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Shoes, Trophies, and Bernie Sanders


Shoes, Trophies, and Bernie Sanders

William Grover, Joseph Peschek

"And understand this: If American workers are being denied their rights to organize and collectively bargain when I’m in the White House, I’ll put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself. I’ll walk on that picket line with you as President of the United States of America. Because workers deserve to know that somebody is standing in their corner." —Senator Barack Obama, Spartanburg, SC, November 3, 2007


It is nice to see the fist of solidarity in the background behind Bernie. I hope the young people of America can grasp what he is trying to do for them and show up for him (themselves) in the primary and hopefully, the general election.


Bravo to the authors for stating what needs to be said... so succinctly:

"Since the 1930s, regardless of party, personality, management style or partisan control of Capitol Hill, all presidents seek the same deeper structural ends concerning the two central policy goals of the modern state: the pursuit of endless profit-driven economic growth (rising GDP--always more production and consumption tomorrow than today) and national security based on US dominance (always tougher with each iteration of the enemy, be they the former Soviet Union or ISIS). As we argue in our recent book The Unsustainable Presidency: Clinton, Bush, Obama and Beyond, each goal is bipartisan and defined in ways that are not sustainable in light of twenty-first century challenges of climate change and the waning of American empire."


I think Grover or Peschek will have to take a leave of absence from academia and run for president to get their agenda accomplished. But even that seems hopeless given what happened to the candidacy of Lawrence Lessig who tried to run for the Democratic nomination. The gap between ideas from academia and actual politics can be very wide and seems likely to stay so.


Important article and sadly too true. Sanders is not really a Democrat and has a good record but the realities of being President, caught up in this filthy corrupt system and under the viscous shadow of a National Security State ever willing to dispense with uncooperative electees certainly casts a pall on the possibilities. Little can change without massive citizen activism no matter who is elected. Jaded skepticism aside, Sander remains the only realistic option but we would still have to put his feet to the fire.


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I think Bernie is pretty good and doesn't need his feet being put to the fire but he does need us to hold Congress's feet to the fire to get them to make the changes we need. He can't do it all by himself and needs our support. People forget that Bernie wants the changes himself and is not just talking like politicians usually do.

Bernie is an activist and a reformer at heart. He wants to do this and needs our help.


I agree but we do need to pressure him on foreign policy, especially in the middle east. Our support for Israel must end or have stringent requirements attached regarding human rights and peace with Palestine.


Since Hillary is the presumptive next leader of the soon-to-be 2nd largest economy in the world, the explanations for telling the American worker, especially young women, that the H1-B workers that all her Corporate backers want to bring into the workplace, she'll ensure them getting their big new wage increases. Those nurses from The Philippines and Vietnam and IT workers from Singapore must work here, by Congressional decree. Sorry kids, it's the law. Hillary should also tell all the people making less than $30K a year they won't be getting any pay increases. Are you listening primary education teachers. Because, even though these are mostly women, she's not in favor of a living wage; soon to be $17-18 bucks plus health insurance, etc. in most urban areas Or, free retraining when jobs go bye, bye, due to her signing legislation increasing outsourcing bennies. And, tax holidays for offshore earnings, again. And, more tax breaks for the 1%, of course. She'll sign the papers in the Rose Garden while handcuffed to Debbie Wasserman Schultz with A Spoonful of Sugar playing in the background. Which will be called something like The Statue of Lady Liberty and Tax Equalization Act For Economic Equality, to be sure. And, all the new war refugees from Libya, Syria and elsewhere her foreign politics birthed, many of whom have numerous degrees and speak several languages, won't compete for careers in the STEM growth areas that U.S. taxes subsidize. Until the authors can convince the American public, with lots of help from previous academic studies that were excellent at starting camping bonfires, that flat out lying is bad politics; I don't think Sen. Sanders should do a thing except possibly stand on his head, juggle grenades and lie his pants off. It's apparently working for Hillary, so far, if one can believe the polls. You know, the ones that show Hillary couldn't beat a fire hydrant in a footrace or win a general election because she's an " effin' liar. " Why is it that Sen. Sanders needs to fall on his sword, after telling the 99s the bad news, when he isn't the part of the Democratic Party that caused all the problems? Let the Queen of Triangulation spin this straw into gold. She's had lots of practice.


