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Shkreli: Of Rotten Apples and Rotten Systems


Shkreli: Of Rotten Apples and Rotten Systems

Martin Shkreli, the former hedge-fund manager turned pharmaceutical CEO who was arrested last week, has been described as a sociopath and worse.

In reality, he’s a brasher and larger version of what others in finance and corporate suites do all the time.

Federal prosecutors are charging him with conning wealthy investors.

Lying to investors is illegal, of course, but it’s perfectly normal to use hype to lure rich investors into hedge funds. And the line between the two isn’t always distinct.


Market-based "medicine"--Hippocrates must be doing loop-de-loops in his grave.


I hope that when he gets out of prison he ends up living under a bridge.


Beautiful clear sighted and much needed article. It is sad that most articles about Shkreli in the mainstream media dont' put his actions in the right context. They make him a central piece as if we the people have a 5th grade brain. Shkreli is not the problem, he is just an outcome of the system. The disease is the system that provides for him and others to exist and thrive at the expense of people's misfortunes. And I mean the larger system which includes mainstream media and its silence of context and comparable analysis with the rest of the world.


I guess this clown is regretting jacking up the price of that drug and hitting the public radar about now. Having seen the SEC in action, I can say they usually could not find their ass with both hands...and would never have taken a closer look at this crook without the public outcry..

Sucks to be him right now...


What they actually nailed him for was running a hedge fund which appears to have been a Ponzi scheme. He got out of jail on 5 million bucks bail. For now.


In the United States a drug dealer caught selling a bag of weed will do hard time compared to a drug dealer like Pfizer that can sell drugs at a much higher cost because they have the police State and the court system behind them. Though Escobar was a vicious drug dealer who was responsible for numerous deaths, his primary opponent was Big Pharma that pushed the U.S. government to do whatever they could to wipe out their competition. Meanwhile Big Pharma is killing millions of Americans each year by overprescribing meds, charging exorbitant prices for their dangerous cornucopia of addictive treats and undermining our democracy at every turn. Far more destructive and dangerous than Escobar ever was, they do have the support of Wall Street. Because America is far from a functioning democracy and because Americans will still crown a new emperor in November that promises to be more "Big Pharma friendly", we can expect the war against the poor to accelerate as hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers are added every few years in the U.S., while the fat cat drug dealers of Wall Street will not only walk away rich, they will be hailed as savvy businessmen.
'Get tough on crime' loosely translates into stick more poor people in jail and turn a blind eye to the wealthy crooks. Big Pharma supports this framework as long as there are enough "users" out there who still rely on their wares. Though many Americans are quite aware that the big drug pushers are charging too much money for their smack, most people put the blame at the feet of government or else the user for relying on the drugs in the first place.
Many celebrity drug addicts (i.e. Rush Limbaugh) actually are praised daily by society only because their drugs were had by "legal means" and because the addict is going through a 'difficult time'. But if someone tries to circumvent the system (i.e. buy drugs on the street), they will immediately be incarcerated and turned over to the State to produce slave labour for a number of years. Now that Americans are addicted to a variety of drugs that our pharmaceutical companies provide (excluding the Pablo Escobars of the world!), business is flourishing which translates into more control of politicians and our court system by these new corporate robber barons. Maybe soon a famous drug dealer like Shrkeli will be our next President of the United States as the general population praises him for his massive accumulation of wealth and his unwavering support for all things corporate. Do we deserve any better?


My brother died on October 29th because his insurance company refused to cover the outrageous cost of treatment for his Hepatitis C.
Another casualty of our SICK "healthcare" system.
Today is his birthday. I miss you Tim!


Wish i could offer you and your brother something more concrete than my blessings.


I do so appreciate the sentiment.


Actually, wasn't Limbaugh sending his maid out to buy him his Oxy from dealers? If he had been an average black guy, he's cooling off in the pen for 2 decades for the amount he was running.


Bernie Sanders is running for president. Make the best of what you've got, it could be your last chance.


Are you a party member or just a fellow traveler? Try maybe "socialist" or "social democrat" for size first, that will make you more credible.


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So sorry for your loss.


Thank you very much. What makes it worse is that the treatment has been shown to be more than 90% effective, so he really should still be with us today.It's criminal really.