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'Should Be Ashamed': After Installing Barrett, McConnell Adjourns Senate for Recess With No Covid Relief in Sight

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/27/should-be-ashamed-after-installing-barrett-mcconnell-adjourns-senate-recess-no-covid


The ruthless and shameless cannot feel shame. Prepare, organize for effective actions.


Moscow Mitch, Kremlin Mitch, Derpasaka’s Mitch, the Grim Reaper, or any of the other nicknames you can call him are all intended to reveal the obvious truth that he is a traitor to America and the American people.
His handling of the impeachment trial, his refusal to seat Obama’s SCOTUS nominee, getting in bed with Russian mobsters, blocking COVID relief legislation while ramming through Handmaid’s placement just in time for the election, his wife’s channeling of money from communist China, and on and on.
He only cares about right-wing power, serving Fuhrer Trump, and enriching himself.
And he is a co-conspirator with Trump in the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, in their poverty and despair, and the destruction of what was good about America.


Why would he be ashamed? The people who need the relief are not in the 1%… AND a good portion of them are Democrats.


The Upside to this… At least, the agenda demanded by the Controlling Powers is in the spotlight once again… Mitch is a good soldier and knows who his paymaster is…Amy, too… How shameful to accept the nomination from Trump…that speaks loudly about her character and morals… To get to this spot for her and what she has given up or signed onto in exchange…truly shameful, but she too has been groomed for this spot… this ending just as with Kavanaught was truly not surprising from the start… MAGA


Take off the gloves, hold your nose, get down in the mud with them, kick 'em in the 'nads and gouge their eyes out. Quit bringing a spoon to a knife fight and get a machine gun. Out Lindsay Graham before the election. He is a deeply-closeted gay man who has patronized underage male prostitutes. Search “Lady G Lindsay Graham”. If we can scandalize enough blue-haired ladies from S. Carolina Baptist churches to walk away from the election, it’s close enough we can take him down. All is fair in love and this war! Yes, we play their game, because if the situation were reversed they would not hesitate to do it to us.


Any doubts about Republicans, anymore? Nihilism in its purest form. Don’t even think “bipartisan.” These alien creatures must be shunted from power ASAP. Every effort to oust and discredit them will not be enough. Talk about “existential threats!”


Damn shame the Dems didn’t run anyone noticeably different from McConnell against him.

What the GOP is hoping to learn is that they can literally tell 90 percent of the country to suck it and still win. If that happens, the pillaging should intensify nicely. And much of this gift will come courtesy of an “opposition” party that hews so strongly in policy agreement with them that they can’t distinguish themselves in any way that matters to half the electorate.

Just going to be glad when this next week or so is over so we can get a preview from the DNC as to what the next cycles Fear Follies are going to be. Now that’s exciting! Going to be really hard to top 2020’s terror buffet.


Yeah, you’d THINK we’d have a real hard time LOSING any election to such BLATANT, obvious, SMUG slime like this? If Trump only got 27% of all potential votes (against Hillary!), you’d think we’d be able to take the Senate, pass Universal Healthcare (which now, seems pretty damn “pragmatic” and affordable in retrospect, huh?) Pass an infrastructure “jobs” program reflecting the Market’s incredible rebound, largely based upon equities of products & services condusive to efficiency, renewable, regenerative, SMART, online, resilient recovery, largely envisioned in the original Green New Deal? How could snybody LOSE against churls willing to murder 300K (excess deaths) to flip their homes, rob or indenture millions with chronic illness, organ failure and unimaginably blatant ER, ICU PhARMA… surprise, out of network bills? Who could so alienate tens-of-millions of betrayed working folks, cynically victimized minorities and fed-up voters?


The evidence is overwhelming that fascists have deliberately dispersed Covid throughout the most remote, rural corners of USA. Orangeman long ago said that when times are bad, people like him make lots of money. Spread the bug freely, and our system is structured such that any kind of severe disruption can only enrich our overlords, the PTB. In that sense, the ravages of Covid imposed on us are the perfection of pillage. That pillage, having limits only in the physical flesh of the electorate, intensifies horrifically as we speak. Very much present tense.

We hear the prognostication that, should the goons lose, they’ll spend the next three months intensifying their destruction. Well the epidemiological damage already, especially the upward slope thereof, is already awful beyond most powers of estimation. It’s the rural ubiquity of this bug now, which has become very thorough, and cannot be revoked.

The most ominous token of the trouble we’re in is test-positivity, as tracked by Johns Hopkins. It keeps rising to insane levels (all the way up to 100.0% positivity in Mississippi, which apparently hardly ever tests anyone), and then continuing to get even worse. All sixteen state outbreaks in the most trouble – except for Mississippi, having hit the top – just keep chugging along with alarming, unsparing rises in positivity: Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Utah, Nebraska, Alabama, Iowa, Nevada, Kansas, North Dakota, Colorado, Pennsylvania.

