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'Shocking' Report Reveals Thousands of Migrant Children Have Been Sexually Abused While in US Custody

'Shocking' Report Reveals Thousands of Migrant Children Have Been Sexually Abused While in US Custody

Julia Conley, staff writer

A House hearing on the Trump administration's family separation policy on Tuesday revealed that thousands of children in U.S. custody over the past five years have been subjected to sexual abuse in migrant detention centers.

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This is so abhorrent


State sanctioned, mandated, pedophilia. Such has been my opinion of the gangsters running this country that nothing can surprise me


Remember the mass sexual assaults against women in Bosnia? That was a war crime perpetrated against civilians because of their ethnicity. The worst perpetrators were deported, tried at the Hague, Netherlands and then usually jailed.

If it can be shown that many of these children were being sexually abused and people knew, and did nothing, that sounds like a war crime that goes up the food chain.


I warned about this months ago. People can’t be trusted. Like I said, all of these young folks have to be screened and where warranted, treated. I’m so ashamed to call myself an American anymore.
Why? Because the good people are too busy to care.


Abhorrent…the exact word to use, Thank You.


Forever altered, forever changed. I remember asking months ago, “where are the girls?” Well, where are they? We will never know. We will never know the true horrors, simply because we are not the victim(s).


Shameful and shocking, but not unexpected. ICE, border patrol and LE, by order of the former US Attorney General, will not conduct background checks, mental health nor criminal, for all military veterans. I believe that this policy also covers both former and current member of LE. Those hired are not being screened for PTSD and other mental health issues, plus no criminal background checks is just plain dumb!


My housemate has repeatedly said, “This looks like sex trafficking of children to me.” Horrified to see it reported.


Someone has to start getting the word out to our military personnel. If Trump continues to misuse our troops they are in danger of following Trump down the path of treason.
You are who you hang with. Trump’s buddies are Fox, Putin and other Russian bad boys, Saudi’s ABS, the hand picked criminals he has and has had in his regime, the others that left under scrutiny, and others. And gee, who has been left behind? Our British friends and allies, the friendly Germans, Japanese, and even the Chinese because they won’t kiss Trump’s fat ass. Coup alert.
My apologies to the overweight, I’m there too.


After 20 years of war in the Middle East, you can count on both hands, the total number of US military and mercenaries/contractors, held accountable for war crimes such as rape, the murdering of civilians and drug smuggling.
And those same soldiers then get hired as cops and prison guards as the test system is rigged to give vets extra points on police, FBI and all LE testing for jobs and the interview section of exams are highly biased towards hiring vets!
Vet preference in hiring system is so rigged and unjust that over 80% of cops/fire and ICE hires are vets, yet vets are less than 20% of US population!


HI palnt1 and what is most bizarre and yet even more horrible----is that there seem to be NO standards for qualifying for a job with ICE and many of these other government jobs. AND YET—we read of American citizens being grabbed and held or even shipped out of this country because of the overzealous ICE and others in a position of power. I have read of some horrible stories about border patrol people too. RACIAL profiling seems to be a popular ICE activity—along with other persons who are give power and a gun.
And who is minding the social services where children are sexually attacked or just attacked and mistreated? Giving drugs to kids to keep them quiet----are the fascists among us practicing when more American citizens of every race are separated from families everywhere? Separating kids from parents—whose insane idea was this?
And those Americans who knowingly work to separate kids and parents…what does it really mean to be an America now ?


It wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t support and encourage this happening. It - the government and its agencies - appear inverted and demonic.


I’m sure the hitler’s brown shirts could do anything they wanted and get away with it as well. That’s the way these kind of people work.


A certain number of these kids were intentionally displaced. The proof is with admission that kids and matching parents were not documented. As you say, how insane is that?


When they gave George Bush the money to hire 5,000 new border agents they kept having to lower the bar to find enough people and still couldn’t fill all the positions. The CPB is full of people who couldn’t even get a job at some Podunk police department. Politicians keep giving money to hire more of society’s dregs as if it is a good thing so expect more stories like this to surface. CPB and ICE are full of white nationalists and sexual predators, what can possibly go wrong?


None of them should ever have been separated from their parents - ever. What kind of perverted system would do that and then send the kid thousands of miles away on a plane? This is not the america that most of us want or believe in but we have leaders who permit this. We have a responsibility to change this government - to change the current leadership.


Gaetz needs to be deported to Guantanamo - locked in a cage and hopefully never heard from again.

The tipping point where wide spread public opinion turned against the US government in the 70’s was when it came out that US soldiers were impaling babies on bayonets while massacring a village in Nam.
Perhaps this latest atrocity will be the one that finally wakes up the apathetic consumers of this generation.


Criminals don’t implement background checks. It’s not a matter of weeding out the criminals, Its a matter of not forming crime syndicates under the auspices of being government agencies. As long as law enforcement does not uphold law, first and foremost, and in particular constitutional law, such as the bill of rights, then it is itself criminal, and in no way different than the Mafia or a drug Cartel.

How the hell can they find even one person to do this much less thousands of them?