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Should Trump Lose in 2020, a Smooth Transition Is Not Guaranteed

Should Trump Lose in 2020, a Smooth Transition Is Not Guaranteed

Leonard Pitts Jr.

George H.W. Bush did it. So did Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Herbert Hoover. It probably wasn't easy, yet they knew this was what the moment demanded and democracy required.

And one way Trump could do what Michael Cohen predicts is once Trump realizes he will lose in a landslide in 2020, is to start a nuclear war and declare Martial Law. And if anyone thinks that is far fetched; it means they have not been paying attention!


What a crock of I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-manure! all this is.

The biggest take away from Cohen’s testimony has been ignored by the media, including Common Dream.


Hi Shantiananda: On the other hand—America has a history of offing elected officials , ours and foreign ones. Or, he could eat 1 hamburgers too many— As for some other group talking over, I think that’s already happened. : (

Accountability has always been the burden of the working class and the marginalized.

The modern system allows few from these classes to be elected to Congress.
Thus Mitch McConnell can shove a giant dildo down the throat of democracy for over eight months when a judge has to be elected.

That is the definition of an autocracy - when the ability to serve justice, not justice alone, is denied.
Very few stood up for the Democracy at that time.

But we are worried about Trump co opting the electoral process?
You have to be joking.
Hilary did that in spades in the last presidential primary.
Again very few stood up for the Democracy when that happened.

It will be too late to stand up when Trump loses.
He will NOT go out with several bangs, that will take those who stand up out.


I agree that Trump is worse. But it was the policies of the Clintons (and of course Obama) that gave us Trump. Most people have not recovered from the Great Recession overseen by Obama. HRC promised more the the same. Hillary was a terrible candidate. Remember those e-mails? In them, you will find that Clinton wanted to run against a “Pied Piper” candidate, and the preferred one Trump himself. The other big thing in those emails was the sabotage of the Sanders campaign. If we had a fair election system devoid of both GOP and Dem Party machinations, Bernie would be president right now. Our ruling class would prefer a fascist dictatorship to the (in reality ) modest reforms promoted by Sanders (which were not “socialist” but New Deal-ish).


True, maybe some hope! But in my view, Pence, a Bible Trumper, could be worse!


HI Shantiananda: I just watched the Jimmy Dore video…I always wondered about that Michael Steele guy—I was very sad when I read Mother Jones jumping on that “Russia Did IT, " scooter and zooming off in the wrong direction too. It seems to have been a different world when Watergate happened, because it seemed like the press really was more of " The Fourth estate,” back then.

As to Pence…funny that–a last name that tells his worth—yep, about a pence worth. Usually he speaks like a mortician ( apologies to that profession) but I meant a bad one, like the ones that dump people instead of burying them) he seems like he’s paying his version of a spiteful god — On the positive -he has a nice rabbit and pretty hair-----but his brain. Ohhhh.
Weirdly he is very stiff when he speaks, but I watched part of that CPAC thing—wow, he was so much more animated, when surrounded by crowds dripping prejudice and hate! : 0

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In cooking, that’s called warmed over old hash because you’re too tired to go to the store.
Bon Appetit.

As you well know, collusion is not a crime, in and of itself. It’s a generic catch-all that’s been picked up by Trump’s minions to plant the idea there’s no criminal culpability, there there. As in, nada.
That’s ignoring the elephant in the living room because it deficated in the kitchen, so to speak.
If you want to discuss Leonard’s warning that’s another matter. On Friday night I met with a half-dozen Dems who mostly support Sen. Sanders in the primary. This topic, Cohen’s warning, was raised and it wasn’t the first time, either. Remember the " No Sociialism " speech by Trump? Sandernistas certainly haven’t, btw.
To say Donald Trump is a poor, and sore, loser is like saying glacial runoff is cold and deadly if you’re a bad whitewater rafter. A classic " No Shit, Sherlock " grasp of the obvious. It’s in your face.
Mr. Pitts is possibly underestimating the danger here. There are approximately 35 million adult white separatists/supremacists in the United States. Coupled to a right-of-center and top down ( authoritarian ) organized American policing structure, this insurrection could very well turn into an intense confligration. Remember, the charge of policing is to maintain " law and order " and protect property. Innocent bystanders are not considered property, they’re collateral damage.
At that point, as the French say, it will be another " Save yourself, if you can " moment in our collective history.

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Say what?!?!?!?!

No. It’s been the narrative of the Clinton machine from the get go and echoed by the anti-Trump media for 26 months. Why even one of them wrote a book named “Collusion.”



Pitts sez:
"If America is to survive this cancer intact, it will have to embrace what Lincoln famously called “a new birth of freedom.”

Anyone willing to run with cancer as a metaphor must be prepared to acknowledge the reality that, ultimately, cancer has just two outcomes: you kill it, or it kills you.


