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Should US Ally with Al Qaeda in Syria?


Should US Ally with Al Qaeda in Syria?

Robert Parry

The key sentence in The New York Times’ lead article about Russian airstrikes against Syrian rebel targets fell to the bottom of the story, five paragraphs from the end, where the Times noted in passing that the area north of Homs where the attacks occurred had been the site of an offensive by a coalition “including Nusra Front.”


This spectrum of "bad guys" propaganda that is being spewed reminds me of the spectrum of terror alerts that was foisted upon the nation by DHS. It also reminds me of the spectrum of government competence we've seen... Gives dying of laughter a new meaning.


Russia, and Putin, are not in Syria to fight the jihadists. They are there to prop up Assad. If there are any pro democracy groups (which I can't say there are) they will be bombed just as enthusiastically as would Isis...maybe more so if Isis directs its attacks against the civilian population and not the Syrian government.

That said, I don't think the U.S. has any choice but to either cut and run, or join the Russians in joint operations.


The Russian approach differs from the American not only in that the Russians have been invited by the current Syrian government to wage war on the "terrorists" whereas the Americans (and British and French and Saudis et al) have not been invited.

The Russians and Syrians have made deals with Iran to put Iranian Revolutionary Quds fighters on the ground, to fight alongside the Syrians, while the Russians provide air cover. Meanwhile the Iraqi government has invited the Iranian Quds into Iraq to assist in fighting ISIS, and are now sharing intelligence with the Russians and Syrians, though Iraq has not yet invited Russia into its air space.

According to one source, Russian concern for the situation is not only about maintaining their port on the Mediterranean, nor about continuing to exert influence in the Middle East. Many of the "foreign fighters" recruited by Turkey, the Saudis, et al, are from the border regions of the former Soviet Union, and therefore would pose a direct threat to Russia were they allowed to take power in Syria.

Looks to me like the entire "A Clean Break - A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" (1996) neocon blueprint for reshaping the Middle East has met a serious bump in the road. Without pushing Assad into the sea, or at least bottled up in a tiny strip along the Mediterranean, the whole "Clean Break" strategy (which began by toppling Saddam and laying waste to Iraq) is in the rubbish bin.


I seem to recall that in one of those pieces of legislation, can't remember which one, if you supported in any way al Qaeda or "associated forces" then you were worthy of a nine by twelve sh*thole in Gitmo or some black site prison in Uzbekistan. Could we please now put the NYT, the neo-cons and Ambassador Oren in the aforementioned hole?
Al Qaeda as "Sunni moderates", Orwell is doing jumping jacks in his grave.


For the last ten years I've been rebuilding my home above-ground. Looks now like I should have stuck to an earlier plan to build underground. Way underground. Just saw the mad (o)bomber on TV and his rhetoric was pretty scary.


Why don't they just drop all the fucking pretense and "repackaging" bullshit and admit that what al Qaeda has always been is the cat's paw of the MIC.


When the US embraces al Queda, it is dancing with the devil. When you dance with the devil you get burned and burned badly!


Deleted for the time being.....


I read that. Putin is saying no so far. I say send them in, kill the jihadis.


Let us cut to the chase. The USA has been caught in a big lie. . Putin in moving assets to Syria at the request of the Government of Syria has exposed the US position on Syria for what it is. A whole lot of BS cooked up in some back office so as to maintain the status of the US empire in the region.

Al Qaeda was always a US asset. ISIS was always a US asset. Now they want to pretend this never really the case and Al Queda "good guys" that have to fight the "really really bad guys" named ISIS. This akin to some evangelical preacher who spoke on the sanctity of marriage and of sin of out of marriage sex being caught with his pants down in some motel room with another mans wife coming up with "god tasked me with this trial as a test so I can learn how the sinners mind works and more properly direct them on the road to earning the lords forgiveness,"

It one great big con and one great big lie that has been fosited on the world since 9/11 and Putin becomes the face of the enemy because he exposes that lie.


Seems like USAian business as usual.

1979-Carter administration funds Muslim fundamentalists to overthrow socialist regime in Afghanistan because it is friendly with USSR.
1980-USSR sends in troops to support Afghan gov't against Muslim terrorists. Muslim terrorists including nascent El Quaeda funded by USA to fight Russkies.
19whenever-Russkies withdraw from Afghanistan and Muslim terrorists take over Afghanistan hanging the Prime Minister of Afghanistan.
After Twin Towers incident, USA invades Afghanistan, bombing its former terrorist allies, Al Quaeda.
Al Quaeda alleged to be mates with Saddam Hussein; USA invades Iraq.
Former terrorist allies of USA take umbrage at this and start attacking USA, spawning the present mob of Muslim fundamentalist nasties.
Syria falls apart. Muslim fundamentalist nasties ramp up civil war in Syria and Iraq.
Russkies move into Syria to attack fundamentalist nasties.
USA criticises Russia for attacking "friendly" Muslim nasties and may encourage Al Quaeda to attack Russkies.

Can't the USA EVER get anything right? The USA even supported Pol Pot's thugs in the UN!


Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar object to Russkies fighting Muslim terrorists in Syria. Turkey reported to have bombed Assad's army.

Well.......last time Turkey and Russia had a scrap, we Brits, with the French, invaded Crimea and besieged Sevastopol, whilst charging around on horses in front of Russian cannon. Isn't it all just too stupid for words?


"... American neoconservative allies have been floating trial balloons regarding whether Al Qaeda could be repackaged as Sunni “moderates” and become a de facto U.S. ally ..."
And again we're playing that sad old refrain: ... The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Can't we just stop seeing enemies in every doorway??? :unamused:


Not so much back office as basement ... remember when Oli North had an 'office' in the basement of the WH??? :astonished:


Goddess please don't let them move from their current 'perch' so they really WILL be totally ERADICATED!!!! I mean really, isn't sh!t supposed to be FLUSHED?!?!? :confounded:


The author asks a simple question, and there's a simple answer.

The US will "ally" with any person, group or nation if it means profits for the MIC.


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