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'Shock and Awe' Worked: Despite Paltry Details, 70 Percent Support MOAB Drop


'Shock and Awe' Worked: Despite Paltry Details, 70 Percent Support MOAB Drop

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Despite the lack of information from the Pentagon about President Donald Trump's deployment on April 13 of the "Mother of All Bombs" in Afghanistan—or its aftermath—close to 70 percent of American voters say they "strongly" or "somewhat" support the bombing, according to a new poll.


70% isn't surprising, given that the bombing made Dumpster "presidential" in the MSM's eyes--the public pretty much eats up whatever the media feeds them. And as for the lack of information--who needs information to form an opinion?


Ummm.. The military is made up of American citizens who generally like things that go boom and feel powerful and righteous when they can blow the alleged "enemy" to bits. So I don't see one being worse than the other--they are extensions of each other. Americans in general JUST.DON'T. GET.IT.


Proud to be part of the 8%.


That number seems real high.


Ho--hum...nothing to see here...move along...

Official sources have now confirmed that the Pakistani army was backing these IS operatives in Afghanistan.


Too many sit like lumps in front of the boob tube in their filthy wifebeaters and red bill caps and their eyes glassed over waving their American flags and swigging their beer while yellin' Make Amurka Grate Agin" And it sure ain't a pretty picture.... They'll only come to when the draft notices come to their mailboxes.


The district that was bombed has a population of 100,000. Nobody has been allowed to enter the area to assess casualties although there probably is not much left. No before and after close up aerial views.

If the polls are to be believed the support on both the left and and right for our atrocities against civilians pretty much closes the chapter on Americas hope of regaining its former standing in world opinion. We have become the evil empire. In biblical terms perhaps the anti christ blowing his trumpet With property Having a 666 address and another costing 666 million with a height if 666 ft

Reminds me of a Star Wars quote. Padme ask "what if the Republic has become the evil we seek to destroy?


Maybe if Americans were not shielded by the oceans and had experienced the devastation war brings they wouldn't be so supportive of it. It's all "over there".


My heart hurts at the loss of lives, the environment, livelihoods and for what??? Absolutely NOTHING for NOT ONE PERSON OR COUNTRY. I can still hear Brian Williams extolling the beauty of seeing the bomb go off...what an about-face our nation has done since the disastrous Vietnam "War." Were dead bodies, body parts of men women children animals and the charred remains of their homes/villages to be broadcast every night in American homes (before cable and "reality TV") as was done daily during the Vietnam "War,' then the 70% would become 34% (supposed percentage of hardcore DJT supporters)


The toxic triplets that enable imperialism



I think that "70%" part is a LIE. I don't believe it for a second. Everyone I speak to who I know in all states are against this whole thing. They made up that percentage as they make up everything. No one asked me or anyone who I know what they think.


Good point. When things start hitting our own shores, the sleeping people will be forced to finally wake up.


Whether or not this poll is accurate or not, whether or not the people are apathetic or not, many poor and working class Americans fear saying anything today.. To anyone on the phone about nat'l security actions, certainly. They want to work and get paid, first and foremost. So they can eat, heat their abode, gas their car up, etc. Fear of more loss and regurgitation of statist agitprop have the same parents, now. The New World Order is the ugly troll, under the bridge, we entered and passed over to the 21st Century. Thanks Hill & Bill, et al.
I often think books like Ironweed or The Grapes of Wrath would never be written or published in the aftermath of 9/11, Endless War, the gutting of the Constitution, illegal actions and collusion between our tech companies and The Deep State. Kennedy and Steinbeck as enemies of American Exceptionalism and Empire; who knew?
The last six Presidents have been monumental failures and lying hucksters and hoodwinkers. Mass Media created liars for the Mass Entertainment of the La La Land we all live in, at least 12/24/7/365. Working in Snitchland, indeed.
The smartest, the best and brightest, all sold us out and pay homage to only money and neo-fascist businessmen and women, faceless LLCs and all that goes with its' trappings. We're just on a long, long taxi ride, going nowhere fast. C'est la Vie, eh?


Perhaps I am being too cynical but I think many Americans could not find Afghanistan on an unmarked map or explain why US forces are killing its inhabitants. If this war was being fought by draftees this war would have been over ten years ago.

As it is, actions like the MOAB are like something from a video game for many Americans. Obama called this "the good war" which tells you all you need to know about his perspective.

It's been over 15 years since Bush the Younger since troops and planes to Afghanistan to punish the Taliban. Mission accomplished a long time ago.

Why are we there now? Because most people don't know or don't care, and because its profitable for the war corporations and a jobs program for our young people who can't find decent employment at home. Just saying.


They think the bomb "killed terrorists" when in reality it has created far more committed terrorists than it killed. What would you do if a foreign invader killed your family?


Agreed - I wonder who took this poll?


Just a word of caution about this claim from India - neither Indians nor Pakistanis are all that rational when it comes to talking about one another.


I find it very depressing to hear that 70% of those Americans polled favor this, especially since they
know so little bout it. We are, as a society, SICK and STUPID beyond belief!


The poll mentioned was a sweeping one that included opinion on a whole host of politicians currently in the news - Including ones I never heard of (who is Gary Cohn?) but mysteriously - one was missing - Bernie Sanders.

Polls are bullshit - they are more about corralling public opinion into the tight confines of allowable discourse rather than than measuring it.