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Shop Stopped: Grocery Store Strike of 31K Workers Receives Support From Warren, Sanders

Shop Stopped: Grocery Store Strike of 31K Workers Receives Support From Warren, Sanders

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Some 31,000 workers walked off the job at Stop & Shop stores across New England Thursday in response to the company cutting wages and benefits, a strike that prompted the support and praise of prominent Democrats and left wing activists.

The strike is the result of a March vote by store union members to walk off the job if a fair contract between the union and the grocery corporation could not be reached during negotiations.


This is what democracy looks like. Power to the people NOW!


I live in new england where stop and shop has a big presence. These jobs all used to be good jobs.

don’t let management fool you. While shopping there one day an “associate” (gotta love that bullshit management term) told me that most of the jobs are part time with no benefits at all … only dept. managers such as produce manager and the executive suite managers are full time employees with benefits.

So management has already been decimating what were once all good middle class jobs. My girlfriends family all made careers out of working in the grocery business.



It’s all about stock values. The CEO’s mostly the sons and daughters of the elites are hired to become CEO’s of corporations and their main goal has been to reduce costs and increase stock value period. They inherently lack compassion or sympathy for those who actually make the profits a reality. Corporate America has become meaner and meaner since 1980 and consequent massive deregulations acquisitions and buyouts pushed hard by the GOP. Prices have jumped sky high on utilities, telephone, hotels (they break down costs and add to the room rates), health insurance, medications, airline tickets (they too break down the costs and add to your ticket price which should cover everything in the first place), just about everything at much higher pace in the last 3 decades I’ve noticed.


Theres another dimension to it too. Owned by a European CONGLOMERATE !?
My first thought was, why don’t these towns and municipalities start setting up access means for local groups to form their own quick shops? Why not create a co-op model for the quick stop and develop an incubator program that sources locally and regionally - creating new jobs that then utilize the spending in the shops to stay in the region generating a 25-30% strengthening of the local economy? This applies to the greater percentage of everything we need in life.

Then I realized, we’re not ‘poor’ we are being systematically IMPOVERISHED.

One way we’re impoverished is the propaganda of fitting into ‘roles’ of vanity/pride ‘wannabe’, rather than dignity of looking around WHERE WE ARE and digging in to make things happen - where we really discover the power and joy of creativity

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Good for the Strikers! Stop and Shop pay crap wages Now, and they want to cut? Good luck getting decent employees. People should walk off the job every day until these greedy CEO’s understand


strikes strikes and more strikes

Seems like I may need to seek training to do just what you mentioned in this little town.

This corporate greed will never end as long as the bottom line is about owner/management profits instead of maintaining a happy, well paid workforce. This has been one of my stands.
It’s why I can never be associated with the capitalist system.

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And I hope the public is respecting the picket lines and boycotting Stop and Shop.

To the politicians that “support” this strike action, get your rear ends out on the picket lines! Talk is CHEAP!!