If he had won the nomination but this song of some about his foreign ploicy in light of Hillary's hawkish policies is real old. You folks help Hillary because of the single issue focus and screw us all about all the other issues we will lose out on.

Bernie needs help from people to beat oligarchy power and influence and yet you and others keep undermining his candidacy. You deserve to have Hillary... I hope you will enjoy what her foreign policy will be.


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I think people who make it only about that one issue are either not living in America or simply uncaring about anybody else. It isn't only about foreign policy for Americans nor only about Israel either. It is about domestic issues for the most part but hey, if you would rather see Hillary's foreign policy triumph then keep helping her win the nomination. Holding Bernie accountable for Hillary's foreign policy (which is actually what you are doing) is a sure way to continue getting Hillary's foreign policy in the future by helping her win and ruining it for Bernie.

Just remember how much you cared for others when you want them to care for you.

I think Bernie is the best candidate to help the situation in the middle east but you want to keep helping Hilary. But you think that the Sec of State who actually crafted the foreign policy you don't like is the best one to change it... Um... Okay... Believe what you like.


Obama was the selected liar in the last two elections and HRC is the selected liar in the next election. Bernie is not lying, but is being used as a sacrificial lamb, to enhance the corrupt DNC and their whore.


Sen Sanders keep doing what you are doing-focus on the real issues people are dealing with everyday-don't let the media side track you. And keep making the distinction between yourself and Hillary.


Let's all vote for the alligator with the hard-on to be the next president of the Good Ol' USofA. With one as sage as he, all the truly existential world problems of limits to growth, industrialism out of control, severe anthropogenic global warming, and the threat of an all out nuclear world war will be resolved.

Go for it ah, you horny reptile.


All the negatively you are spewing is not only a game to boost your ego but also an excuse to not do anything but whine in your suffering.


First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win. Gandhi


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For The First Time Ever The Bernie Sanders Campaign Confirms That He Is A Democrat.


I guess 'It's a free country" and those who see the glass as 1/2 empty will rail against the possibility of a Sanders Presidency.
As both a well-informed student of politics and an optimist, I will continue to believe that we CAN elect Sanders. A vehicle that just might help his candidacy is for those who care so much to take a pledge[ they can go to www.citizensagainstplutocracy.org] which says they will write-in Bernie's name and enroll 2 others to do the same.
I for one will NOT hold my nose and vote for Shillary, an opportunist and a liar.

To her credit, @ an earlier time, both she and Bill were committed to helping those "less fortunate." As an experienced activist 'for the end of hunger/worst aspects of poverty" w/RESULTS/RESULTS EDUCATION FUND, I saw the Clintons promoting 'microcredit,' which the 'poorest of the poor,' using teensy, tiny loans to engage in work they already knew how to do, to lift themselves out of their dire poverty. I have the opinion that after Newt Gingrich's threat to Bill's political survival, and after her healthcare debacle, maybe both Clintons became cynical.

I have not become cynical. IMO Bernie is an authentic, compassionate, honest politician who truly desires to make the world a better place for his grandchildren. But, lest u think I am saying Sanders only cares about his own, I am saying nothing of the sort. I am saying that Bernie loves people and genuinely works to improve their lives-if they need help. I am saying that the top 1% care not a whit for those below them on the economic ladder. Sanders is the true White Knight who is working to 'ride to the rescue."

Bernie is working to halt climate chaos; he is walking w/workers;he is working as fast as he can and as best he can to IMPROVE OUR WORLD, to SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY. For G-d's sake, for my sake AND for your own, work to elect Bernie Sanders. I swear on the life of my mother, he WON'T turn out to be the wolf in sheep's clothing than has our Obama.