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'Shock Doctrine' Author Naomi Klein Worries 'What Next?' If Trump Succeeds in Inventing a 'National Emergency'


'Shock Doctrine' Author Naomi Klein Worries 'What Next?' If Trump Succeeds in Inventing a 'National Emergency'

Jon Queally, staff writer

As a result of creating a fake crisis in order to appease his far-right base and achieve a policy goal that has majority public opposition, President Donald Trump continues to threaten to declare a "national emergency" as a way to commandeer military funds in order to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.


I would really like it if Ms. Klein and Ms. Maddow worked as a team. Yes, yes I would indeed.


TRUMP: I have the absolute right to do national emergency if I want.

Smacks of Fake President. A Real President would discuss the need to call a national emergency, not a want. Get this man his rattle…


“What next?” Astonishingly naive question in what is supposed to be informed commentary. To see why the “what next” question is naive, let’s look at the facts as they are, not as you would like them to be.
The Wall issue fell on Trump’s lap precisely when he needed it - a dropping stock market and the threat of a recession. Trump couldn’t have anticipated the caravan, but when the caravan materialized he knew his most successful card was in the making.
The Wall allows Trump to do two things, a) he can keep his promise to his Blue Collar Trash base, and b) he can corral the Democrats into a corner with an issue that most “voters in districts that matter” agree with, even if they don’t openly acknowledge it. Together, this adds up to his re-election in 2020.
Now let’s answer “what next?” - there are two potential moves, both in Trump’s favor.
One is the Democrats caving in: the federal workers affected by the shutdown are predominantly Democrats (federal workers are absent in Trump’s Blue Collar Trash districts), and colored people are heavily represented in the federal work force.
Another potential move is for Trump to test the waters of “general emergency” as a first step towards an open Republican dictatorship. This would be welcome by an exhilarated majority of whites, and the White Working Trash would feel empowered in a way it has never felt before.
Which of these two moves happens first is unclear (my hunch is the Democrats will cave first, but I may be wrong.)
Similar sequences of events has been replicated many times in world history. Any action against Trump (such as trying to stop his emergency powers, or trying to impeach him) will be taken up by his Trash as an assault on his sanctity and will become a rallying point (Hitler and Peron, Trump’s closest characters, went thorough the same process.)


So what options if any are left for the left? Invite the Yellow Vests?


I don’t think Madcow is a real progressive more of a Hillary DNC type in progressive clothing. Klein I believe has an actual ideoligical and moral center. Have you seen this (one of many examples) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H72xa8vArrI


Government shutdowns are not unusual. The longest lasted 21 days under Bill Clinton. What makes the current shutdown dangerous is that the US has evolved into unadulterated fascism legally backed by the ruling class with the Patriot Act and the NDAA, the two pieces of legislation designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution.


Is Martial Law next for us? This guy needs to be stripped of all powers.


It was the “reporter” the GOP planted in the press room who put the “national emergency” bug in Trump’s bonnet. This is not Trump’s idea, it is the GOP’s strategy to get Trump to test the waters in preparation for an emergency to justify suspending the 2020 POTUS election to enable an eternal Trump or Pence dynasty.


false flag being the same as a fake national crisis? is it time to turn the flag upside down and make people take to the streets? of course if we do that then martial law could come about. the thing is: a good president works within democracy. a bad president throws temper tantrums and lies. it’s time to get him out


What’s next from a Canadian government that is building pipelines into the last open salmon river on Earth and the whale homeland in the Salish sea off shore from Vancouver? What’s next for a Canadian government that squashes indigenous rights in Canada and mines gold out of poor countries in central America at gun point?

What’s the difference between anti life corporatism in a Canada run by oligarchs who win seats at the government table based on who gets the most votes? Very few in the Canadian government serve as a result of a 50% majority. That means the oligarchs running Canadian totalitarianism were mostly voted down and went on to run the government anyway.

People in Canada suffer under advanced totalitarianism with a handsome ruler where people in the US suffer under finance totalitarianism run by a fat faker frontman for nameless bureaucrats in homeland security.


Harry, you are almost there, but American Fascism, as spearheaded by Trump, is not backed by the “elites” (there is no distinct ruling class in the US).
Trump’s brand of fascism is similar to Hitler’s in Germany and Peron’s in Argentina, in that it enjoys the broad support of the resentful Blue Collar Trash (in Germany the resentment was against the Jews, in Argentina against the elites, and in the US against racial minorities.)


