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#ShitHoleDon Rises After "Shithole Countries" Remarks Take Trump's Racism to New Level


Did you miss that thing about identity politics being the big Dem positioning strategy? That’s divide and conquer, plain and simple. Remember that “Bernie Bros” were labeled racists and sexists–was that meant to unite?

And I never indicated in any way that we would defeat “racism and fascism through polite intellectual debates.”

In fact, if anything, repeatedly state that there will always be racism, but that economic issues can bring people together, not in love, but in mutual self-interest. As I’ve told many friends: “I’m not asking you to like black people or you to like white people–I’m suggesting you put aside your hate long enough to recognize goals and enemies you share.”


an apt note, although newcomers remained uprooted, sometimes for generations, and of course, the Native Americans were still,shall we say, making way or the masses of immigrants, even past the moment when the S of L was erected. The backlash to the “open door” started early in the last century, and , to complicate the whole picture, the anti-black racists found fertile ground in the 1920’s and at times since. The “storied pomp” of Europe has survived and even thrived in the US, above all since 1945. Sentimentality is not enough.


The older I get the more I see the corporate profit in racism and why it’s systematic. It’s a way to keep people poor and enslaved to low paying jobs often under the table. It’s also a political pawn to point the finger at the most marginalized and claim they are the problem while the rich loot our resources. The Indians were enslaved and continue to be. The poor whites were enslaved and now the formerly middle class whites are finding themselves enslaved in a system they actually can’t work themselves out of. Right down to our biggest slavery facilities - prisons. And forced work slavery is the direction they are going.


Racism and misogyny are subsets of the larger class struggle. Early union busting and Jim Crow laws were the direct result of unions’ inclusion of blacks and women in the south. The Tangerine Troglodytes of the world use race to sow division among people who actually have much in common. They know when the middle class and poor unite against the rich that history repeatedly shows the outcome. Nixon’s war on drugs, Clinton’s lock-em-up war on crime and now the Reptilian tax cuts to defund social programs are all meant to keep the poor in turmoil and unable to unite. It is class war and the rich are currently winning.


I’d expand that and say that that statement applies to the U.S. as a whole. It has stepped down from being even a part of the free world. The U.S. is steadily closing to be the very same dictatorship that they claim they are against.


Many people respond to his spewing hateful racist, sexist beliefs the same way, but I’d much prefer to see him televised, taken away in handcuffs by the military, and stored in Guantanamo for 17 years without visitors, lawyers, family, supporters, and without Big Macs or fish sandwiches – just bread and water. And make him watch the tape of his capture twice a day, in the morning as he wakes and in the evening as lights go out. Maybe keep him naked in the hot months with no AC, no computer to twit on, and send him outside to clean the grounds at dusk when the mosquitoes are out in droves.

See, there are other fantasies that don’t involve his demise but rather bring him down to normal size like the rest of us.


Ignore this.


gee, annie, not sure how to respond. i so hoped that the obama administration would close down the guantanamo torture center. both torture and holding a person without charges indefinitely while denying that person due process IS cruel and unusual punishment . also, the u.s. has no rightful authority to maintain a base in another nation. (i see you are posting now, but i’ll finish my thoughts.) imagine how you’d feel if cuba, japan, iraq, south korea or any other of the many nation where the u.s has bases were to set up a base inside our borders–you know, quid pro quo.

me? i don’t see the president–any president–as bigger than life. whenever i hear the phrase, “most powerful man on earth” or “leader of the free world” i cringe a bit because that idea conflicts with my understanding of democracy and equality under the law.


oops! told you i saw a notice that annie was replying as i typed, but i kept on typing before checking. sorry 'bout that! :neutral_face:



Don’t worry about it. Much of what is written here is a result of frustration and a desire to DO something to stop Trump, but I daresay all are fantasies.


Trump just spoke of those countries, like the way the US government treated those countries for decades and shithole to be ruthlessly abused and exploited. At least one thing with Trump, he was more honest about exactly the way the US treats those countries, rather than the Smarmy Uncle Tom Obama who smooth talked over the US governments behaviour, kind of refreshing to hear the US government speak the way it behaves, kind of sad too, perhaps one day it’ll stop.


That is why the framing that Trump is an aberration is so dangerous. It is not his actions that an aberration but the fact he is publicly declaring them that makes him an aberration. Even when he leaves office, through whatever way, it won’t stop the line of actions he is perpetuating, it will just give the elites the excuse to lure the people in a false sense of normalcy. News flash: The current U.S. “normalcy” is a corporate takeover that is spiraling out of control.


Donald “Shithole” Trump, rest in pieces. If anyone wants to impeach Trump, I’ll furnish the rotten peaches.


There goes the neighborhood at Guantanamo! He would drive everyone there crazy. That would be cruel and unusual punishment for the other inmates. Ah! The huge manatee! The other inmates will have lawyers swarming all over them to get a lawsuit against Trump being cruel and unusual punishment to the other prisoners. Those always puckered lips would be enough for me on a daily basis to flip out.