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Shock and Outrage Aimed at EU Leaders After Mediterranean Disaster


Shock and Outrage Aimed at EU Leaders After Mediterranean Disaster

Jon Queally, staff writer

As the first bodies were brought ashore on Monday following a boat capsizing that killed as many as 700 people over the weekend, government officials in Europe and across the world are being told they must dramatically elevate their response in the aftermath of what is being called the worst tragedy in living memory involving refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea.


Such disasters are going to happen when you have millions seeking refuge from war. It’s one of the prices that must be paid for nations who base their economies on war to exist.


Agreed. Simply increasing rescue operations without addressing the cause of the migrations is an exercise in futility.



It’s morally hypocritical for economic systems to directly and indirectly create problems and then claim economic reasons to weaken life saving rescue programs. The greatest investment opportunity for the future must be Hell. It’ll be the biggest business ever.


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This one reason why I can not take sides with those that insist the borders of Countries need to be closed to foreign migrants , illegal and otherwise, so as to ensure a given country can “take care of its own” first.

The disasters in places like Africa, the Middle East and Latin America are the result of the First Worlds interventions in those regions as they try to plunder them of their wealth. Africa is being LOOTED by the Western Nations. It is a very rich Continent as far as resources go but its wealth is being drained away in the way of profits to fatten the pockets of the “investor Class”. The despots that are at the head of so many Countries in Africa are there because they are propped up by those same Western Nations.

That unrest in the Countries of Africa is encouraged by Nations and Corporate interests in those same Western Countries so that those Countries can claim the “responsibility to protect” and insert Military forces so as to ensure that plunder ongoing.

Colonialism is part of the base upon which Capitalism was built. Capitalism is failing as the Bankers in those Western Countries have looted their own of all the wealth so those Nations resort to “Austerity” and Colonialism to keep their rotten and corrupt systems functional.


This is a direct result of US and Nato foreign policy. The humanitarian crises in Libya started when the US and Nato decided to attack Libya and assassinate Gaddafi. Most of these refugees
are now coming from Libya. Which has become since Gaddafi’s death a safe haven for Islamic Extremist and a failed state. Thank you Emperor of Chaos for all you do.