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'Should Tell You All You Need to Know': Trump Attempting to Block Billions in New Funding for Covid-19 Testing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/18/should-tell-you-all-you-need-know-trump-attempting-block-billions-new-funding-covid


In other words: “Lots of Covid-19 positives make me look bad. Let’s just ban the tests. If people die because of that, that is their problem.”


I will echo commonvoice1 in saying trump cares not a fig about people or republic, only his ego madness and malignant narcissism that controls his entire being - and unfortunately our nation - low SARS CoV-2 numbers - he thinks - will serve his re-election bid well, but the public increasingly see the emperor - that “very stable genius” - naked, with utter contempt for the lives and well-being of all else!
The ginger pig on parade for all to see.


If he wasn’t attempting to kill more of is, why else would he be doing this?


I guess We the People don’t have anyone on our side. Repubs and Dems are the enemy and would like to cull as many of us as they can. The cheap bastards act like it’s their money.


president pussy grabber is an absolute moron. fortunately for his ongoing and past political ambitions, so are tens of millions of americans who avidly support him. mostly ‘bible trumpers’. (got that one from shantanianda)

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It’s not correct to always lump the Democrats in with the republicans and say they’re all our enemies. There are a number of Democrats who try to do the right thing for the American people, especially in fighting this pandemic. It’s mainly trump and the republicans who are to blame for this mess we’re in. They have shown they’re interested in using this pandemic to further their own selfish agendas, especially with these coronavirus relief bills, and that they simply don’t care how many people get sick and/or die.


As bad as this is - and it IS bad - it’s not like enough testing is being done to begin with. Kansas where I live has only tested a little over 8.5% of its population over the course of four months (most of it just recently) which is pretty pathetic when you think about what that small amount really accomplishes.

Even more pathetic, the county I live in hasn’t even tested 5% over that time period, which makes knowing how bad it really is here impossible to determine (which is probably the point from our conservative leaders’ standpoint). From my own person observations probably half the people wear masks in public places and practice social distancing: I went to a lumber yard in town this afternoon and I was the only one in the store wearing a mask and people, including all the help, were huddled around the checkout counter (so I got out of their ASAP). The ignorance and selfishness of a lot of people around here is breathtaking, and I’m sure there are many cities just like this!


Two thoughts:

I have little doubt that the fingerprints of Jared Kushner are all over this ploy. Everything he touches turns to shit. He is so incompetent, he makes Dan Quayle look like a genius.

Whether Trump helps make tests widely available or not, hospitals in hotspots are going to continue filling up (they’re already exceeding capacity in some cities), and the tests that are available are going to come back with levels of positives well over 10%. In Florida, they’ve had two straight weeks of 22% positives and up every single day with recent highs of 37%. The virus is running rampant down there, and they’ll soon be seeing 200 deaths/day.

Oh, wait, a third thought:

We’re fucked.


Testing and tracing has worked in many countries. New Zealand still has zero covid-19 cases and is still open for business and for schools for the indefinite future.

Mr. Trump and his close associates are stuck on a couple of pseudo-science ideas. First is something called “herd immunity”. Herd immunity works if everybody can only have the disease once in their lifetime. Smallpox would be a good example of a one-off disease. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington established a smallpox infection camp where every new recruit was required to visit for a week or two, to get sick in relative safety. Maybe 1% of all recruits died at this camp and the others recovered. Then the recruits went on the battlefield where life was rougher, but they didn’t get the pox. The British were desperately trying to infect the American army with smallpox to wipe them out, and that tactic wasn’t working at all.

The common cold and the flu are examples of diseases where herd immunity wears off in one or two weeks. Covid-19 is known to be of this persuasion. Also, Louisiana was a national hotspot three months ago and it’s a #2 national hotspot today behind Florida.

This also means that we might not ever have a vaccine more effective than the current flu vaccine. We now have 2 covid-19 strains circulating.

Next is the link between covid-19 infectuousness and skin tone. Part of this may be true. There’s a statistical link between skin color and infectuousness. If you’re playing the race card like it was your only trump card (whatever), you can say that you’re making a certain percentage of darker-skinned people sicker than lighter-skinned people. That’s a truly sociopathic idea. Even so, it probably plays well to the strong white nationalist sentiment pulsing through the White House West Wing these days. So, it becomes a centerpiece concept for Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign. Never mind that the covid kills off white senior Republican men (the party’s strongest stalwarts) like crazy in Republican-dominated states.

I know someone who worked in Pharma for decades, and she says that vitamin D deficiencies might account for the skin tone gap. Darker-skinned people tend to have more vitamin D deficiencies, and vitamin D deficiency has been linked to susceptibility to the covid-19 virus. In the same vein, older people have more vitamin D deficiency problems. Obese people have more vitamin D deficiency problems. Vitamin D is hitting all of the right targets.

In February/March the entire U.S. medical establishment pulled a 180 degree turn on face masks. The early claim was that face masks did absolutely nothing to prevent a person from catching the covid. Then doctors in several foreign countries patiently explained that the masks were to keep asymptomatic carriers from spreading their germs, not to keep anybody from getting the germs. The U.S. doctors finally got it and got behind the concept. It worked.

I expect the U.S. medical establishment to fight vitamin D supplements tooth and nail at first, and then they’ll get it and they’ll fight in the opposite direction. In the meantime, go get a bottle, especially if you’re getting up there in years, if you don’t get enough sun, if you have darker skin or if you are (let’s be honest for a minute) obese.

So, first I’ll give a fence post an IQ test for comparison and then we’ll test the Trump Administration.


Many times I have said “it cannot get worse “. Reality check. “It will not get better “.
I feel sorry for the young. The future.

It’s now “the land of the thieves. And the home of the slaves “


He already looks horrible. Nothing he is likely to do at this point is going to change that. He’s trying to look more horrible, while Biden is trying to look less. Which is reallly the most horrible?

It beats me. When in doubt, wait it out.


It’s time for all of us to shelter in place until the Idiot Emperor resigns.

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“There are a number of Democrats who try to do the right thing for the American people, especially in fighting this pandemic.”

If the “number” your referring to is one, your correct, if not, you must consider giving away the US Treasury to corporations “the right thing for the American people.”

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The argument to keep the 80% of the Democratic contingent that is shite to preserve the 20% that occasionally take a break from rubber stamping transfers to bankers and war profiteers doesn’t sway me.


Is your argument pussy grabbing is inferior to finger-banging?

Less feeling sorry for us and more helping.

Given that Dementia Joe is up against him, I guess we should expect to sit in our homes for a good part of the decade.


my money’s on the fence post. it may have a 0 IQ, but that’s still higher than president pussy grabber!

It’s not about democrats and republicans, it’s about choosing between corporatocracy or representative government. Literally there are 282 democrats in the 116th congress. According to the speaker of the house, Pelosi, there are only 5 who stand out as the leftists in the party - you know people who are interested in little things like climate, stopping the eternal war, human rights, etc. Doing the math it means about 1.77% of democrats in the House and Senate are not right wingers who deliberately sabotage progressive reform, deliberately sign off on eternal illegal unilateral wars, who don’t support whistle-blower persecution, drone assassination, media manipulation, election rigging, and yes who don’t receive their paycheck from the same exact corporate interests who fund Donald Trumps presidency. You don’t have to conflate Democrats with republicans if you don’t want to, but in my book democrats are even worse, because it is they who stop reform in its tracks, not Republicans. This is no different from actually protecting the republicans, and the neocon democrats, from the public asserting their interests over that of corporations, and after Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump, reform is desperately needed if we as a nation and as a free society are to survive at all.