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'Shocking Blow to the Queens Democratic Establishment' as Progressive Tiffany Cabán Declares Victory in District Attorney Race

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/26/shocking-blow-queens-democratic-establishment-progressive-tiffany-caban-declares


Congratulations to Cabán. May the shocks keep on coming! A young public defender is good news indeed! This is what the US actually looks like…

Chuck Schumer must be next on the radar.


Another young Latina beats the system. Wonderful news for the people in Queens!


The Democrat Wall Street/Hollywood Establishment has been able to stymie progressive governance for decades for one reason: No one challenged them …


Fantastic! Another win against big money! Kudos to Bernie who backed Cabán … Remember that! Gotta pick them off one by one… who’s next?


I hope what we are seeing here is the beginning of a real change. We desperately need to replace the old, worn-out DINOS who are blocking and strangling the potential of a progressive Democratic Party. Pelosi is as corrupt and manipulative, in her own more subtle ways, as McConnell is in the Senate.

They both control these government elective bodies to benefit their wealthy donors and not the good of the people. For example, as long as Pelosi is in office there will never be free and adequate healthcare for all.


The pressure is not only on but, the heat has been turned up on these dino’s. To the fire with your collective heads… Let’s see who is brave enough to take on the next Progressive?. See people if only we would get off our couches and use are creative thinking…oooh where we as a spices could go…


I wonder how choosing the nations Atty. General by vote would work out. It seems that it would be a safer bet.

I echo your sentiments. I have told people for years that I believe that the “row offices” of DC, that is energy, EPA, Education, Interior, and yes attorney general, should be elected positions.
I have also said often that if we learn anything from Trumps time in the White House, it should be a valuable lesson in modern American Civics. The American presidency, as we were warned by Thomas Jefferson over 200 years ago, has become an imperial position. Congresses throughout the years have slowly abdicated their responsibilities to the executive branch to the point where a simple “signing statement” has become a legal edict.
In short, our president has become a monarch with a term limit. How long will it be before one of our presidential monarchs decides he wants the job for life?


The democratic establishment once again seems to be in shock because someone “left” of the DNC party line has beaten another “safe” DINO.
This tells us two things. First, that the Democratic Party obviously has no one doing demographic studies of their voter base anymore. Queens in particular has become inundated with younger, more liberal professional people in the last twenty years. By that measure alone, of course an old school social justice liberal could win a primary. And second, and perhaps more telling, it highlights the fact that the DNC establishment has become completely out of touch with the views of its own electorate. Overwhelmingly, democratic voters want single payer, legal pot, no war, higher taxes on the rich, the expansion of social security, a high minimum wage, infrastructure spending, and global warming addressed immediately. Yet Tom Perez, the clintons, Saban, Schwartz, and their ilk want to continue to move the party of FDR further to the Right. That would be a recipe for a 2020 disaster.


Fixed your quote.

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Looking at Cabán’s campaign website, Senator Warren also endorsed her. So did the NY Times editorial board!


Who cares BigB? Enough with that defeatist, trained helplessness, pathetic attitude! People Power is far stronger than any monarch wannabee or entrenched political machine.

F#cked your quote.

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Something to think about while assessing the dubious role of unions in this and other criminal justice electoral battles. “Public defense was created by and with the labor movement. It is as a part of the labor movement that we must fight to keep the rights that our predecessors fought so hard to win. Without organized workplaces and communities, we will never achieve the vision of a society without mass incarceration.”

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This is yet another example of what the people can accomplish, even within a corrupt, rotten, manipulated duopoly!

Good candidates of integrity and vision working for the people - for the Common Good. Good people willing to get up off the couch and fight the power, good funding via small donations, and not accepting the DINO establishment/machine politics line of crap!

Are you listening Nancy Pelosi? Chucky Schumer, cuomo, booker? All the rest of the neo-liberal corporate whores and “strategists”? The quick answer is no - they are not listening and do not want to, but still cling to their "we can’t win from “the left” BS lies and lap-dog servitude to big-money! Just come out and join the R’Con party already!

Will she take on the police?

We do not have District Attorneys’ in Canada. What we have is Crown Attorneys and they are not elected directly by the people. I still believe the election of things like Judges, DA’s, Sheriffs and the like the wrong way to go. The Justice system should be as apolitical as possible.

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You fail to consider the many districts/states in which only a conservative – Repub or Dem – can win.

For every AO-C, there’s a Joe Manchin. That’s the problem with a 2-party farce: the only way to make everyone happy is to split the difference on policy.

Wait. Did I say happy? I meant unhappy unless you’re status quo loving big donor.

One small step for man, and a giant leap for "Progressive Womankind."

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Now, if only we can find a dozen or so like her to run for the senate. We might actually get somewhere before our lights are extinguished. We sure could use a sweep, a trifecta, a table run of all three branches. And preferably for a full four years.

It will take that long to unf–k this country.