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Shortly After Trump's 'Shithole' Remarks, DHS Cuts Off Haitians From Seasonal Work Visas


Why haven’t any of the Waltons been arrested?


So Bruno, you clearly have “compassion” for the wealthy and the corporations, but absolutely “none” for the poor and unfortunate. Correct?

Do you see this as a quality befitting any human being?

And lastly, do you believe Jesus would see things as you do?


Some people will always support fascism.

How long will it be before you call for the round up of undesirable legal citizens? Let me guess, it’ll be the Muslims first, then us extremists.

You didn’t answer my question above. Cat got your tongue?


N ow that those Haitian people won’t be able to hold jobs in the US, why am I not convinced that white supporters of rump will rush in to fill those jobs that the Haitians would have been taking?


And you Bruno have put your faith in Hitler 2.0.

You still haven’t answered about how you came to Hate others, in your life.

And don’t call me a liberal. I’m a realist.


I do not hate Trump. I do not agree with his White Nationalist, White Supremacist vision of the United States of America.

His Greed and hatred has divided this nation and separated us from our allies. And I am not talking about the two other Terrorist countries we support with weaponry and money, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Your Zeal and Hatred have blinded your vision of a World at Peace.

Are you ex-military, law enforcement?


Oh, Bruno, by the way, I too am white, successful, have blue eyes, a beautiful wife and family.

I just don’t have Hate in “my” heart.


Still haven’t answered my question above. Yet you ask me about Sharia laws. Just wow.


Bruno, I think your tin foil hat must be a little out of kilter.

Does someone pay you to spew this ridiculous nonsense, or do you take full ownership of these idiotic statements?


Still won’t answer. Checkmate.



Your name is not really Bruno is it?

Is that you, Eric Trump?

I saw the clip of you on Fox & Friends where you were defending your father saying he’s the "least"
Racist Person you know.

You said that he doesn’t really see color, and that the only color he cares about is “green.”

That was really a good performance Eric.

Welcome to Common Dreams.

I’m sure that you will get a lot of responses to your racist and xenophobic comments.


You want substance do you?

Well, how about the “Shithole Shutdown” taking place right now, brought to you by the Greedy Parties of the Destructive Duopoly.

That’s right Bruno, I am not one of your "liberals"
defending the Democrats.

Both of these extremely corrupt, corporate dependent parties are responsible for the sad state of our union.

Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Yes, you’ll find more people like yourself elsewhere, people willing to vote against their own interests and willing to sell out their children’s futures.



You really need to stay on you medication as the delusions are getting worse, darling.


You are a winner alright.

Enjoy your win streak Bruno.