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Shocker: WaPo Investigates Itself for Anti-Sanders Bias, Finds There Was None



WaPo looked down for some navel gazing--the beast had none.


Nothing to see here folks; move along. Deep in the Heart of the Deep State, we have powerful friends who can withhold information if we do not please them. No bias here.

How many times did they mention H. Clinton as compared with B. Sanders? And in that order? Just like the Flagship Paper in NYC.


It's not just the Washington Post, I've never seen a positive article in The Chicago Tribune about Bernie. Today the Tribune endorsed Rubio, but says it cannot endorse either Democratic candidate. This rag is a daily mouth piece for that stealth candidate who won the Governorship in the last election, Bruce, not quite a billionaire, Rauner, friend of Rahm.


you should read the Bezos Post today. Debate winners and losers? Winner: Hillary! (TM). Shocking, I know. Loser: Sanders!

WaPo was never all that, but it's ridiculously clear that Bezos intends it to be his personal op-ed mouthpiece, which should surprise exactly no one.

It's no coincidence that the oligarchs club is buying national media up right and left and then turning them into personal megaphones for their interests. And these are outlets that were never exactly boat-rockers in the first place.

Hell, even the Onion has gone over to the dark side! And that one hurts.

They know how to engineer the election results they want. They've been doing this for over a century.


What happened to the Onion?


It's hard to believe the major newspapers and television news channels have so blatantly blocked the news of Sanders' rise in popularity. I tell people that and they get this "you must be crazy" look on their faces.
Imagine how Bernie feels, knowing the DNC, the Clinton machine, and all the news outlets are trying to destroy him. He is my hero.
After he won Michigan I turned to MSNBC and CNN to see how they reacted and it was laughable. They literally torchered the conversation trying to find some way to make Clinton look better. They almost always add the super delegates when comparing delegate counts and when Bernie made the comment about being black and poor in the ghettos, oh my God, you would have thought he used the N word. Even the black pundits gave him a pass and said they didn't feel it was so bad and they knew what he was trying to say. Geez, I used to watch those channels but since Bush I just can't stomach the spin and what they're doing to Bernie shows how void of real journalism they have become.


Matt, I think your comment directly addresses an issue that hasn't received nearly the amount of attention and discussion it deserves. As historical analysis documents, the elite ruling class has always used racism as a means to eliminate consensus and cooperation among the working class.

Racism remains the most potent weapon to divide working people. All workers receive lower wages when racism succeeds in dividing and disorganizing them. Institutionalized racism provides billions in extra profits for the capitalists every year due to the unequal pay racially oppressed workers receive for work of comparable value. In every aspect of economic and social life, African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians and Pacific Islanders, Arabs and Middle Eastern peoples, and other nationally and racially oppressed people experience conditions inferior to that of whites. Racist violence and the poison of racist ideas victimize all people of color no matter to which economic class they belong. Attempts to suppress and undercount the vote of African American and other racially oppressed people are part of racism in the electoral process. Racism permeates the police, the courts and prison systems, perpetuating unequal sentencing, racial profiling, discriminatory enforcement, and police brutality.

Source: http://cpusa.org/party-program/

Focus on racism divides. Focus on classism unites.

I immediately recognize this fact when I hear mainstream media base their comments and analysis around race (Blacks, Latinos, Asians,etc.) It amounts to propaganda of the ruling class to divide and cause friction among the working class.

Senator Sanders understands this dynamic.

Note: This does not mean that we ignore the overwhelming presence of racism and its destructive nature. It just means that we acknowledge and understand the purpose of racial analysis and commentary when presented by the mainstream media and political pundits.


Recently purchased by Univision--majority owned by Capital Group, led by uber-Clinton donor Haim Saban. Basically, Saban just took the Onion out of play as a factor.

They learned from the Daily Show--younger voters are strongly influenced by satirical news.


WAPO - I think this pretty-well proves the're all "Bozos" on that bus......


I must say that last night's debate on Univision had the best questions of all the debates I've watched




for real. they'll still be funny in a lot of areas, but in politics, they're going to be pretty captured now. And that's enough for me to have to kick the whole thing to the curb, which is really sad.


Both the Cleveland and Akron, Ohio newspapers covered the Michigan primary results in headlines that never mentioned Bernie, let alone his upset victory over Clinton. Important because Ohio is next week. They did however manage to mention Gov. Kasich, who came in third...




What's in a name?


Apparently Sanders supporters are being -gasp- rude on the internet:

Thank you WashPo for covering this critical campaign issue!


Even the New York Times declared Sanders the winner of the debate in Miami - and their anti-Sanders coverage has been unrelenting until now.


We have fairly reviewed ourselves and found no issues. These people are digging their grave faster and faster all of the time. I think they will be shocked when they find that the public is much smarter that they assume.


Author sez: "... the Washington Post (3/8/16) decided to respond to our criticism, staffing out the unenviable task to The Fix’s Callum Borchers ..."

"The Fix"? Now, where have I heard that idiom before?
Anyway, if you're interested in reading Borchers' full report, it can probably be purchased from Amazon.


Read the comment section to the WP after the articles. The dominant comment is the WP is a joke. Dutiful typists spreading misinformation is the dominant observation.

The vote is in on the WP by its readers.

The good thing is the harder MSM tries the more people realize that the opposite is true.

Read the MSM editorials then take an opposite position.