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Shooters of Color Are Called 'Terrorists' and 'Thugs.' Why Are White Shooters Called ‘Mentally Ill’?


Shooters of Color Are Called 'Terrorists' and 'Thugs.' Why Are White Shooters Called ‘Mentally Ill’?

Anthea Butler

Police are investigating the shooting of nine African Americans at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston as a hate crime committed by a white man. Unfortunately, it’s not a unique event in American history.


Mentally ill or Lone wolf… white privilege


Too many racial stories on the air waves… yes broadcast them but don’t saturate!

The real solution: Class War Fare - 96% of the usa population makes less than $200,000/yr. So a poor white in the east is the brother of a poor black in Oakland, they have the same needs yet they are not represented in gov.


“This is not an act of just “one hateful person.” It is a manifestation of the racial hatred and white supremacy that continues to pervade our society, 50 years after the Birmingham church bombing galvanized the Civil Rights Movement.”

This statement is totally true. What’s also important to recognize–and point out–is that there has been a rabid escalation of White Supremicist hate groups since U.S. jobs have been exported. The males who were accustomed to feeling like “kings of their own plantations” now feel like serfs and slaves. Their response is to take their hostility (and displaced sense of power) out on women, Blacks, and Latinos.

Morris Dees from The Southern Poverty Center has the statistics.

The fact that this kid spoke of Blacks taking over suggests how insecure certain demographics feel in seeing women and Black citizens hold high office while they can’t pay their own electric bills.


It is a form of racism to pretend that there is no problem based on race. Everything is not about the class war. The same psychology is used to shut women up about the particular prejudices they encounter along with dangers to their bodies, beliefs, and overall sovereignty. This is how white males argue FOR the status quo while touting their allegedly Leftist credentials.


My understanding of the definition of terrorism is something like this: the murder of innocent people to influence the policies or decisions of a powerful party (such as a government). Dylann Roof and others who are slaughtering black people (and Sikhs, and Jews, et al.) may have “sending a message” to influence others (to do what, in this case? maybe start a race war?) as part of their motivation, but I think the core motivation is just to eliminate blacks, etc.–something just as sinister.


This terrorist is a product of his peers, family, community, church, & American culture. The white culture writes him off as a lone wolf and moves on.


On major cable network news (not only FOX), in regard to female anchors and on-air personalities, how many of them are brunette and other races? Notice something creepy? It’s like their “casting” staff are weeding out most anyone who doesn’t look like some Barbie doll pulled off the shelf.
“The bubble headed bleach blonde comes on at five,” said Don Hendley (Dirty Laundry).


I should venture to point out,

That the very same State Senator killed by “this lone wolf” was the rep that demanded and got body cams placed on police in South Carolina. Something tells me it’s not a good idea to have the police investigate themselves again. No wonder they say it’s a lone wolf.

Now, John Treada (who calls himself Jonny James now) wants you to believe it’s your fault for racism that you yourself caused, or that your ancestors caused, and not the fault of a police state that does not want to be monitored. JJ, a white guy, is bound and determined to explain to us what it’s like to be a black man in GOP Senator Lindsey Grahm’s KKK called South Carolina!

He is paid to post here, imho, and dominate the threads. He certainly has had ample time to deny it. He’s a confidence trickster, who uses many sock puppets like Maxwell and Carberry and the hippy to steer the sheep with over-the-top postings. IMHO. We know for a fact, that the Pentagon uses retired guys and software to manufacture consent to their policies and that the FBI sticks agent provocateurs all over the place to incite groups into lawlessness. JMHO’s.

Also, this article, that comes from the Washington Post, is claiming this is about Black vs. White hatred. Not surprising from a known Divide and Conquer CIA rag like the Washington Post! I agree with Joey007 on this.


That took you all of about 30 seconds to respond to. Only a computer could do something that fast! Or else you are monitoring the thread with a staff, since I didn’t reply to you.

You did not deny any of my charges against you.


Another convoluted government conspiracy?


I just dropped this comment over at Abby’s.

I find the latest mass shooting in Charleston appalling and
the reaction of a large part of the US population just as warped and
appalling. The scum bag Roof (Ruf as they say down South) had to have
been filled with bile and hatred by racist family and friends. If livid
racism and hatred is a sickness, it isn’t one that a human being is
born with.

And I’m just as appalled by the devious and dirty manner in which the
racists reactionaries over at Fox turned the slaughter of black people
in a church from an act of racial hatred into a violent act against
“Christians”. Screw Fox and the millions of USAns that take in the
garbage it spews.



The time zone markers both were within a few minutes of each other. On my screen both now say “6h” ago. There is not a two hour delay of you posting in the wee hours of the morning as you claim.

Your avatar is consistent with John Treada’s comment from his hippy friend that the pack (of dogs) can be controlled, “But it doesn’t always work, does it?”

You subcontract Pentagram head shrinkers always use the old “Alpha Male” Leader-of-the-Pack avatar. Last time it was Jurassic John. This time it is his gigantic obnoxious dog.

You are paid to post to Left-Wing sites and you don’t deny it.


No. Not a conspiracy. All levels of government hate cameras. It exposes their wrongdoing.

Since there’s no news in most of the US, Al Jazzeera says:

Pinckney, together with the Rev. Al Sharpton, led a prayer vigil for Walter Scott, an unarmed black man shot by white police officer Michael Slager in Charleston in April. In response to Scott’s killing, Pinckney pushed the state legislature to require police officers to wear body cameras. “Body cameras help to record what happens,” a local NBC news affiliate reported Pinckney as saying in May. “It may not be the golden ticket, the golden egg, the end-all-fix-all, but it helps to paint a picture of what happens during a police stop.”


USA is not only a terrorist state but also a racist society. He is a terrorist and not a mentally ill person. Thanks God, he is not Muslim, otherwise, he would be called a terrorist.

When a native Brit goes to Middle East, he is called a voluntary fighter. When a Muslim goes there he is called a terrorist. Double standard by the British society. Also lot of British Jews went to Israel to fight but on their return no action was taken against them.


Actually CNN has reported it. I would call that a major news outlet.


► What examples of death by cop are on your mind as you react to this “anti-law enforcement agenda?”




Racists are not born they are carefully constructed and made viable by years of example.


My sense is that there’s a simpler explanation than Prof. Butler’s.

In the case of White perps, we default to mental illness because people who set about killing everyone in a gathering of innocent others are nearly always nuts. People always behave for reasons that make sense to them at the moment, even if to no one else. Maybe not even to themselves 20 minutes later. There is no real problem that killing even one innocent person isn’t going to make worse.

But in the case of Black perps, we default to seeing an intentional act because we’re uneasily aware on some level that if we were being treated the way the White power structure treats Black people every day of their lives, we’d get a few weapons and run amok in pure, cold-blooded payback.