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'Shock and Awe' Worked: Despite Paltry Details, 70 Percent Support MOAB Drop


You are 100% correct.

What the US military is doing, and has been doing for many years, is creating a long list of people that have legitimate grievances against the American empire. If a foreign power killed my friends or family I would hold that grudge for the rest of my life. I don't understand why so many of our fellow Americans don't understand that.

In many ways we were lucky with the aftermath of the war in southeast Asia. JFK, LBJ and Nixon killed millions of innocent people and as far as I know there was no blowback. Maybe that gave us a false impression of how the world really works. Revenge is a powerful human emotion. It will haunt our future generations.


Well, I say f*ck the 70% of Americans who "strongly or somewhat" supported the bombing. They are just plain deluded in thinking that dropping the asshole of all bombs was necessary to destroy the caves used by the US-Saudi-Qatar-Turkey-Israel-Jordan-created ISIS (Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/going-after-the-islamic-state/5401439 ) I say hurray to the "eight percent said they strongly opposed it." Very few Americans know what is good for them or the world it seems.


I don't think it is too far from the truth given that this nation elected Shrub twice and now tRump and has allowed multiple wars that have killed and displaced millions of people to go on for over 15 years.


Do a search on ("Gary Cohn", "Dina Powell", Trump); and, you'll learn they are former Goldman Sachs globalists, now in the Trump administration, directing Trump away from his nationalistic policy pledges. Dina Powell was brought in by Ivanka, as an advisor. Powell is good friends with Valerie Jarrett, who's living in the Obama residence.


Having learned valuable lessons after the 'Nam debacle,(pictures of war on TV every night) censorship is in full effect on most of the dirty business of warfare especially if it includes civilian deaths. What I find disturbing is the seemingly immoral responses the percentage of those polled supporting the bombing. The security will be tight for some time, I reckon, just to keep those pesky protesters at home. I watch, read actually, every day to get glimmers of real news from these US government caused nightmares. No wonder of all the blow back from these atrocities.(Towards the US).


Gary Cohn, a registered Democrat who nonetheless contributes large sums to Republicans, is Trump's chief economic advisor. He holds considerable sway (currently) with the President.

Unsurprisingly, he was formerly a big wheel at Goldman Sachs. If there were a personification of the duopoly, Cohn would be it.

Bone up on him, Yunzer. His hands have been in your wallet.


Many here agree with your assessment of the current state of things. I would note that your comment "...many poor and working class Americans fear saying anything today." is not quite correct. Far more of the Middle and Professional classes also have come to fear speaking out. That was why the Women's March was a restorative for our country. The women were from all classes and they saw the high levels of participation (as we all did).

I think that reality saved us. While we may remain cautious as we watch Trump and his oligarchs betray America's democracy, we are not as afraid as we were before the march showed us that we all have not forgotten that we are a free people.

So take heart ...remember the size of the March and the determination of the marchers. Americans all!


Also not mentioned in any MSM reports are that the CIA built those tunnels in the 80's for rebel forces; that became al qaeda in the 90's. We destroyed tunnels built by US dollars!!?? The CIA funded and supplied weapons to fight the Soviets and Iraq. Sound familiar? Remember the Iran contra of Reagan days!


Don't forget that Kissinger orchestrated most of the whole affair(s) and was responsible for 3-5 million lives.


The degree of support isn't surprising. This issue isn't using MOAB. If you're in a war, you should be using all weapons you have available to win it. The issue is whether we should be in the war. Unfortunately, too many people accept what was as what is and what should be.


If WW3 comes to pass, Americans likely won't be shielded. Since Russia lost 26 million citizens during WWII; at least one intellectual, with close ties to the Kremlin, has firmly stated that Russian will never again fight a war on Russian territory. If you do a search on "won't be fought on Russian soil", you'll learn of other journalists or Russian experts, who believe that Russia will bring the fight to the continental U.S. Here is one such statement by Russian experts currently working and living in the U.S. The Saker is a former Russian military analyst for the Swedish military (officer rank: Major).

A Russian Warning -- June 1, 2016 -- Vineyard of The Saker

If there is going to be a war with Russia, then the United States
will most certainly be destroyed, and most of us will end up dead.


You are exactly right.

When I saw HRC cozy up to Kissinger it made my skin crawl. Why that guy is not behind bars is beyond me....Creepy war criminal.....


Doesn't sound like any leftists I know. In fact, I think you pretty much declare anyone supporting this kind of thing isn't left at all, no matter what they claim.


I'd suggest expanding that list to include, at minimum:
financial jinstitutions


Or double down.


I think you mean deaths.


"I think that "70%" part is a LIE."

Of COURSE it is a lie: by now only retards can fail to recognise that polls are an indispensable part of the process of manufacturing consent by the ruling class.


In our defense, we and those polled are the product of many decades of intense propaganda and indoctrination. We are thoroughly brainwashed. Just as so many of us are willing to sacrifice our liberties at the altar of the war on drugs because of that indoctrination, most of us have completely bought in to the fraud of the war on terror. We have been conditioned to believe that military solutions to any problem are good.

They killed the peace seekers JFK, RFK and MLK decades ago. The military industrial complex, as Ike worried and warned about, controls this government completely.


Dropping The MOAB is the perfect act of war for a populace that likes its action televised, brief, and pointless.


If you didn't realize the USA was evil (666) after Vietnam, when the vast slave army killed and napalmed millions of men women and children .......


I guess I'm guilty too, since I never left..... reality is just too tough to take.