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'Shock Doctrine' Author Naomi Klein Worries 'What Next?' If Trump Succeeds in Inventing a 'National Emergency'


“Invite the yellow vests?”
Please tell me this was a snark, and you don’t expect someone else to fight you’re battles for you.


I come from working class and I am proud of it. Nothing in your argument convinces me…


Liberals arm yourselves:



My god, in one short post you said a bunch of amazingly off things.

"Just being very rich doesn’t make you a “ruler”.

Adam Smith called capitalists masters. Would you prefer that, Mr. Economist? As an economist, you surely know the power of monopoly and oligopolies? Maybe you studied, probably didn’t teach, the correlation between the income of those that own enterprises and the wages of those that sell their labor to the enterprises? Think the decline in union power has anything to do with that? Piero Sraffa talked about the direct connection between wages of workers and the profits at the companies that bought their labor, which cannot be denied. How about economic studies on the institutional differences between a cooperative and a giant corporation like Amazon, and the ratio of CEO to worker pay? How about the concentration of ownership of stocks and bonds? How about Karl William Kapp talking about power dynamics and the capacity of the rich to push (largely non-market) costs off onto others that they create?

Bezos in particular doesn’t “rule very much”?! Owner of the Washington Post, head of a giant company with monopolistic power, recipient of tons of money from the CIA?

“Limbaugh is not a rich man”

Please define what rich is then if he doesn’t qualify.

“The Left makes the same generalizations and mistakes as the Right when trying to identify who “rules”. For the right, it is the hidden hand of the Jews and the Communists, for the Left it is the 1%.”

And these two claims are logically equally valid and equally backed up by evidence?

Screw you with your classist put downs. Trump is in the White House, as I explained to you, because the Democrats ran the most unpopular nominee in their history (would have been the most unpopular nominee in history if she wasn’t running against Trump) and Trump entered office in an election where turnout was the lowest it has been in 20 years. Trump entered office with support of less than a quarter of the voting age population.

People like you. You might not be the same type of enemy, but you aren’t a friend of working people or the left.

“If you are a person governed by reason, most (but not all, of course) of the 1% are not your enemy.”

The classical economists analyzed the economy in terms of class. They recognized the connections between profits, wages and rent. Were they devoid of reason? Were they, like you, devoid of data to back up their arguments?


Very good answer. Point is for the Dem think tank to match him or be one step ahead, as his re- election should not be on the table what so ever! Sure we need a proper Vetting system for Immigrants coming in. Shut him up with a Wall made of plastic that can be taken down after he’s gone.


Thus, they are both Puppets of Mass Destruction put in place by the Ruling Elite.


Joan, I’d give you 2 ‘likes’ for your excellent analysis…


Add the World Ruling Elites. They are the ones who have the total power over All.


Why not we do it for Israel, snark



I have a better idea. Get this infant the hell out of the Oval Office and into a 3x9 cage!


Sounds like what I have been touting since around 1980, “Wake up America.”
America is going to be in love with themselves until the divorce papers come in the mail.


Yes, however, the ruling elites require a minimum of 7% annual growth, a doubling of wealth every ten years.

Albert Einstein mentioned this impending problem seventy or eighty years ago. At this point, many austerity stricken citizens have been austeritized all the way to empty pockets and negative bank statements. There is not much left to take from people and Earth is already becoming more work instead of a capitalist’s free lunch.

Contras can be seen privatizing and underfunding education to create a less aware and more easily manageable society. Colonial powers always destroyed the education system upon arrival. The problem for today’s elites is they rely on a highly educated technologically based form of finance totalitarianism to manage the homeland supporting military empire.

The world’s graduate students are already beginning to avoid the united states as a place to earn a higher academic degree. Where would you go to college if you have brown skin? I have been told Mexican Filipino is the best human cross. Less people with genius, good teeth and brown skin are choosing the united states to advance their academic education. Read about it in “Nature.”



