, we don't want to make him a martyr to spur the white supremacists' cause. maybe in-yer-face racism might be easier to denounce than that subtle racism hiding out of sight behind a kindly liberal face that raises its ugly head when only other white people are in the room.


His time is coming Yunzer.

His senility is more apparent every day.

No one will miss him, at all


OMG! Can we PLEASE stop calling him the “leader of the free world”??? He is an embarrassment and the rest of the world needs to stop treating him like he matters!


Trump has pale skin a speaks with a forked tongue. The White families that are struggling in this country while Trump is forming a government of by and for the corporations and rich have my sympathy. But many of them helped to elect the most horrific president in our history. Hopefully in the next presidential election Republicans will move beyond Trump and Democrats will move beyond Clinton and we will have an election with huge numbers of Americans showing up to vote. Unlike 2016, the worst voter turn out in 70 years.


The trouble is, with the extremely poor quality of education and training in critical thought in the US, the increasingly widespread “scientific racism” argument, which claims to scientifically demonstrate that Africans and Latinos are genetically of “lower intelligence” and will destroy the White Race and Civilization if they migrate and pollute “white genes”, is very compelling for many USAns and apparently, many Europeans.

As I’ve said before, we will not defeat racism and fascism through polite intellectual debates with their vile proponents and adherents. I could only wish it was that easy!

And sorry, but your argument that racism is a “divide and conquer strategy by both parties” is tin-foil-hat nonsense.


There will be world-jubilation on a scale no seen since the liberation of Europe and the defeat of fascism in 1945.


Don’t forget, many “of color” ALSO helped elect the bass turd. (I can’t find the link to the stats right now) Anyway, what was the alternative: KILLERY. The people of this country were going to be losers no matter who won!


I’ll drink to that!


It certainly was a Lose-Lose election.

That’s why I absolutely refuse to vote for Leeser Evil Losers.

There are plenty of other Americans eager to do that.

The parties of the Duopoly will never again run someone of integrity and honesty, only corporate puppets.