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'Shocking Attack' in Northern Ireland That Killed Journalist the Latest Incident of Escalating Violence

'Shocking Attack' in Northern Ireland That Killed Journalist the Latest Incident of Escalating Violence

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A journalist whose work focused on Northern Ireland's troubled past was killed Thursday night in the latest in a series of militant escalations that are increasing in frequency as the United Kingdom and Ireland reckon with Brexit.

Clashes broke out Thursday in the Northern Ireland city of Derry as police forces attempted to raid suspected militant homes.

Was it an accident ------or a death on purpose like Heather Heyer’s?

Perhaps it was 1 PARA again. They have a history of war crimes in Derry.

And why are the violent terrorists being called “dissidents”? Andrei Sakarov was a dissident, Wu Wei is a dissident, Chelsea Manning, Daniel Ellsberg or the Berrigans are/were dissidents.

These thugs are not.

edit: And while their violence renders them totally illegitimate terrorists, they are not leftists (like the old IRA) either. They are proto-fascists notorious for their Duterte-style drug vigilantism. They may have murdered Ms. McKee for her sexual orientation.

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Hi Yunzer: sigh—and those "proto-fascists,"are growing in number in so many nations.: (


Thanks for the mention of 1 Para. I had to educate myself on their history of atrocities during the N. Ireland Troubles.

Seems very unlikely that they had anything to do with Ms. KcKee’s murder though. Conspiratorialism helps nobody.

Yup. It’s like a pandemic virus. The causes of its rise is in serious need of study.

My own theory is that with socialist ideas having been destroyed by triumphalist neoliberal capitalism and its all-pervasive invasion into all aspects of life, only ugly fascism is left to fill the void of alienation of the dissatisfied working class masses to embrace.

The well-funded campaigns of neofascist agents from Bannon in the US to LePen in France to Dugan in Russia don’t help either - but they are effect more than cause.

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