America has been in a declared state of emergency since 9/11, signed into law by every president since bush, and the constitution has been effectively suspended during this time.
What purpose would a 2nd “emergency” serve?
If anything it would only remind people that they have already lost the battle for “their” country.


Why not , the French helped us during the Revolution , its time for Revolution.


You’re right Monckton there is no formal ruling class here in Murka. What we have is a collective of rich, greedy, selfish motherfuckers that have discovered that if they work together they can subvert our government to benefit their kind as a group and frankly they have done very well in realizing their goal. Warren Buffet is right, there is a major class war going on (and IMHO has been going on since the days of the robber barons of yesteryear.)!FDR temporarily leveled the battlefield but Reagan began the work of undoing that and now the parasite class again has the upper hand big time. Unfortunately FDR himself was a 1%er and as such tried to preserve capitalism rather than eliminate it. This time around we need to eliminate the beast of capitalism. Once and for all and kill it for the cancer it is.


Have you been to France lately to help them with their current revolution?
It’s high time the US citizens get off their asses, stop worrying about what the police will do to us, and fight against the fascist take-over happening before our very eyes. Until that happens, don’t expect someone else to come to our aid.


Governor Brown, a democrat, took office for his last term with 18.5% of voting age support in the state of California, an important state on the Pacific.

It is logical for many to look at financial totalitarianism destroying the ability of Earth to support life and to then withdraw from personal participation with such the system, no matter what it is called. Some withdraw and others jump in.

Support for either the republican or democratic candidate in the last election was to support financial totalitarianism at war with Earth. There really is no two ways about it.

Are you dismayed by destruction of Earth to top off a few secret island bank accounts?

Throw a monkey wrench into the system using organic democracy; leave blanks and write in None of the Above if a worthy candidate is not there. Official blank is commonly counted in world-wide ballot design. Do it unofficially. Tens of millions unofficially counted will be known about and it doesn’t matter. That’s how it goes. Everybody will know. Then what happen’s. That’s anybody’s guess.

Why not throw a monkey wrench in the gears of a system designed to destroy Earth? People will know what they did. Songs will be written about it. Stories will be told. All day, every day. That’s what people do.

Approximate united states voting age figures shows a large majority available and virtually ready to monkey wrench the empire’s death grip of win/lose capitalism, privatization vs Earth;

50% of voting age people boycott elections or are disenfranchised

25% are registered independents

11% democrats

10% republicans

4% others

The trick is to engage those who boycott and encourage those who have been disenfranchised. Forty million register as non partisan ecological socialists. Define it using few words. Will you argue against balanced budgets for democracy efficiency reasons having nothing to do with economics?

Polling stations will be closed. Huge lines with lunch trucks and porta potties. There will be new rules.

Decree 39; No talking in line.

People are forbidden to talk in line. Keep track of each other. Watch out for disappeared ones but keep quiet. Do not disturb the peace with conversation about anything.


Excuse the hell out of me you elitist pig. I definitely qualify as working class. That you paint with such a broad brush says something more about your intellect than it does mine. Perhaps I do qualify as trash. Perhaps you can go fuck yourself. I could not vote for either, Clinton or Trump as I found them to be shall we say somewhat lacking. While I may be working class trash I assure you that I and many of my working class trash friends are also neither Clinton nor Trump fans. Take your broad brush and shove it up your narcissistic ass.


Idea for border security.
Patrol the border with drones equipped with infrared for night surveillance. Drone bases should be built and spaced at the distance drones can travel, and maned with a squad that can fit into a helicopter.
Each base has one each, black in color, building quarters, drone infrastructure, and a land vehicle, helicopter, and landing pad. If the drones cover a half hour in one direction, the next one a half hour, there would be an hours worth of coverage in all directions.
It would be like manning a fire department. You wash your truck, your helicopter, and play cards the rest of your shift. Close encounters use the truck, further out the chopper. Well that would be my plan if we are going to spend billions anyway.