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Shortly After Trump's 'Shithole' Remarks, DHS Cuts Off Haitians From Seasonal Work Visas

Shortly After Trump's 'Shithole' Remarks, DHS Cuts Off Haitians From Seasonal Work Visas

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"This administration's racist and anti-Black agenda strikes again."

wow. And still the Orange Fuhrer will claim he is the “least racist person in the history of the universe.”

Gotta give him credit - he has taken the Big Lie to stratospheric new heights, which must have Goebbels orgasming in Hell…

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This is really not in the interests of the U.S. as these visas are actually fairly well supervised and benefit everyone. Without doubt this is mean spirited and racist.


Had enough yet?

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Racist comments followed by racist action, don’t normalize racism.

I’m sure that the Haitians willing to work long hours for minimal wages at American resorts will be replaced by Norwegians.

So what happens next?

Will the US hospitality/leisure industry offer higher wages to US citizens to attract workers?
Will the US hospitality/leisure industry raise prices to pay for those workers?

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Take your concern for the “American taxpayer” to the Pentagon, Wall Street and the oil cartels. Immigrants, legal and otherwise, add more to the US economy than they subtract.


I’m sure Goebbels is counting the days till Donnie (little hands) Trump joins him.

Donnie will spend eternity gobbling Goebbels.

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Bravo Mr. Trump, you say.

Now we all know how you feel about people from other countries, so why don’t you tell us a little bit about how you feel about your fellow Americans.

Or, do you have enough Hate in you for them as well?

What happened to you in your life that makes you Hate others different from you?

Enlighten us.


Your grandparents/great grandparents came from another country and immigrated to the U.S., which is the only reason that you are here now.

If the President and citizens of the US at that time had the same shitty, xenophobic attitude that you have today, you wouldn’t even be here to write that shitty, xenophobic sentence. You would be in whatever country your grandparents/great grandparents emigrated from.

Moronic twit. Get back to whatever country you belong to. It sure ain’t the US.

Let us pray that day is not far off.

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Bruno Antony. A nice Italian boy.

A descendant of immigrants who were also called needless burdens on society by their ‘betters.’

Self-reflection isn’t your strong suit, is it?


Mr Trump can migrate his manufacturing operations to low-wage countries cuz capital should be global.

But workers should stay put in countries Mr Trump calls ‘shitholes’ because labor should be confined?

Spoken like a true kisser of the asses of oligarchs.

Oh, and Trump hasn’t deported a single one of the ‘citizens who employ these sad and exploited workers’ as you state. He can’t deport citizens, dude.


You didn’t answer my question, “What happened to you in your life that makes you Hate others that are different than you?”

You articulated Trumps campaign talking points for why he would expel undocumented people so well, now, enlighten us about you.



Keep vomiting up your Fuhrer’s talking points, twit.

Your ancestors immigrated to the US. So can I blame YOUR ancestors for driving down the wages and making the US so shitty? they took away good-paying jobs for Americans that were already here? After all, its all the immigrants’ fault, right? So by your logic, YOUR grandparents/great-grand parents stole American jobs and drove down wages.

I agree with you - you are an immigrant and you should be deported.

Now say “Seig Heil!” loudy and raise your arm toward the Orange fuck that you worship. And then, get the fuck out of my country.

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Whether it’s he 1900s or not, you sound just like a handwringer of yesteryear, because the same anti-immigrant logic never goes out of fashion.

So who’s lowering wages more? The factory owner who moves operations to Viet Nam because US wages are too high, or the poor immigrant who moves here and takes a minimum wage job that a US worker wouldn’t touch?


Well-stated. Trump and his daughter and their ilk outsourcing American jobs to Singapore, so they can pay the workers there $1.00/day to manufacture their shitty clothing lines is what forces American wages downwards - when all the high-quality, skilled manufacturing jobs are gone here and the only thing that is left are shitty service jobs like flipping burgers or manning a drive-thru window at Hardees, the masses are so desperate for work they will take anything, at any wage, in order to compete with the millions of other unemployed, desperate masses. With no union representation to stand up for them, thanks to the same rich elite outsourcing fucks who hold all the cards. THAT’S what drives down wages, not Bruno’s evil immigrants.

But I don’t expect someone who thinks Trump is a great man to be able to grasp such concepts.

Add technology that replaces humans with robots and it isn’t hard to understand why more than half the jobs created since 2009 pay $11/hour or less.

We’ve only experienced full employment once in the neoliberal era. But damn, have the rich gotten richer while everyone else treads water. It’s time to go back to New Deal policies: Strong unions, a strong safety net, higher taxes. 1940-1970 were the only years of broad economic advances across all classes. That the Dems helped Repubs end that era makes me sick.

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Your problem, of course, is that you are completely wrong on the facts. According to the Migration Policy Institute, Haitian immigrant households had a median income of $47,200 in 2015 dollars , compared to $51,500 for foreign-born households and $42,400 for Caribbean households. For comparison, the median income for households headed by the native born was $56,500.

I’d say they are fairly carrying their weight and making a positive contribution to our society and our economy, especially given the fact that they likely start out much further behind on the day they arrive.

Maybe you should try reading or something other edifying activity before spouting this nonsense in public.

Tourism is down since we have Trump…can’t imagine why.