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Shot In the Head, His Back to Soldiers


Shot In the Head, His Back to Soldiers

Israeli forces shot and killed Muhammad Habali, a 22-year-old disabled man, as he walked home from work during one of Israel's almost nightly raids in the West Bank in search of "wanted" Palestinians and potential "terrorists" - like, say, a "simple and quiet" man who worked in a coffee shop and was "always helping people." To the willfully incognizant CNN et al: Daily, nightly, this is Palestinians' "actual horrific reality on the ground," from river to sea.


I can’t even finish reading this report. I can only say that I hope there IS a Hell afterlife and that the Israeli government and its coward murderous corps burn there forever. My condolences to yet another Palestinian family.


Video of the first degree murder of disabled Muhammad Habali



The utterly depraved indifference to Palestinian (and other) lives is shown vividly by this racist execution. The contempt by the zionist entity and leadership for world opinion and International Law is masked by a faux “religious” cloak to defend the indefensible, coupled with a subversion of other nations.

The complicity of the trump regime, Congress, and media in covering-up such atrocities, treason’s, and crimes against humanity by the zionist entity and its goon IDF racist killers is also shown clearly for what it is.

The culture of lies and “religious” racist mental illness and arrogant exceptionalism…overt claimed and demonstrated racist “religious” supremacy is clear for all of truthful examination to see.

The subversion of world and especially American society, politics, mass media, and governance by the pro-Israel at-any-cost extremist killers is clear.

The neo-nazi mentality and racist crimes against Palestinians, rather than the nazi crimes against Jews and many other groups has come full circle, and we are witnessing the same crimes, same, intolerance, same, supremacist drivel, and same turning a blind eye by some of the rest of the world as we saw before…the victims have become the perpetrators.

BDS! Stop the Murders and ethnic cleansing of Palestine!


Apparently the only thing the Israeli Jews learned from the Holocaust of the Second World War was technique. A technique on how to perpetrate another Holocaust on the Palestinian people.

BiBi, himself a criminal, leads a criminal nation with their “final solution” for the Palestinian people. Sieg Heil, BiBi


COWARDS one and all within the government and military forces of the Palestine occupiers.
Lest we forget, this is who’s training our police forces.
Isn’t it about time for the trolls paid for by the occupiers, to show up and tell us how demonic the Palestine people are for resisting the theft of their land and their enslavement ?


They will be here, unfortunately they tend to be running a tad late on account of so many people around the world waking up to the reality of their nazi like regime, so they are a bit overworked.


Abby, you are an anti-Semite (and, therefore, a self-hating Jew) under the official definition (1) that they recently beat Jeremy Corbyn up with. You are singling Israel out for merely doing what every other liberal democratic nation-state does to its troublesome elements - for example, the liberal democratic USA’s perfectly legitimate cleansing of its interior of those troublesome savage red-Indian tribes (2)

(1) https://www.holocaustremembrance.com/working-definition-antisemitism

(2) Not making this up! The Israeli historian Benny Morris actually made this argument in one of his books.


But remember Yunzer-----most of the Jewish people in Israel are not semites–they are American, or French or Polish, Russian eastern European---- and Etihopia probably has a lot of African semites there are Arab semitic Jews, but for some reason, the actual semites are treated very badly. So the idea of a race makes no sense but the idea of a philosophy or a religious belief is probably more true.
So really, the world’s semites appear to be everywhere but in Israel. In fact, nowadays, if Israel calls someone an anti-semite it probably means that Israel does not like what a person has said.This explains why some people in Congress and AIPAC are trying to take away part of the the First Amendment re: Free Speech and a Free Press. The right of people to support BDS too. So as Israel gets more US money than most Americans, they should probably be happy about that and leave the First Amendment alone, : )

I don’ think Abby is a self hating Jew-----Abby cares about all people, especially those who are being murdered by a Goliath that used to be a David. : (


They have their Netanyahu we have our Trump. When you encourage goons thugs and punks to run a country you get goons thugs and punks running the country. The crowd is not representative of the world Jewish population.


My comment was 100 percent sarcastic irony - except the note 2 at the bottom…

And that that published “definition” must be making the lexicographers of the world laugh out loud…

Yes, Israelis and their friends in the US really think their atrocities are “only doing what any other liberal democracy does”


Hi Yunzer: well then maybe you need a new introductory sentence to clarify that : )

such as "OMG, now some will be calling Abby "a self hating Jew.: Can we stop this insanity,
because remember too , MBS is a semite so maybe that semite definition becomes meaningless now. : )