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'Shocking,' 'Plain Stupid': Theresa May Shuts Climate Change Office


'Shocking,' 'Plain Stupid': Theresa May Shuts Climate Change Office

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Less than a day after becoming the U.K.'s unelected leader, Prime Minister Theresa May closed the government's climate change office, a move instantly condemned as "shocking" and "plain stupid."


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How about we also close the patent office as everything that could be invented has already been invented.


It was absolutely clear to me by the mid-70s (after reading Limits to Growth) that if nothing was done immediately (1970s immediately) to curb population growth and industrial output we’d be well on our way to a massive global die-off starting about now, the middle of the second decade of the 21st century, based on the numerous graphs in that book.

And then Reagan was elected. Game over.


Certainly Human Civilization as we know it is GONE.
Yet- many factors are in play…from which a new situation will arise.

TM…is acting out of some Knowledge on her behalf:
1- She does not believe in climate change- so need to have this office.
2- She knows of Climate Change and knows where humanity stands, so thus thinks this office is not worth the expense.

The Green Monk


And, evidently, she gave no explanation for this action – ???

The decision comes the same week as the U.K. government’s own advisers warned in a report that the nation was not ready for the inevitable consequences of climate change, including deadly heat waves and food and water shortages.

“This is shocking news. Less than a day into the job and it appears that the new prime minister has already downgraded action to tackle climate change, one of the biggest threats we face,” said Craig Bennett, CEO of the environmental group Friends of the Earth. “This week the government’s own advisors warned of ever growing risks to our businesses, homes and food if we don’t do more to cut fossil fuel pollution.”


So . . . . does it make any difference if it’s HRC or Trump at the helm of the Oligarchy? Perhaps only with how fast collapse occurs?

I find it easier to focus/debate about the smaller, anthropomorphic issues of u.s. politics rather than the bigger picture of potential NTE which hovers above us like the planet that hits the earth in Melancholia!

Will we ever know the answer to the question of why we----homo sapiens----are here? I think not. Which is why I love this presentation by Bob Jensen below (sorry for the repost—hope that’s OK); it helps me cope while “living the questions” as the biosphere dies.

“If we are paying attention, we are all apocalyptic now”
Bob Jensen has a brilliant definition of apocalyptic . . .not what initially comes to mind when you hear that word. He also sounds the alarm regarding “technological fundamentalism” in this presentation:
“Living, Loving and Learning to Leave the Planet Gracefully” with Robert Jensen - June 12, 2016


Can’t you throw her out? We wish we could do that here in US.


Oh but look. The poor thing only has one leg. That must be why.


You look back in history at the steps people took or didn’t take that led up to a catastrophic era and you just have to wonder why other people didn’t stop them?

One day later she (unelected) acts like a conqueror and goes against elected policy. You have to wonder how is that ethical behavior since she wasn’t elected. Why doesn’t somebody stop her?

More importantly is WHY are the right wing surging against democracy seemingly everywhere recently? Climate change is big money and environmentalists have focused on the science and doing the decent thing for the sake of future generations but fascists go for the money as much as they go for the power. Maybe mostly for the money (corporatists).

We face what might be called well organized crime - that is, crime by governmental corruption.

In a future time people will look back at such blatant misuses of power and ask how we could have done nothing in the face of it.


A better way to read those numbers is that people think Trump is only slightly less dishonest the Clinton.


Aha, Here’s hoping she won’t rehire
those working on self-driving car nonsense.
1970’s paratransit van technology still common.
Seniors/disabled need low-floor low-emission hybrid EV rides.
GM/FORD happy selling 1970’s albatross line of junk.


Speaking of stupid . . . .
the days and ways of W
some humor(rooted in truth):


Oh, come on. How about in 20 years or less. And the Queen of Darkness couldn’t give a rat’s ass. As long as she keeps getting corporate cash pumped into her so called “Foundation”.


Oh, come on, self-driving cars will stop climate change and end mass extinction! Why are you opposed to human progress? People like you are responsible for the deaths of billions! /s


So in one scenario, Corbyn retains and strengthens his leadership of Labour, and then Labour forms the next government after May disintegrates…


Ms. May is now PM as a direct consequence of a misguided “left” joining forces with the racist right in voting for brexit (yet I presume too stupid to even know they were doing so). Far worse is going to happen when the “left” in the US joins forces with the racist right in electing Trump - who will close and defund not only any efforts to address climate change, but defund all environmental enforcement altogether. How does last EPA Administrator, and then last Interior Dept. Secretary Newt Gingritch sound to you?

And far worse is coming to the UK, because now that they are outside the EU, they can now abolish environmental regulations, worker protection regulations, food safety regulations, social programs…


Britain, this temporary ultra conservative fart you’re letting is going to damage you and set you back for at least 10 years.


And the journey into hell-on-earth and eventual but fast-approaching oblivion for the UK has begun. Just watch, this wicked underworld dweller and bottom-feeder will eliminate the National Health Service (NHS) along with the department of health as well as the health care commission. And why not add the dept. for children, schools, and families to the axing list? Abolish all distribution of benefits to pensioners and create a new department of crypt diggers to carry off all the dead and dying as a result of said policies. It appears that the ghost of MT has come back filled with even more bile and bilge in the body of TM. How very sad but not unforeseen.

I do hope the efforts of N. Ireland (re-uniting with Ireland) and Scotland to remain in the EU and divorce themselves from the May maelstrom are fruitful and successful.


In a parliamentary system, prime ministers are never “elected” aside from an internal party committee vote. They are only elected to a ordinary parliament seat by their local constituency. They are similar to House Majority Leader or Speaker of the House in the US Congress.