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Shootings and Explosions Stir Chaotic Scenes in Paris


Shootings and Explosions Stir Chaotic Scenes in Paris

Common Dreams staff

This is a developing story...

Reports coming out of Paris on Friday night indicate that multiple shootings and a series of explosions have left numerous people dead and others injured.


Without knowing more, I'm guessing it's probably payback time for all the nasty things France has been getting up to lately in Africa and the Near East. Either that or a false flag by the French government or one of its 'allies' (cough, cough… Israel, USA). I wonder what new anti-terrorism laws they'll be bringing out in response to this; what new interventions in the Near East and Africa by the French state; how much more authoritarian French 'democracy' can get as its political parties - both left and right - fall over themselves to play the role of victim.

If it's refugees doing this then I bet the right will have a field day

That said, condolences in advance to the authentic victims of this atrocity whomever they may be.


"Without knowing more" is the key phrase. The rest is air.


Yes, I may be being a little premature in my conclusions (not to say unduly spiteful) and for that I apologise (in advance). Again, condolences and commiseration with those innocents who may have lost their lives.


Or gain one. :frowning:


Prayers that cool heads prevail and for the French people, the refugees and humanity's capacity to evolve beyond the predatory methodologies and ideologies wherever they are being practiced. .


Latest information from Le Monde is that a state of emergency has been declared, and that the borders have been shut. The last time a state of emergency was declared was in 1961-at the end of the Algerian war. I was in Paris in the summer of 1963.There were still cops everywhere, and road blocks on country roads.I don't remember if the state of emergency was still in effect, but it sure felt and looked like it.


The death of a human being from violence or fleeing violence of any kind is a terrible thing. My heart goes out to those innocents in Paris, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, the refugees who drown in the Mediterranean and on and on. If anyone thinks this is just about religion, well, keep your head in the sand.


100 killed inside Concert Hall.


Hebdo needs to exercise more common sense and practice more sensibility when producing inflammatory caricatures, especially in light of the mass migrations from the Middle East to Europe. Regardless of any political message Hebdo intended with the Sinai Desert plane crash, respect and reverence for the lives lost and those of their relatives and friends should take precedence over Hebdo's need to sell his RAGazine. Plane crashes and other tragedies are never laughable in any context!

May peace fall over Paris! Blessings to those lost and injured.


Yes I've watched a number of videos this guy made in Eastern Ukraine. He's got a good heart, and American trying to help the people of Eastern Ukraine. That's a good story right there.


Blowback? Live by the gun ....


Authentic victims - this is quite an expression. Perhaps you know of at least one unauthentic?


Migrants will face the inevitable backlash. The French have been hiding behind their supposed liberalism for too long. Their true colors will pop !


easy, there hoss, an attack like this takes a crapload of planning. so looking at refugees is a nonstarter.
my money's on parisian muslims who have been pretty much at war with the french state for years now; many of whom now get external funding and help from radical organizations.

european nationalists are going to rage anyway, because it's much easier than taking responsibility for their contribution to all of this mess.


This is definitely blowback for Hollande's grand 'interventions' ! The French have been masking their xenophobic racism and Islamophobia behind their perceived Liberalism for too long. Charlie Hebdos cynical humor is a mirror into French society. when you have no qualms about sending your bombers to Africa and the middle-east and rampantly bombing them to pieces you should expect blowback. Its a vicious cycle and innocents as always pay the price.


that may be, but that's an entirely different discussion from whether or not this incident is attributable to refugees, which was the original supposition I was responding to.


We know a little. They believe all gunmen have been killed, though some may be still on the loose. Five was the number reported on BBC. Five. 730 Fi8refighters responded. 46 crews (150 people) for highway safety. 1500 soldiers. 36 hospitals! Five of them. Asymmetrical warfare. Thank god there weren't 50.


I like when we get info/responses from people who "have been there"...from the past... every 'time" is different, but it is important to get a grasp on a blast from the past. Thanks.


??? .... All the events that are currently "happening" in the world today, have multiple layers, with no leaders/governments being with out responsibility... to say that 'some migrants have pushed their luck and have worn out their welcome/??? What about us in Iraq????? All of this is more than sad...the world is in a DESPERATE STATE. No way out... for those stuck in the middle of VIOLENCE, in those countries suffering from the West's intervention... rape of their countries... yes, rape... as they are raping the earth. .. I can find it difficult to wrap my head around such violence as this attack in Paris... but I also have a great and difficult time wrapping my head around all that the U.S and "friends" have done in this area and others around the world... I am sick.