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Should Progressives Unify with the Democratic Party Establishment? Hell No!


Should Progressives Unify with the Democratic Party Establishment? Hell No!

Jeff Cohen

In countless ways over the last 35 years, our society has become less economically equal and more dominated by corporate power. Less just and more jailed. Vast urban and rural areas decline as government subsidizes economic elites. Funds for education and social services are under constant threat while funding for war and surveillance seems limitless.

These trends have persisted no matter which major party dominated Washington.


"If it’s a contest between Trump and Clinton, I support a "safe-state voting" tactic, where you can cast a protest vote or a Green Party vote in most of the country, but you vote against Trump by voting for Clinton in the dozen “swing states” where polls show a close race."

Excellent advice. A message is sent but you still try to defeat Trump.


Others have posted this, as have I, and each time I read a piece like this, I will post it if no one else does, I will not vote for this woman Mr. Cohen:


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I fear Hillary more than Tump. Trump doesn't believe half of what he says-- who knows what he really thinks. But I do know what she thinks; She's owned by Wall Street, loves war and only stands up for women when doing so benefits her. I will not vote for Clinton under any circumstances. If Trump gets to be president, that is on the DNC. Bernie or Bust.


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The title got me excited, then as I read along, it turned out much, much lamer than expected. Vote for Bernie, else vote for Hillary. Then go out and do something. Well, how about we do something now and stop pandering to the DNC! There are already good alternatives Mr Cohen. The Green Party is alive and well, their 10-point platform aligns fully with the points you identify with the progressive left.


The article another attempt to garner support for HRC by suggesting it would still leave a powerful and potent Progressive movement.

This is false. This is exactly how Socialism defeated in the USA in the 1930's to all but vanish from the Political spectrum. This is surrender and not a victory.

The peoples that support Sanders have more power outside a Clinton regime than as a part of it even were a Trump in power.


Sorry, Jeff, i usually like your articles.

But we all know what progressives breathing down a Third Way's neck looks like--a big finger and a slap in the face.

I am so over Democrats if Bernie doesn't get it.


Yes. I'm seriously considering Indies as my party. they at least got someone on the ballot and in the debates before. Imagine if Bernie had been able to run on the I ballot and get the attention he's getting.

Maybe if enough of us move, we can get a candidate on the ballot (Bernie?) that will really fight in 2020.

IF Bernie doesn't pull this out. You just never know.


Either the Democratic Party "leadership" get their heads out of their collective ass and realize Hillary Clinton is a sure loser, and support a sure winner in Bernie Sanders or continue down the path to destruction!

Is there no rational voice in the party that can see the obvious truth and only choice? The new poll numbers give Trump already a 5 point advantage over the despised Clintons! Sanders leads trump by double digits!
Only a fool or complete idiot/moron would stick with a sure loser when a sure winner is generating such great momentum across the political spectrum!
Bernie or Bust!



My personal plan b is write in Bernie Sanders for president and Tulsi Gabbard for vice president.

More regime changes and back room trade deals are not acceptable.

Medicare for all. Free education at any age. No cap on social security tax. Sustainable energy and conservative energy use. Lesser evilism won't convince me again.


Here is another scenario: The Demo establishment continues to screw Bernie and the american people leading to a replay of the 1968 convention and a loss to Trump. I say bring it on! Better a fascist in the white house we can identify clearly than a faux progressive war criminal. Better civil war with Trump than nuclear war with Killary.

So we get four years of Trump and build a viable third party, either Green or new like the Pirate Party in Iceland. Let the so called "Democratic" party rot in its well deserved "special place in hell."

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." John F. Kennedy


Oh yeah, and Bernie supporting Tulsi for president in 2020 running on a third party ticket.


Suppose that Clinton was genuinely committed to doing her best to serve interests that you think should matter. Even then, sooner or later, she'll pull something like the Nevada DNC, because that's her modus operandi. And that effectively negates your ability to make a positive change, because it disrupts the attempt to bring up and solve problems, discourages and harms people who are central to the process. So even in the most optimistic world you can imagine, where she's trying to help good causes instead of harm them, she interferes with and undermines those causes. Saying that Trump is "worse" at that point is just sugar to make you feel better.

How can people not feel helpless in a world in which the Clinton campaign doesn't tear itself down out of outrage at its own actions? Here's a campaign that was fomenting actual violence at a campaign event, and then blaming the other party for it, because apparently a campaign supported by top-caliber rights activists isn't peaceful enough for the Clinton clan. Imagine the effect of the same dirty tactics used against, say, another nation, where the people are more typical, and where the lives of everyone in the country is at stake. I wonder what would happen then? Oh, that's right, we don't have to wonder, because it's happened over and fucking over, and always when Clinton was on hand. Is it a coincidence that Arab Spring violence ramped up when Clinton stepped in? Or that ceasefires began to take hold after she left? How people are not more serious about find a way to keep her useless, uncaring self out of politics is beyond me.


Sorry Jeff, the lesser evilism just don't cut it this time - Dems should have thought about this possibility before they screwed us and betrayed our issues and leaders so many times!
The Bill Clinton - Obama - Hillary triumvirate of corporate/banker/wall st/uber-wealthy service, and the shabby, contemptible treatment of Bernie Sanders is not forgivable!

"you hold your nose and you vote Democrat. I don’t think there’s any other rational choice."
"One can "hold your nose and vote Democrat" – tactically – without becoming a Democratic Party hack or a Clinton apologist" - Really Jeff?

You should have ended your piece with the first part "Hell No"! - before this appeal to moral sell-out to defeat Trump - the stench in the nose is just too great.
The die is cast, and millions will never vote Clinton regardless the potential, or even likelihood, of something worse! The Dem Party must change this time! Either they, and we all lose with the despised Hillary fraud, or they adopt Bernie Sanders as candidate and we all win - except for the establishment corporate whores!


It's the WORST of sexism to focus on the woman's appearance. Her political record is what counts and what should be discussed.

I tire of this.

Many who post here are overt or closet misogynists. (I am NOT a supporter of Mrs. Clinton but as a Feminist, I find that attacks on THIS level to be detrimental to women, in general.)

And once again what is the probability that out of 20+ posters who post here on a daily basis (it's not a big number in spite of the ILLUSION of flexibly utilized screen names), there'd be a crowd of closet Trump supporters.

The analogy between Trump support and misogyny is also seamless.



"Either the Democratic Party "leadership" get their heads out of their collective ass and realize Hillary Clinton is a sure looser, and support a sure winner in Bernie Sanders or continue down the path to destruction!"

How many times must it be stated that the term LOOSE means not fitting snugly. The term LOSE means the opposite of win.

It would be sore loser!


Back in 2012, Albertans faced a similar "lesser evil" situation, where people were encouraged to vote Progressive Conservative to thwart the admittedly batshit-crazy Wildrose Party. We got the Alison Redford PC government -- arguably the worst provincial government ever. Voting for the lesser evil just gets you evil.