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Shocking Yahoo Revelations Show 'NSA Has Not Changed Its Spots'


Shocking Yahoo Revelations Show 'NSA Has Not Changed Its Spots'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer, Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In an astounding and "unprecedented" new account of U.S. government surveillance, Reuters reported Tuesday that Yahoo secretly scanned all of its customer's incoming emails for a specific set of characters, per request of the National Security Agency (NSA) or FBI.


The wingnutters keep complaining about losing their freedom, but what they worry about is strictly whether they can buy any sort of firearm that they want. This is the real threat to their freedom, and they don't care a bit. You figure it out.


It's chilling but I think they are doing it to see who is speaking out against the oligarchy --- and keeping a LIST so they can arrest us all if it gets to the point where they declare us into a police state.

I'm still an optimist, though, so I have faith the power of the people will triumph after a huge (and not pretty) battle. I still believe that good eventually wins out.


Did you know that half the firearms in the United States belong to just 3% of US adults?
I found that fact to be astonishing.


Snowden - "Heads up: Any major email service not clearly, categorically denying this tomorrow -- without careful phrasing -- is as guilty as Yahoo. "

G mail users, don't hold your breath ....

Masnick - "Now, there are still a number of open questions about this: chief among them if others, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter were similarly compelled to create similar software."

Seriously? is there really any question about this?


First of all, we are already in a police state. Take a look at your local law enforcement officers who look more like an occupying army then they do beat cops.
Lastly, the oligarchy doesn't have enough space to put every dissident under lock and key. So they've devised another plan to get rid of everybody. They will destroy our environment by polluting the water and they will burn fossil fuel to foul the air and choke us all to death.
Fight back by voting for Jill Stein.


I am a Yahoo user. What can I do about this?


Stop being a Yahoo user?


Not that the National Security Agency has.


Very true but it could get worse --- or something could happen to intervene (that's what scares them). I've already been voting 3rd party for awhile now. But I know our elections are a sham, so I'm doing it anyway.


I always thought Yahoo was better than Google because I though the latter scans all e-mails for collecting data for advertisers. Now it looks like Yahoo was even worse. The best option looks like going back to the typewriter and mailing everything. It's a lot slower but far more secure.


they have an unusual view of what constitutes "liberty" most days. although for most right wingers, it's generally a freedom to do as they wish, but that never extends to anyone else, where they can't crush freedom for others fast enough.
It's always strange to see them cheer on the Cliven Bundy's of the world, but they get positively apoplectic when a black athlete raises a fist during an anthem.


Yahoo is going out of business anyway.

You have a home internet provider i assume. They offer free email accounts. Use a local mail app and encrypt emails going out.

That being said, i would not worry about it. None of us are important enough for the government to waste time tracking our emails.


The Russians have been blamed for virtually everything in recent months. This will be one incident that they cannot pin on them.


They thought such a thing would never happen...we're in deep doo doo, Frenchy.


You may be right, however, it does shed new light on the drive to privatize the post office. The private companies who take over the job will likely be as compliant as Yahoo.


Seems, from the article, that their new software was said to undermine security. Any connection?


Somebody's heads should roll for this- in both the private and public sectors. Is
anyone being prosecuted for violating our
Bill of Rights? ACLU...?


► Well, if you're like most people, you can forget all about it


Happiness is a warm gun, yes it is!
When I hold you in my arms
and I feel my finger on your trigger
I know that nobody can do me no harm.