Low tax rates on the 1% and their corporations for the past half century enabled them to buy the media and gubmit, so the “blue collar trash” and Trump are just two of the many symptoms of the real problem which is corporate control of media and gubmit.


I wonder how many of you, whom claim to be opposed to Trump’s wall, have actually taken the time to email the whitehouse directly at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/, and/or president@whitehouse.gov, and/or vice_president@whitehouse.gov, and/or comments@whitehouse.gov in order to let YOUR VOICES be heard on the issue?

I notice none of your “leaders”, nor the media, are encouraging you, the “People” to take direct action.


The biggest problem with America is American citizens themselves.
They’ve just become to damn lazy, docile and complacent to allow “democracy” to continue living and functioning.



Ya know I was watching MTP yesterday (1/9) and even Chuck Todd didn’t seem to know about this law which was passed in *1978 and STILL has I believe it was 38 “national emergencies” declared that are STILL in force. Like I love to say, “USA, USA, USA, USA land of the free and home of the brave”.


What if he declared an “emergency” that made it punishable if you didn’t purchase (from his company) and wear one of those disgusting “MAGA” hats?


Monckton, you are not quite there yet. Of course there is a ‘ruling class’ in the US. It is the 1% made up of big donors like the Kochs, Adelsons, and many others including big oil who have continually supported the political ‘elite’ in their war against the 99% working class.
The comparison to Hitler’s Germany is correct. Trump’s brand of fascism is also modeled after Mussolini’s which was corporate fascism.


Harry, the wealthy class in the US is highly heterogeneous. Just being very rich doesn’t make you a “ruler”. Bezos and Gates are the richest men in the world, but they don’t rule very much. Lumping all 1% into the same group is a mistake. Limbaugh is not a rich man, yet his influence in government is enormous.
The Left makes the same generalizations and mistakes as the Right when trying to identify who “rules”. For the right, it is the hidden hand of the Jews and the Communists, for the Left it is the 1%.
Big oil and their ilk don’t wage war against the “working class”, quite the opposite. The white cultural trash (mostly illiterate blue collars) are their allies, not their enemies. This is something people on the Left can’t understand, but Trump can, and that is why Trump is in the White House.
If you want to have any hope of winning against you enemy, you must identify your enemy first. If you are a person governed by reason, most (but not all, of course) of the 1% are not your enemy.


Or a couple of variations on your themes:

1). The Democrats cave. The fake emergency promptly gets realer, as more and more of “we the people” realize (at long last) that ALL those they thought were guarding the hen house of their little lives are in fact hungry foxes of different stripes. Trump then uses the increasingly real mayhem to invoke emergency powers (of course possibly including martial law)—and gets to blame the Democrats at the same time.

2). The Democrats cave, but Trump orders his Congressional minions NOT to free up spending for furloughed federal workers as promised. Break promises? This President? Need we say more? The economic distress promptly gets worse, leading to more immediate and messy social conflict, and leading back to the scenario outlined above.

3). The Democrats don’t cave. The Repugs stand firm. The shutdown continues, and/or they extend it further, intensifying the economic pain and social instability. This provides the classic pretext for reverting to to the classic authoritarian playbook as outlined in 1.

Myself, I feel everyone on the ground in the U.S. ought to be sitting down and having some real tough conversations. With themselves—their hearts, bodies, and souls—first and foremost.

Are you willing to betray, kill or torture others in order to save your own skin, in the event that things keep going in the direction they are currently going?

If not, what will you do instead, if pressure to take any of these actions should arise?

Walls keep people in as well as out, in case you haven’t noticed. Closing the borders to keep citizens in is as much a part of the classic authoritarian playbook as all the other maneuvers we’re seeing. You might not be able to escape. Someone might betray you over a petty grievance you’ve forgotten all about. Anything could happen now. All old bets are off.

Only facing into this storm with our hearts and souls will prevent us from feeding the awful monster that is stalking us now. Only hubris would have us believe that surely, we won’t be faced with these kind of horrific decisions.

Have those conversations today, friends. My family and I have been having them for a long, long time, and we feel as good as we can feel, facing into this shitstorm, as a result.


What is next? All I can say is we have not seen anything yet!