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Shocking Aetna Report Shows Why California Needs Single-Payer


Shocking Aetna Report Shows Why California Needs Single-Payer

Deborah Burger

Reports that Aetna’s former Southern California medical director admitted he never looked at patient records before denying a patient critical care reveals an inconvenient truth about our dysfunctional healthcare system—that’s how the insurance system is set up to run, and it won’t change until we delink healthcare from profiteering.


Let’s think about this for a minute. Heath insurance executive compensation or an x-ray for a child with an inexplicable cough. Oops, didn’t take a minute, now did it.


Well yes there needs to be a delink from profiteering healthcare but block grants and cap and trade funding is not the answer. Putting insurance profits into a bloated healthcare system is just a transfer not a solution.
Lets fix this first.


Correction: I meant Global budgets and not Block Grants.


Lets hope California can establish the critical mass needed to put single payer into law. The last time California got this close the forces of evil orchestrated the coup that installed Arnold the Terminator who proceeded to veto single payer twice.


The word “socialism” creates such a boogie-man in people’s minds, a sad remnant of the 1950’s and 60’s where Americans went into a frenzy of fear against anything not “capitalist” or “free-market” based. It’s like a religion to some, they can’t imagine a non-Hobbesian world where collaboration and collectivism create solutions. Oh well. Single -payer is probably inevitable in the long run, but our social constructs will have to shift quite a bit.


It is the collision of immoral power with powerless morality that constitutes the major crisis we are facing today