Red and blue up and down arrows in the last column of JH’s chart show, at a glance, how widespread this rise is among all the states. USA’s national outbreak is taking off from the launchpad of its third, and by far worst surge. The steepness of our third surge, as well as positivity, is most cruelly concentrated in rural heartlands of USA’s heartland – simmering in smoke like an already overdone steak:



Why does any sane person expect the conservatives to feel shame for aggressively pursuing their agenda? Their agenda is to affect minority control of the levers of wealth and power (themselves) and to exploit, control and disenfranchise the majority (everyone else) and they effectively achieve their goal, not so much because they are smarter or more popular but primarily because the democratic side of our two party system has been compromised and infiltrated by conservatives. A bird with a strong wing and a weak wing flies in circles. As long as the rich can purchase boths sides of a two party system the majority who are not rich will not have representation.


I respectfully beg to disagree. THIRD surge ? The usa never got over the first one.


There is absolutely no opposition to the right in the system and the right, donors, control both parties. Empty, horrible people like Kristol and Rubin have gravitated towards the Democrats too. Rahm and Biden want to make that permanent. Let’s call it what it is; class war. Which Democratic politician in power is in your class?


And this pillaging will be a redux of the 2008 mortgage crisis, only this time the 401k accounts of “average Joes” will be raided to pay for REIT (real estate investment trust) losses. A quick perusal of the post-IPO history of Invitation Homes, Stephen Schwartzman’s Blackstone creation, will verify that.

FWIW, I appreciate you keeping up on this issue.

As for my own area of academic study and fascination, that’s proving to be some pretty good theory getting stress-tested right now, too.

Every scholar of revolution and rebellion is watching our elites carefully. It’s the number one historical sign of impending collapse.


I can say this to you (privately, please don’t share this with anyone!) because… because I trust you to refrain from twisting the following observation beyond all recognition: To me a landslide for Biden, followed shortly by SC-backed electoral theft, look quite likely for us. That would leave us with just two choices: continue getting trampled to death as worn-out doormats, or else initiate an historic slave rebellion, with a general strike. That rebellion, once triggered, will likely be impossible to contain or predict. At any rate, the trigger seems impending, now.

I’m reading a fascinating biography of Napolean, who strode through French history at a time when they’d just renamed the months of the year, days of the ten-day week, the works… with the year-count starting over at year one (the metric system has its origins in that labyrinthine French Revolution). The reason behind all that recalibration of time: French society, at all different levels, felt they were starting over from scratch, that nothing which had previously occurred in history had any relevance. The year one.


if courts intervene to steal the election, the deep split needed for historical opportunity will almost certainly occur. Then it’s all bets are off and may be the sharpest hatchet win.

the tragedy, as always, is that it didn’t have to be this way. But it never does.


You also disagree with CDC’s 7-day moving average, which I’m taking as a data baseline. After all, if we throw out absolutely all the science and data, we all land on our butts in flat-out denialism. Scientifically – the sense in which I use the word “surge” – there are exactly three surges, according to CDC, along with two intervening statistical fades. Excluding initial weeks when infections are low enough to form a flatline at current scales:

  1. Surge One: March 14 to April 12
  2. Fade One: April 13 to June 15
  3. Surge Two: June 16 to July 13
  4. Fade Two: July 14 to Sept 12
  5. Surge Three: Sept 13 to present (scooping steepward, as we speakward)


I’m not sure what people expected here, but I think Nancy pelosi should have pointed out that the House already passed a coronavirus relief package back in May 2020. That Mitch McConnell refused to take up the bill passed by the House back in May, is important tell the American people.

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JMAC: I strongly believe anyone on the political left needs to hammer the stark, blatant facts of what the Right-wing party is truly all about: Money and more money as it allows the party(the Rethuglicons in the party) to buy, steal, corrupt your party into power.

What are these individuals that do this sort of thing? What are these people who screw everyone else who have less so that they have total control to enact their selfish, sadistic agenda?? Answer: Sociopathic/Psychopathic/Narcissists. This is who you are if you vote for 45 and any member of the Rethuglicon party in America.

2 people I heard recently answer who they want in political power, one whose friend falsely claimed their friend was a “progressive”, both people said they will still–after all 45 and the Rethugs are doing to us and our government, are going to still vote Rethuglicon, vote for 45 because of the way they like their stock portfolios under 45. That’s it. WTF. Really.

Money. To Rethugs, it’s more important than life, or true happiness. They are taking care of, f*** everyone else! Only Sociopaths/Psychopaths/Narcissists think this way.