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Shot During Live Broadcast, Two Local Journalist Reported Dead in Virginia


Shot During Live Broadcast, Two Local Journalist Reported Dead in Virginia

Common Dreams staff

Two reporters for a local television station in Virginia were reportedly killed Wednesday morning amid an incident that involved gunfire during a live broadcast.


Network news is already bringing up the idea that this might be Islamic terrorism. My bet would be a simple but tragic jilted male stalker killing the object of his obsession. I have no evidence for that, but I think that would be far, far more likely than an Islamic terrorist in rural Virginia. More of Keith Olbermann's "Nexus of Politics and Terror" theory.



CNN Breaking News:

March 14, 2018 - Four hundred and twenty seven persons were just murdered on live television moments ago by fully automatic weapons fire.

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I thought the same thing. Guess we'll see when the police catch the shooter. Who in the world would think to do such a thing? Utterly sad and senseless..


Perhaps you should READ the story.


When I posted my comment, they had not ID'd the shooter as a former employee of the TV station. But I was right that it was not Islamic terrorism, but a workplace shooting, something we haven't seen much of lately.


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Great. A black former employee who planned the murders because of the Charleston murders. Apparently posted a "manifesto" where he stated he wanted to start a race war and admiration for the Virginia Tech mass killer Cho. What the hell. What is this world coming to?


What the hell has the USA come to? Most of the ROTW is sane.


Geez, there they go again.
People feel slighted (or bullied, insulted, run off their jobs) and feel they have to exact vengeance or defend their honor. What individuals need to develop (aside from a less competitive cutthroat mentality in the workplace) is IMPULSE CONTROL (anger management?).
Workplace bullying is a continuum of school bullying, for grownups, and we see what happened at Columbine and other schools. Hostile environments in which one is marginalized or tormented stress out the person taking the brunt of it. Coping mechanisms fly out the window. One can only take so much.
I would never condone violence as a solution to being crapped on by people, or much of anything else. But one thing is certain - stop bullying people in the workplace, and if you don't like someone just leave them alone or try to be civil. Otherwise, when someone gets pushed far enough, watch out!
By the way I've worked in journalism before - these people are sharks! It is about the most competitive business out there.


Oh yeah, no one ever does anything bad in the rest of the world. I forgot.


It is not clear from the reports whether the shooter was bullied or bully at the workplace that resulted in his firing, guess we will find out. I initially thought it must have been a jilted lover deal, didnt think of a workplace beef deal. Tragic.


Tragic indeed. I was out all day and didn't hear anyone talking about this until I hit Common Dreams. Guess generally speaking, certain people take to violent reactions to workplace bullying, or they are the bullies themselves.
I don't worry too much about getting caught in a workplace shooting or other public shooting scenario. What I wonder is what kind of martial reaction/crackdown could take place in our society if public shootings like this continue at the pace they are.


Allow me to amend my comment. Most of the ROTW is sane, most of the time. The USA presents a rather sad image, with around 12000 murders per year.


As John Stewart's words, "...this isnt the time to discuss guns...". Enough said.


Another hate filled insane malcontent who wants to go out in a blaze of bullets. These jerks, white or black are determined to start a race war; they may succeed. He purposely chose his victims while they were on live TV for more coverage plus he had a go-pro camera on his head so he could post the slaughter to the Internet. Insanity and easy access to guns, how uniquely American. Sadly, more future copycat shooters are out there just waiting for their 15 seconds of infamy.


Good point! Nazi Germany had a very low crime rate ( 10,000 plus criminals and dissidents went to their creepy electric guillitine) but I don't think I would have liked living there. I don't know how the balance is going to work out.


Fair enough! I saw where Norwegian police fired exactly two shots in the entire country, for an entire year. No one was hurt. Wish we could be more like that...