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Shock and Awe, The Chevron Way


Shock and Awe, The Chevron Way

Nick Meynen

With pockets deep enough, you can buy justice. That’s what Chevron assumes since they lost a $9.5 billion verdict at the Supreme Court of Ecuador in 2013. But can Chevron justify their mockery of the justice system at the shareholder meeting on Wednesday, May 25th? Some shareholders are gearing up for a battle.


But the question that is on my mind is, "how does a US court get away with corruption, the way this Kaplan court did"? Isn't anyone in the US judicial system watching such obstruction of justice and attempting to put a stop to it? If not, why not?


Wow! I wish I could clone Steven Donziger.

So, this is good news, added to the expanded divestment (in oil) initiative, added to the group of young kids who just won their case argued from the perspective of ecological sustainability for their generation.

Good news, all!

Meanwhile, as the Earth heats up, droughts, floods, fires, storms, and serious earthquakes are intensifying and increasing in frequency.

Earth Mother is certainly sounding all of Her alarms... to signal the necessary Energy Course Correction that is overdue and being thwarted largely by legal teams who fight for the dark interests of the oil oligarchs and their partners in coal, nuclear power, and fracking gas.


This article fully illuminates the relationship between the state (which includes the judicial system) and the ruling class. This story tells of a perfect example of a "kangaroo court". Consider these two statements:

  • The state ensures the exploitative privileges of its ruling elite by protecting certain economic monopolies from which its members derive their wealth.

  • In a nutshell, the state is the means by which the ruling class rules.

Source: Why the State?

By the way, I am an expat living in Ecuador. There remains hundreds of pools of oil from broken pipelines and leaks from when Chevron (Texaco at the time) committed these environmental crimes. The rain forest is so large and dense that many of the oil pools may never be found.

Capitalism has no conscience or sense of morality ... only the drive to extract more profits by exploiting human and natural resources.


Because that is where the money is. Corporate shills have been given judgeships and lots of perks to keep covering and ignoring corruption and pollution by the 0.001%.
* It would be neat if Bernie got in, then targeted that as one of his first tasks. Hopefully, Bernie will ask for, and receive, help from We the People whom he represents. It is going to take all of us to geld these bastards.


What an amazingly brave and courageous person Steven Donziger is; together with the indigenous people he makes a huge difference in our world. Sending all my gratefulness to these honorable people.