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Should Henry Kissinger Mentor a Presidential Candidate?


Should Henry Kissinger Mentor a Presidential Candidate?

Medea Benjamin

At the February 11 Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had a spirited exchange about an unlikely topic: the 92-year old former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Sanders berated Clinton for saying that she appreciated the foreign policy mentoring she got from Henry Kissinger.


In a word, Kissinger is a monster.

It's a sad commentary on the degradation of our public discourse that an acolyte of his would not immediately be disqualified from any major office.


Kissinger. Albright , Clinton.

All part of a mutual admiration society. How on earth can any decent person support Ms Clinton as President given the company she keeps and the people she admires?

I would really like that question put to Gloria Steinem.


Really, someone should have elucidated that Kissinger was brought into the
government by one of the most vicious and lying Republican administrations
ever selected. So, she was praising a Republican during the debate. No one pointed
that out. Meanwhile, Hillary gets to insinuate that Bernie Sanders is untrue to "Obama's legacy." Wow.


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Thank you Bernie Sanders for raising real issues. And thank you Democracy Now and the Intercept for calling out Hillary Clinton and who is backing her.-----How could anyone be supporting Con. Gregory Meeks of New York? He runs a pac that takes money from the private prison industry,big pharma-pushing heroin,and wall street---------we need real reporting on this legalized bribery of politicians.

And of course the corporate media ignores what Sanders said about Iran and Cambodia.


Yeah, get in line you independent thinkers! She can beat the repugs by almost as much as Sanders can. And she's a woman!


It's the Hawks vs the Doves. Maybe she's betting on the Hawks. Lord knows there"s plenty of them out there. And, since weapons sales keep us out of the poor house, well, who knows, she could try and lure the aging dragon from his den for one more bloodthirsty rampage.


Cannibalizing the party??? The party's over dude! Pigs really can't fly, and lies are meager nourishment for a starved populace. You should join the GOP, as centrism is indistinguishable from conservatism. Just sayin'. As Grant moved his army into the confederate stronghold the order was: "Reposition to the left flank."


It was Clinton who took pride in her association with the sociopathic Kissinger.

Shame on you for not noticing the DLC as it eviscerated the Democratic Party.


It was Gerald Ford speaking from the Oval Office after he assumed the Presidency who sat before the television cameras and told America it was time to move forward and leave the dark times behind.

Same old story.


I am not stressed. You are the one who said we Sanders supporters should be ashamed. Ashamed of what? For recognizing that Bill and Hillary are shills of Wall Street? At 62 I am not going to, whether she is the eventual nominee or not, support someone who is anathema to everything I believe is true. So, how about this? Super delegate Clinton into the candidacy and watch your champion get pasted by any of the clowns of the GOP. Having voted Democrat all my life I don't really want to see the party devolve into non-relevance. But if it happens it won't be my doing.


Yup. We the People are taking whats left of the 'Democrat' party back.


Even worse, she is praising an individual, who arguably has more murders staining his tar-black soul, as we Catholics say, than anyone except, maybe, Hitler - 2-3 million murdered by Kissinger in Indochina, at least a million in Indonesia, a half million in East Timor, Hundreds of thousands in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

In the NAME OF GOD! This man is long, long overdue for a BULLET IN THE BRAIN and a stake through his heart - and then we must stand on his grave until we are sure he is dead!

Yet the vile Hillary brags about being this monsters friend???


This one reason I like Bernie at the personal level. While older than most of the others running he does not restrain himself from making statements that break convention.


You must be young and don't know anything about the monster Kissinger, don't you? If you need some kind of one-on-one story to make it more personal, please google th name "Victor Jara." For now just listen to this:

But please stop you Canuckish condescending pontificating. Canada is the place were true radical ideas and passion get stifled and absorbed into a Borg-like liberal mush.


The Democratic Party as a party of the people is dead. Past time to bury it along with its leadership. Let the revolution begin under new leadership. Bernie Sanders is our voice; we are it's engine. A new dawning is near. Long live the new United States of America.


Hillary is sick; Kissinger is as serial killer. Both should be reviled by decent Americans; Kissinger tried by American and International courts. We have a long way to go but justice once begun will roll forward, unstoppable in its might.


Hill also likes GW Bush---asked about him she stated He was Charming.

After meeting with Rupert Murdock Hill got lots of photos of Bush in crowded situation with Hill cavorting and smiling,usually at a top location in the pic.
Lots of photos with Bill in play with GW, , sometimes along with others.
But the close fondness of the Clintons and Bush's definitely bewildering.

Add to that Obama's giving a medal to 'Bush sr and his praise of the Senior Bush as the Pres who made a "Kinder, Gentler America" is also bewildering--did " O" not know of the invasion of Panama to get Noriega into a quiet undisclosed location--and the orchestration of Gulf War #1.

All forgotten.
I would like to read of a private interview of Noriega by someone ---like Taibbi
It would make the fly on the wall so happy.


The drug and insurance companies saw how huge a profit center too-big-to-fail bailouts are for banks. Ever since Obama signed ACA in 2010 there has been a series of mergers and acquistions approved by his justice department to create mega drug and mega insurance companies who will also get lucrative taxpayer funded bailouts when they stage the next crash.

Seeing how Walmart has been the largest employer in more than half of the 50 states, they are also too-big-to-fail and will get bailed out.