Narratives? You injected this into the article’s comment section ( including video ), I didn’t.
BTW- White-Watergate ( pun ) and Clinton’s personal proclivities led Mr. Starr far afield, too.
What’s your narrative?

Paul Jay did an interview with Larry Wilkerson discussing this issue and the very real possibility that Trump’s gun collecting base might be the ones up in arms for Trump should he refuse to step down.


My narrative is that all this Russiaphobia is dangerous. I don’t give a fly fig about Trump. I do care if those who oppose Trump use anti-Russia McCarthyite tactics to get him ginning up a new Cold War, and then when their made up nonsense about Russia falls flat they never admit it was bogus, leaving the narrative going that we have to stand up to Putin or else.

Are you denying that ‘collusion’ was something the Russiagaters charged against Trump?

As to injecting it into these comments. I did so because that is the biggest real take away of Cohen’s testimony, one that is being ignored by the corporate propaganda machine in place of this hysteria that he will attempt a coup if he loses the election.


First Trump would have to loose.
There is much to indicate that the DNC are gearing up for a repeat of 2016 with Kamala Harris as wallstreet’s chosen. Should that happen Trump’s defeat is not guaranteed.
More over the rigged voting machines are still in place, the electoral college is still a thing and there has been no reform of any kind of Americas laughable corrupt election process.
Once again it will not be decided by whomever gets the most votes, or even who actually wins.


Nobody gave us Trump, accept for the possibility of the MSM. PEOPLE, VOTERS, made that choice foolishly. I give a little slack to the few level headed people who made the Trump miscalculation, but the rest are “Deplorables.”

I think that if they had kept a better secret of their intention to remove sanctions on Russia, they might have been home free, and none of this illegal stuff would have happened.

I didn’t miss Cohen’s no collusion remark. It did contain more that just that, though. I’m no MSM, sympathizer.
Underestimating what Trump is capable of… big mistake, could be fatal for some, as well.

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…perhaps no dignity and grace, but if he adheres to the behaviors common to his diagnostic category, upon losing or being forced out his implicitly increasing threats to disrupt (the pervasively projected, deeply fear- and shame-based, insecure-child-like acting out) should be easily contained if those responsible for limit setting adopt a firm and consistent stance… circling the wagons psychologically, so to speak. Best to begin that process as soon as possible. Like, now.

In fact, he will most likely back out gratefully if not graciously… acting out is always a request (if a plausibly deniable one) for someone else to set limits and controls in a situation in which the person, even if largely the responsible party in terms of the chaos created and threatened, feels dangerously out of control, out of his/her depth.

He may even project successfully enough to instill his deeply fearful inner pathological terror into others who will write articles like this one! I believe the entire country is feeling some of this projection, to which they either fear and anticipate the worse and are concurrently disempowered by that projected terror to react in an effective manner (ie: writing articles out of fear vs. strength), or else are compelled to take on the same false, Potemkin Village, chain mail of his own projected but very shallow ego-strength.

The key is to stand firm and make sure others surround him, even physically, so he is not compelled to up the ante to get others to set limits and controls he has never internalized.

His superficial actions and the people he holds closest to him may appear to indicate his unwillingness to cooperate with limits already set, but that is highly illusory.

And note how many and how constant the changes of his inner circle have been! While the bad guy/s, the "Judas" is a ferociously rotating position in his immediate circle! This is all diagnostic of his inability to see himself consistently and with strength of character, typical of a malignant personality disorder… a mix of narcissistic personality disorder and anti-social personality disorder. My bet is that those who fall under his spell, fallaciously believing they can "save the day" for and about him, are generally the next in line to be demonized by him… this is also a product of his pathologically narcissist projection… how he tries unsuccessfully to use people to complete his fractured and empty self-concept.

The worst that could be done is to leave the transition up to that circle to manage and control.

As much as I distrust Pelosi’s own wavering approach to legislating for the best of the country, she has in fact been able to take the best and firmest, most admirably assertive, approach to him to blunt the worst of his wounded child-self pathological demons. And she is in the most powerful position in relationship to those who have the kind of proximity to him to be effective in the way that needs to be undertaken.

It might be that women will continue to be the best limit-setters as we approach the end of his term in office anyway. He feels nothing but disdain for men, a clearly diagnostic demonstration of his own deeply buried and powerful, shadowed, self-disdain.

Note how many women he places in spokesperson roles. He feels he can trust women more than men to speak for him, even though they are most likely to be assigned the “savior” role as well and to be the subject of his confused psycho-sexualized capital “F” Freudian opposite sex relations. They are abused by him, implicitly if not explicitly… he grabs them by the psyche-pussy and won’t let go until they do what he tells them to, if he only knew from his deep self what that was! The terror of impotence of will and personality was never so apparent. He would benefit most from having a woman not willing to cooperate with this pattern.


As Colonel Wilkerson said, Trump supporters have over 90% of the guns.

Liberals arm yourselves:


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