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Should Trump Be Held Accountable? A Harvard Academic Says No

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/26/should-trump-be-held-accountable-harvard-academic-says-no

Seems also fair to mention Obama forgave / ignored the torturers, prosecuted the Whistleblower who exposed Bush involvement and now we have a torturer (and evidence destroyer) running the CIA. The exact organization the was committing most of the heinous acts.

I’ve wondered if the political elites might prosecute Trump as a warning to other outsiders who try to rise to power. Do so at your own peril, as the ruling class will do everything to protect their own.


Trump is part of the elite. He merely created a populist “outsider” illusion to entice ignorant Americans who have a grievance over “elites” supposedly taking away their assumed “right” to White hegemony. In fact, Trump & others in the true wealthy elite (Dem or GOP), could care less, so long as they can rob the treasury with tax cuts for themselves and have judges and government agencies that do their bidding.

From another perspective: people owe each other a duty of care and can be fired, sued, jailed or held accountable for minor transgressions. So, a Harvard Academic doesn’t think that those holding the highest office and responsibility for millions of others should be held accountable?

**Lofgren mentions the obvious Nuremburg lessons, but how about the converse situation of Spain? The post-Fascist government decided after Franco’s death that there would be an “amnesty” for all those involved in the Fascists’ decades-long reign of terror, for the sake of “keeping the peace”. What lesson did the Spanish learn, esp. the family of the victims of torture and those who “disappeared”.

For the USA, It’s inevitable when a society tolerates this level of unremitting and overwhelming corruption, deceit and hypocrisy, that its political representatives will increasingly belittle their own democratic institutions, and the rule of law, to maintain power.

A system so politically and legally compromised no longer commands respect or credibility. Apparently, and not so surprisingly, America’s future lies in tracing the downward spiral of many other ersatz democracies that are merely going through the motions, or gave up even trying. The citizen is cynical, resigned, or worse, foolishly embracing this travesty and the dismal consequences.

Just “letting it go” makes corruption complete and total. It’s over.

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Almost true, except for the minor clarification in the last sentence above and the fact that the nouveau-(semi)-riche Drümpf-Kushner Crime Family is WAY too boorish to ever be accepted among the really well-off old-money Fat Cat puppeteers who pull the strings of their DNC & RNC stooges.  It’s NOT just the tax cuts, it’s the total and complete destruction of any and all environmental laws – even eliminating our National Monuments and National Parks – that stand in the way of their extracting every ounce of wealth from our Mother Earth.  The greed of the so-called “elites”
is unbounded, but they’re “elite” only in the sense that they have temporarily amassed large piles of money and the corrupt influence that results from it.

Jill Lepore is a product of the systemic arrogance of far too few people having far too much money for far too long.  Tweetle-Dumb is merely a symptom of this national malaise that has resulted from her “elitist” upbringing — that
snotty arrogance of Mitt Romney, Hideous Hilliary et al which so many of his supporters so rightly abhor.

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That may be, except for the fact that he is obviously at least 1 standard deviation below the mean (cognitively), and as Uncle Fester points out – the covidiot (and family) aren’t really rich/wealthy as per the number of times he has filed for bankruptcy – even now he is staring down a $1 billion hole as soon as he is kicked out of Our House! So no, he’s more like my sister-out-law – trailer trash.

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