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'Should Send Shockwaves Across the Nation': Grave Warnings as McConnell Accelerates Right-Wing Takeover of US Courts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/01/should-send-shockwaves-across-nation-grave-warnings-mcconnell-accelerates-right-wing


How in the hell can one man have so much power? to decide what bills gets to the floor? and how come when Democrats are in control nothing really gets done. Ah, yes we got a watered down heathcare and some regulations that were so easily destroyed.

WTF oh I know dems that have the power are corporatists


This is F, ing outrageous !!! Its going to take a long time to recover from these evil bastards !
Moscow Mitch should be tarred and featherd in the public square with Trump and Pence once they lose the election.


I guess I’m going to have to learn how to tweet so I can send Moscow Mitch a message…one answer is cram the courts full of suits against the actions of the courts, sue the courts themselves and log jam them so tight they can’t move.


Schumer is pathetic.


With all the swamp creatures that Hair Twitler has packed the courts with, my question is- what does it take to purge corrupt judges? How do we get rid of them once the orange turd has been flushed down his golden toilet?


So why is CD telling us about a horrible event that has already taken place?


A macabre Carnival of Ghouls lusting for power who do not care one wit about the nation. With existential threats affecting us all we need to grow a spine and do as they are doing in Puerto Rico.


One of the classic hallmarks of fascism is the seizing of the judiciary as soon as the fascists come into power. It started with the appointment of Kavanaugh to the US SC and now continues nationwide with placement of right-wing judges. We are well on our way becoming an openly fascist state. There is a well organized movement out there, "Refuse Fascism!’, strong in numbers and dedicated to fighting the US fascists…


I recall another horrible event so far not mentioned on CD:


Gosh…more evidence that Corporate State Democrats see all this as, well, they just can’t lose! Loss/win calculations all come down to money and power and their intention to be in that league and play that oh so fascinating game they are playing.

The rest of us…could die in the gutter for all they care. As per societal outcome as a consequence of their boundless greed? With enough money any morality will do nicely. For instance, it is likely that most are actually okay with the LGBTQ community, if not part of it. But would the possible danger to that community of a hostile judge really sway them? No, because they don’t consider themselves part of the general community where they have to worry about any form of oppression. For that security and reassurance they just look at their position of wealth and power, and how many commas there are in their total worth.

With enough money in this country, you get your own justice and your own societal norms…your choice.

The masses? Not so much.

In other words, Schumer and his ilk couldn’t care less about the future bent of the courts.


Good Question. Heres an intro from the Brennan Center
Impeachment and Removal of Judges: An Explainer
With links to state laws for state courts and a whole slew of areas to explore.


They’ll dismiss all of those cases by saying that you don’t have ‘standing’.

I suspect these new judges are part of the Christian Reconstructionist movement, or whatever it’s called these days. Their main goal is to make the US a theocracy. Their law degrees are probably fresh from Liberty University or some other “Christian” law school. Their modus operandi has been to take over local governments such as school boards, then move on to state government, finally to federal. And, my goodness, in just forty short years, they have done so. The next few years will be ugly, as we decide whether to break bad and go against their agenda, or just hope we can ride it out.


We can’t count on Pelosi impeaching Republican judges even if they stray from ‘good behavior’. Pelosi wouldn’t impeach W, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc., even when Democrats had majorities in both houses and the transgressions were not just ‘high crimes’, but were crimes against humanity.

She’s just not an impeachy-keen girl.


I posted a long time ago during the shocking and awful attack on Iraq, that Amerika was a covertly fascist state in it’s murderous agenda of empire in it’s foreign policies and it was just a matter of time until Amerika would become an overtly fascist state in it’s domestic policies…what I said then is now coming true.


Three points:

(1)–Obviously the Democratic (sic) Party’s Wall Street despots are depending on the Republican (ChristoNazi) judiciary to terminate – FOREVER – any real shift toward humanitarian governance.

(2)–The Democratic (sic) strategy is clearly intended to discourage voting by those of us who understand the Trump/Pence Regime, its wholly owned Robbers’ Court and all the regime’s lesser judiciary appointments have already locked the United States into unassailable (and therefore permanent) ChristoNazi tyranny. It is “unassailable” because ALL progressive efforts will be rejected as unconstitutional; it is “permanent” because the ChristoNazi courts will ensure pro-Republican (Christo-Nazi) gerrymandering is retained and continued. (Unless of course the Left rises in revolution.)

(3)–Note how McConnell – as is surely appropriate given the manifestation of Pure Evil he is – always looks like a rodent with terminal digestive problems.


Moscow Mitch will stop at nothing to become one of Putin’s apostles. I strongly suspect that Trumps “Mary Magdelene” (AKA Elaine Chow) and shipping billions shows up here somewhere.

The Soviet takeover of the United States is almost complete …

"We will bury you!" (Russian: «Мы вас похороним!», romanized: “My vas pokhoronim!”) is a phrase that was used by Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev while addressing Western ambassadors at a reception at the Polish embassy in Moscow on November 18, 1956 …
LINK: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_will_bury_you

… three score and three years later Republican traitors brought forth on this continent, the God damned Russian takeover, conceived in venality, and dedicated to the destruction of the United States as a democratic republic …


A log jam is a log jam.