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'Shock Doctrine' Author Naomi Klein Worries 'What Next?' If Trump Succeeds in Inventing a 'National Emergency'


RainbowSerpent, I am afraid the conversation you correctly identify as essential is not taking place nearly as much as it should. Most likely, when the time comes people will be immobilized by confusion, just like the Jews or the Japanese Americans were immobilized by incredulity when they came for them.
Good for you that you have this awareness.


Interesting that you consider a man “earning” $85 million yearly with a net worth of $590 million dollars “not a rich man”. Wallow in your insufferable ego, fool.

“white cultural trash (mostly illiterate blue collars)”

All I can do at the moment is laugh at you, although I must admit that it is somewhat cruel to laugh at a mentally deficient moron.


Dkshaw, were you unaware that it was the Ignorant White Blue Collar Trash that was responsible for electing Trump and destroying your pitiful Democracy? Now you know. If you have any doubts, please check the statistics (Pew Research is the best source.) If you have trouble understanding the statistics, let me know and I’ll be happy to explain them to you.


I agree with arming oneself, but I am suspicious of “liberal” gun lovers. This sounds to me like Jewish Nazi Club, Gay Republicans, Christians for Science, Military Intelligence, etc. In other words, contradictory ideas that don’t belong together, or, worse, a trap.


White Blue Collar Trash.

You are pathetic.




Congress will not be our friend in this situation. They already failed to act when Trump declared that his tariffs were necessary for reasons of “national security”. That was bullshit, and the tariffs are causing a lot of damage to the economy and to the US citizenry, but Congress did not object or override Trump’s dumbass (and unconstitutional) actions.

Declaring a national emergency in an illegal attempt to usurp the power of the purse would likewise be bullshit, but I think all these asses in Congress are hoping that one day, they too might be president and be able to inherit such unilateral power. They are letting this sort of thing become the norm.


Dkshaw, it seems you didn’t know the great majority of Trump’s voters were semi-illiterate white blue collar trash. Rather than getting offended and calling me a troll (I can assure you I am not), I suggest you educate yourself and stop burying your head in the sand.
Please look at the Pew Research website (if you don’t know what Pew Research is, please look it up). The data is very clear, if it weren’t for the ignorant racist bigoted blue collar trash, Trump wouldn’t have been elected, and your country would have been spared.
Honestly, I don’t care what Trump does to your country, but I am concerned about what he does to the planet.


Teri49, Repugnants in Congress abide by Trump because they fear him, just that. They know the price of failing loyalty is the end of their careers.


Harry_Pjotr, with respect, I suggest you spend some time with the Breitbart website. Everyone there is white working class. Are you proud of that? I wouldn’t be. Go to Breitbart, read the comments and then think what is it about being “working class” that makes your proud.


You’re doing the last defense possible when running out of reasonable arguments:Projecting on to others your own issues. Don’t underestimate me. I had your right-wing antagonistic number yesterday already. Move on, Monkey. You are not contributing anything of value to this forum.


Joan, I don’t mind exchanging ideas with people with whom I disagree as long as they understand what they are talking about. However, ad hominem argumentation for its own sake is silly. If you want an exchange free of ideological rigidity and without personal attacks, you are welcome.


Sorry that I kind of destroyed your post, but you seem to be a horrible person, so I am really glad to have done so. I have no interest in being nice to you because you have no interest in having honest dialogue here, so stop playing games. If you have substantive response (you don’t), feel free. Your arguments are often just thinly veiled right wing nonsense.

And I don’t understand what is “ideological” anyway in what I said. I pointed to economic concepts to show how silly your post was. For you to also talk about ideological arguments is absurd anyway. How in the world can you claim to not be very ideological yourself?


Preferably over the border in mexico.


I am fully supportive of your post.


His whole shtick will work for a little while, a few weeks of posting or so. He will say inflammatory things, make really simplistic arguments that are easy to shoot down, and people will get angry with that poster for a bit. Then, people realize that he is a troll (like Lrx), and even if he annoys people, no one will take him seriously. His arguments aren’t good enough and are so thinly backed by actual facts/data, that there is no chance he will change the minds of people here, or anywhere really. If they agree with him from the get go, they will like what he does, if they don’t, they won’t, but his arguments aren’t good enough to change people’s minds. At that point, he will come here for the sole purpose of trying to rile people up, and at that point, people will collectively yawn. If they aren’t in a good mood, they might write a short and angry response. It’s kind of pathetic.


Exactly. I know a Troll when I see one…


“I have no interest in being nice to you because…”
Being nice, like feeling hurt and not knowing anything are American traits. They are also signs of cultural weakness. No wonder Trump is your dear leader.


LOL! Your shtick is already old. Might want to create a new username and try a different way of doing right wing propaganda. Too obvious and silly. And doubly silly to say I don’t know anything when you clearly have no response to what I said and I have given you tons and tons of data, studies and concepts to support what I have said to you recently. Would make more sense to argue that if you were the one making the logical, factual points, but you aren’t. Don’t know where you are from, but obviously unearned arrogance is an issue there. Bye.


A really dense and arrogant troll at that. Not a good combo, but my guess is a person born into wealth. Not much to offer, but treated like they are something important because of the family they were raised in. You can see what that did with Trump and his idiot sons.