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'Shock Doctrine' on the Streets of Paris as Thousands Defy Protest Ban

'Shock Doctrine' on the Streets of Paris as Thousands Defy Protest Ban

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

It was people power versus "shock doctrine" on the streets of Paris on Sunday as thousands dared to defy the French government's ban on protests during the much-anticipated global climate summit.

An estimated 10,000 demonstrators linked arms in a human chain along the 3 kilometer cancelled march route—joining the millions worldwide who took to the streets to demand that the assembled world leaders commit to bold action to confront the growing threat of climate change.


Corporate Fascists want to make as much money as they can while destroying the world, and they don’t want any of the little people getting in their way. If the French government didn’t cause the latest terrorist attack, they didn’t waste any time in using it to butter their own toast. Like 9/11 it fit into their plans perfectly. Bless the people of France for standing up against these pigs.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

John F. Kennedy


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“Obedience in the face of this failure would be tantamount to acquiescence.”: So let’s bring defiance to a new level in total, rolling non cooperation.


Go to DemocracyNow.org for footage of French police firing tear gas at peaceful demonstrators and trampling the flowers and candles placed at the statue of Marianne in la Place de la Republique in memory of those who died in the recent massacre.


Good talk Naomi. Thank you on behalf of all life on earth.

Be sure to watch the Nichols/Noam Chomsky interview afterwards.

Great Kennedy quote. But the fascists have $$$$$$$ plugging their ears and a hundred dollar bill over their eyes so will not hear it or see it. After all, these are people who are pissing all over my home - my planet, They could care less - even in terms of their own children’s and grandkid’s future. Makes me wish - almost - that I owned a couple of assault rifles.

"Meanwhile, Paris police reportedly fired tear gas at a crowd of protesters at the nearby Place de la République and arrested over 200 people over the course of the day, in addition to the preemptive raids and house arrests placed on known climate activists in the days leading up to United Nations 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21). "

That says it all. Vichy France still rules.

People of France you are wonderful and so admired for your fighting spirit. You are an example for the rest of us.

Just as all the previous conferences were intended to pacify the public with the delusion of “progress,” so will COP21 accomplish nothing. That’s why demonstrating against the moral imbeciles who are its primary participants will also have no impact beyond filling the Paris jails. Nevertheless, the confrontation, useless in terms of fostering change, is enormously valuable for its three primary lessons.

The first and most obvious lesson of Paris is there is no longer any democracy on Planet Earth. Capitalism has destroyed it, either bribing it or beating it into abject submission. Hence democracy – or more correctly democratic process – is nothing more than a bad joke at the 99 Percent’s expense, precisely as the eerily prescient Karl Marx recognized 167 years ago. This tells us, or surely should tell us, that the only solution to climate change – as with all other human problems – is the relentless elimination of capitalism. But given capitalism’s godlike omnipotence – a truly savage omnipotence methodically perpetuated by unimaginably intrusive surveillance technologies and the deliberately sadistic deployment of brute force to reduce all human society to an electronic concentration camp – it is increasingly evident capitalism will rule until Mother Nature herself obliterates it by apocalypse. In that sense we need to start taking dead seriously a bumper-sticker that was popular in the U.S. Pacific Northwest during the late 1970s and early 1980s: “Goddess Is Coming and She Is Pissed.”

The second lesson of the Paris situation – a total ban on demonstrations with at least 200 resistors already imprisoned – is its answer to the question that has troubled so many of us for so long: why did the USian Empire and its innumerable satrapies, which include most of the world’s industrial nations, deliberately re-ignite the infinitely destructive flames of Islamic terrorism – the oldest and most deadly conflict in our species’ known history. The answer, as Ms. Klein implies, is clearly to provide the global One Percent with the rationale it needs to obliterate every vestige of human freedom, thus to impose the slave state that, given the growing shortages of natural resources, is capitalism’s only possible means of self-perpetuation.

The third lesson of Paris is in fact a subset of the first: that no present-day institution, whether governmental or entrepreneurial, can ever again be beneficently reformed from without. This means if we are to recover our species’ former humanitarianism – a trait or rather of constellation of traits that fostered our communal survival until the reversals of reality imposed by the advent of patriarchy some 5,000 years ago – we must do it separately from the extant order. In other words, if we truly want change, we need to be building our own societies – a project made terribly difficult, albeit not (yet) entirely impossible, by the secret police of the total surveillance state. In which context the most important prerequisite is recognition the opposite of community is not chaos but capitalism.

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My own belief, explored in detail in an essay entitled “Does the 1% Think We’re a Doomed Species on a Dying Planet?” is that our overlords have known for at least half a century we are in fact a doomed species on a dying planet. Hence the ever-more-obviously tyrannosauric nature of the capitalist end game, the winner of which is whomever dies with the most money and the greatest number of slaves.

sorry for interruption

WOW…!!..anyone commenting so far live in Paris?..anyone commenting so far attended manifestations where so-called “anarchists” show up NOT merely to protest whatever the issue but to rampage through the streets causing damage to property, injury to CRS (emergency police) and people caught up in mindless vandalism? OK!..so how about some “opinions” from someone who actually lives here, has lived here for 14 years and witnessed/participated in the gathering (manifestation) this past Sunday.

. Naomi Klein’s statement: “even George W Bush did not ban marches and protests after 9/11. This policy is beneath you and it inflames tensions. #COP21”…different times, different cities, different security issues…everything’s different so don’t confuse Hollande’s decision to issue a ban on public gatherings with anything Bush did or failed to do.

Point #2: those detained and let go (not imprisoned as suggested in a previous comment) were NOT innocent green environmental people who gathered to promote “COP21”…by in large they were aggressive and bottle throwing individuals who had little in common with the thousands who peacefully attended the Place de la Republique gathering. I live in Paris…a five minute walk from Place de la Republique, have attended, reported on and photographed manifestations for the past 14 years. My opinion is that the actions by the CRS was totally warranted. I even cried seeing police, the same police which risked their lives 2 weeks before at the Bataclan Theater being aggressed. Earlier the same day 10,000 people were able to peaceably hold hands and form a chain to support environmental action Paris is evidence that Paris is in NO way experiencing the effects of “shock doctrine;” My opinion is that the unusual security measures taken by the Hollande were and are warranted to help protect and provide a sense of increased safety. Having hundreds of “anarchists” running through the streets and causing mayhem two weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris should have been and was avoided by the actions of the police. Paris is NOT in a state of lockdown…Life after the terrorist attacks appears to be and is much the same for most of us…(except for those directly affected by the terrorist attacks). BRAVO Paris! BRAVO CRS! …BRAVO President Hollande!

I’m so glad people took to the streets in spite of the gov ban on protests. Why am I not surprised that no terrorists blew up any crowds of protesters during the meanwhile? Perhaps the puppeteers couldn’t convince their suicide squads to do so?

The robber barons didn’t have a petroleum fueled economy like we have today.
Otherwise, you can believe that there’d be no difference between then and now.
Well, except that then there were even less employee protections than there are now.