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Shot In the Head: What Kind of Boundless Evil Is This, America?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/12/24/shot-head-what-kind-boundless-evil-america


We defeated hitler and his nazis
And sent them to hell where they belong

Only to elect our own fascist and his ss

When will they be met with the Justice
They so emphatically deserve


Exactly the same sort of thing that the Waffen SS used to do. This also is an insult to the legacy of the Nuremburg and subsequent trials that hanged these sort of people.

What Trump is doing is providing huge evidence that the ability of the President to pardon must be curtailed, or subject to a Congressional committee’s approval. Like this is right of the divine right of kings. I thought we booted a monarchy a long time ago.


And a reminder that sister to Erik Prince of Blackwater evil,
DeVos, was appointed Secretary to Education, an indication
of where the Pentagon and corporate state want to take America’s
public schools, and Biden’s rejection of Fenwick is not changing


All together now, “USA! USA! USA!”


Trump is on his way out. After he’s gone people will realize that what he’s been doing all locks in and then it will sink in that we’ve been misled by both parties and their good cop bad cop routine.

Is it self-destructive to the Democratic Party to allow this bullshit? Yes, its suicidal. They are intentionally destroying their own future, by partnering with Trump to do this.


You don’t realize why they are privatizing education? It has nothing to do with Trump.

What happened in 1994, what international deal did we join?

The World Trade Organization.


Most of these Blackwater Mercs were ex-Military , if not all.

That is the kind of people the US Military trains and has in their forces and it the type of people that all those minions salute when they rise to their feet to “honor their service” at some Football game.

How can anyone “honor their service” ?


“If only I had a rocket launcher, some son of a bitch will die…”-Bruce Cockburn
That was one of the hardest 25 minutes I’ve ever endured. Boundless Evil. Yeah, that pretty well describes every and all military actions taken by the US over 200 years. And all the civilian vigilante actions against innocent civilian Indigenous and black peoples.
Justice? In the US? Puleeze, don’t make me laugh. Them that’s got the gold makes the rules. The rest of us can be collateral damage whenever we become inconvenient to them.
Read the real history, starting with anything by Howard Zinn…


The merchants of War have never changed over the millennia

Money, Money, Money, no matter who bleeds

Cheney is a good personification of this

And they turn our most excellent Prodigy into murderous oppressors

There is no Honor in War
As a method of settling disputes it’s time is Long Past
And it is quite Illegal by any Law

There is now only the Courage and Compassion of the Peace Seekers to save us


A description from 1637 from a person who participated in the Pequot massacre.

"Captaine Mason entring into a Wigwam, brought out a fire-brand, after he had wounded many in the house, then he set fire on the West-side where he entred, my selfe set fire on the South end with a traine of Powder, the fires of both meeting in the center of the Fort blazed most terribly, and burnt all in the space of halfe an houre; many couragious fellowes were unwilling to come out, and fought most desperately through the Palisadoes, so as they were scorched and burnt with the very flame, and were deprived of their armes, in regard the fire burnt their very bowstrings, and so perished valiantly: mercy they did deserve for their valour, could we have had opportunitie to have bestowed it; many were burnt in the Fort, both men, women, and children, others forced out, and came in troopes to the Indians, twentie, and thirtie at a time, which our souldiers received and entertained with the point of the sword; downe fell men, women, and children, those that scaped us, fell into the hands of the Indians, that were in the reere of us; it is reported by themselves, that there were about foure hundred soules in this Fort, and not above five of them escaped out of our hands

John Mason still has a statue erected in his honor for that massacre unless it has since been removed.

The great crime of those “heathen Pequots” ? They lived on lands that the settlers from Europe claimed that their God had granted them. Where did I hear that tale before?


Time to push for the International Criminal Court to hold trails on all of the War Criminals.
Start with Erik Prince and his Mercenaries.
Don’t stop until ALL of the criminals are tried and justice is served.

But that will not happen because Biden will not let justice anywhere near.
Because then Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Cheney, Rice, and all the rest could be tried and found guilty.


These animals are the “troops” that Americans love to support. Sure they were mercenaries but they were Americans hired to do troop proxy work. The truth of American war crimes being told to the World was the reason Manning was sentenced to thirty years and the reason Assange rots in a UK hellhole. The US is a shameful piece of work and detested by the World!


Shoot them in the head, pulverize them with bombs and missiles, starve them to death with economic sanctions. What’s the difference? This is what it takes to keep the U.S. in control of the valuable resources that belong to other nations.

As Madeline Albright said about killing 500,000 Iraqi children with economic sanctions, "“We think the price is worth it.”


The law and order president at work.


Our 'hero’s are basically just paid killers defending corporate freedom to ravage other countries of their resources. Modern day Vikings glorifying the most brutal killers.


Found guilty in our dreams.

The saddest thing is this:
Trump set them free----just what and when and where is Trump going to use them?


Remember Toby Keith “we’ll put a boot up your ass” song. It was quite popular. Scary.


good point. I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks.

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