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Shooting Survivor David Hogg Starts 'Boycott Ingraham' Campaign to Counter Attack of Right-Wing Snowflakes


Shooting Survivor David Hogg Starts 'Boycott Ingraham' Campaign to Counter Attack of Right-Wing Snowflakes

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The right-wing media's reaction to the burgeoning student movement against gun violence that arose in the aftermath the Parkland school massacre has largely consisted of open contempt and hate-filled smears, and Fox News host Laura Ingraham continued this collective conservative "meltdown" on Wednesday, mocking 17-year-old shooting survivor David Hogg for be


Right-Wing Snowflakes is the wrong description of these people who are attacking these children.

Scared Puppies afraid their Masters will stop feeding them if they don’t become Attack Dogs, is more appropriate.


Why is it that every serious issue in this country devolves into personality conflicts and name-calling? We really need to grow up and start coming up with real solutions for real problems based on real data in a real world.


Personally attacking a child who has recently been the victim of a mass shooting. It just doesn’t get much lower then that. Laura I hate violence of all kinds, especially against women so I am glad you are not around my house because I would have no choice but to bitch slap you into next week. There is a special place in hell for people like you.


I’m astonished at not only the cruelty of the right and the NRA for personal attacks on these students, but also the stupidity of it. In only a year or two, these students will be voting. All these attacks do is make it a certainty that these students will be voting in large numbers. Shows who the real children are on this issue.


Why am I forced to have a driver’s license? I don’t need a shooter’s license and insurance.

Who made up this driver’s license nonsense? Somebody might come and take away my truck.


Those same snowflakes are terrified of an ophthalmologist, Bashar al-Assad.


The two years I spent being a professor at one of the US’ top five research universities gave new meaning to Mark Twain reminding us “don’t let school interfere with your education”. I never looked back at the groupthink and faux research racket that I ran from more than two decades ago and I am certain it has only gotten worse.

Wear those rejections as a badge of honor Mr.Hogg !

You are getting more real educatiion tangling with Ingraham the forces of evil wherein she is embedded than your colleagues will get in the next four years.


Now if only these little personal boycotts against pundits and their advertisers would grow to all corporations that buy politicians and their votes. Most people seem unable to see the connection that massive boycotts and general strikes are now needed in the USA against the violent culture that runs rampant daily by the US Empire. There is a great article on Counterpunch about this very subject as to how marches against gun violence don’t encompass the larger picture of the USA’s use of violence by police at home and abroad. It’s way bigger than just the mass shootings that happen at schools that truly needs to be addressed. While these marches may be a start, they need to go after the massive violence committed by the USA at large and not just the random civilian shooters. I don’t see these kids seeming to care about all the other kids around the world that are routinely killed by the USA military for example. Hopefully they will wake up to that fact as well and that the movement will grow to include that scenario. Otherwise it will fall far short of what is needed.


Yes, indeed. The NRA and Ingraham are just the first hurdles.

Until 2018 the NRA was a sacred cow with anybody questioning their motives and actions being treated as a heretic.

The Parkland students have changed that.

The miltary industrial complex (MIC) that Ike warned us about on his way out of the White House in 1961 has morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) (that includes the NRA, Ingrahams’s faux news and other media) that continues to consume vast taxpayer funded resources (financial and otherwise) that should be benefiting the 99%, rather than continuing to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99%. MIMIC also continues to be a sacred cow with anybody questioning its motives and actions being treated like a heretic while MIMIC gets serial blank checks from Congress, no discussion allowed in the process.


No. The best word for these “conservatives” is simply “thug”.


If the dem party would of stood up and denounced trickle down economics, disaster capitalism i.e. destroying unions, privatization et al, maybe we would not be where we are today. But the neocons or neoliberals of establishment democrats have lost this country to a would be dictator.


That is what the republican party and their conservative faux news has brought us.


If we disagree on something thats fine, I actually think that having a little disagreement is a good thing to drive the conversation on an issue. But attacking the person instead of the issue is no way to go about it. Sure if a persons background actually does matter for a specific arguement then it should be brought up, but these petty attacks are just stupid. Civilized conversation is degraded by attacking the opponent or trying to undermine them instead of bringing up the value behind your belief.


The term hatetriots (not mine, I heard it somewhere) best describes these low life humans who are compelled to go after these kids in such vicious ways. May these young people prevail.


First, We must “Vote Them Out” and get some “Real” public servants in our government.


Baby steps, Holygeezer. These kids are responding to something very personal. This tragedy touched them to their souls. Let them start out with protests against guns and violence in schools. The rest of us need to take it from there.


Both parties have lost major battles with one key ingredient in governance.


Until they once again embrace it, We the People must take our support elsewhere.


Yes Paularae,

These kids are off to a grand start.

Perhaps, a worldwide “Weapons Sales” ban is in their futures.

Let Saudi Arabia and Israel buy their Weapons of War from someone else.


What is important to Laura Ingraham is selling out the students for the filthy lucre of the NRA! What is important to Laura is that David Hogg was rejected by several colleges!